My Mom Had A Premonition Dream!

A while back I wrote about a jaw-dropping experience that a friend of mine had, having a very vivid dream and then re-living the dream in exact detail the next day (read Premonition Dreams). The day after writing that, I got an email from my mom saying that she once had a premonition dream. She said that although it was back in 1968, forty-five years ago, she remembers it like it was just yesterday. That’s the first sign that it might be something other than a normal dream. She also said that as the dream was being played out the next day, it felt like she was watching a movie. So cool… And for those of you who don’t know my mom, I don’t think she could ever be called “flaky” or “untrustworthy” or anything like that. Many of my readers know her, and they would certainly agree. It’s pretty wild when you start talking about things like this that nobody really talks about. People come out of the woodwork sharing their experiences. One of my jobs is to talk about these things out in the open, no different than talking about sports or the weather. Because is it really any different?

So it was 1968, five years before my time, and my dad’s Aunt Virginia had just passed away. On the day before the funeral, family gathered at the house and various friends came by. My mom’s job was to greet people at the door and to try to set as cheery a tone as possible. The family absolutely didn’t want a bunch of depressed people hanging around. People could act that way at the funeral the next day if they wanted, but not at the house. It sounds like it was more of a celebration of life, and my mom was at the door to set the tone as people stopped by.

The night before, my mom dreamed in vivid detail about the next day. She was standing at the front door, doing her job as greeter, when a woman who worked for Uncle Terry came rushing in with a guest book from the funeral home. She was saying, “Here is the book for everyone to sign.” Mom knew in the dream that this was the last thing the family wanted, and it was up to her to prevent it.

Fast forward to the next day, and everything is as planned with my mom at the front door greeting people as they stopped by. And then what happened? The dream began in front of her very eyes! This is when she said it felt like she was literally watching a movie. It was exact. It was the same. It had already happened. The same lady who worked for Uncle Terry rushed in with the guest book from the funeral home saying the same thing – “Here is the book for everyone to sign.” Mom felt like the dream had prepared her to politely say that the family would prefer that the book stay at the funeral home to be signed the next day at the funeral. And all worked out just fine.

So there are two questions. First of all, did this really happen? And if so, what’s the meaning? Answering the first question is where I appreciate having a logical mind that’s fairly open-minded. Many people, especially those claiming to be logical, would say right away that that’s crazy talk. When people you know and trust have these experiences, though, it seems less and less crazy. Recall from my first article on this subject that of all the accounts of this phenomenon happening, it only takes one of them in the history of the world to be true to mean there’s something to it. One. Of the seven billion people alive today and all those who came before, there are tons of these accounts. Tons. And only one has to have been true. So the logical answer to our first question, “Did this really happen?,” is an emphatic and resounding, “Yes!”

That leaves us with the meaning. As I said in that first article I wrote on this subject, the main thing to take away is really just to keep a very open mind and know that we don’t really know how the world works. Mainstream science doesn’t know, that’s for sure. And that’s fine. We can open up to some deeper possibilities. We can let magic happen. We don’t have to know all the answers, and we don’t have to pretend that we do. That’s stressful, anyway. So relax, do your best, and let it unfold. Have the best intentions you can for all involved and you should be fine.

Here’s a little preview of where a conversation like this might go when I get my next blog, A Deep Mind, rolling. And I haven’t started it yet, so no time soon… A Course In Miracles says that what we’re actually doing here on earth is merely “reviewing mentally what has gone by.” If that’s true, then premonition dreams just got explained in six simple words! And don’t get freaked out. The Course also says that we never left our real home of perfect love and oneness and that we are simply having a dream of separation. Perfect love… where have I heard that before? Oh – from just about every spiritual teacher, including Jesus. Maybe there’s something to it? That doesn’t do much for the Old Testament’s cause, though…

So we didn’t even leave our real home, but since we think we’re here in these separate bodies, this is where our work must be done. And what is our work? To restore our mind to its original condition of total peace. Then we wake up and realize it was just a dream. And we’re in oneness now, which is totally mind blowing by the way (so don’t bother trying to “understand it”). It includes all and excludes none. Anything you’ve ever loved is there, but better than ever. There are no problems, no separation. And how interesting it is that the folks who have near death experiences and out of body experiences generally say how incredibly awesome it is on the other side and that we should stop worrying so much while we’re here. And there are tons of these folks, especially with our advanced medical capabilities of “bringing people back.” When you start talking about this, people come out of the woodwork, people who are normal, intelligent, and not even “woo-woo” (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Just ask around. In the meantime, sweet dreams.