Remember Two Things

Hi folks! It’s good to be back. I took a bit of a break after an amazing trip to Sedona, AZ last month for a Way of Mastery retreat. It blew my mind pretty wide open, and it’ll take some time to really integrate and implement the main stuff that I learned. And the good news is, there’s no rush. What a beautiful place, too. It’s like a post card everywhere you look.

So I was helping a friend move into his new house last night. I love “moving karma,” by the way. For one thing, I’ve moved a ton and will move again. And I’ll need help from someone. Plus it just feels really good to help someone in that way. Just don’t make me use my brain, though. Don’t make me pack boxes. Don’t make me make decisions. I’m there as another body and that’s it. And it works out really well.

This guy’s dad is a true Jedi, and I’ve always loved hearing stories about him. I was treated to another one last night. If anyone builds a house, and I have not but I’ve heard from others, there are lots of unforeseen issues that crop up. It’s just the nature of doing something like that. And each one needs a solution. And each one requires money. My friend was telling me about one of these issues that came up that was a big stressor at the time, and he was telling his dad about it. His dad glanced up and said something like, “Well, two things are true. You are going to find a solution and the house is going to be built.” And then his dad continued reading the newspaper or doing whatever he was doing like nothing had happened. Ha! I laughed my ass off when I heard this, because it’s classic for this guy’s dad. And here’s the thing… it’s usually true!

The rest of the night I kept laughing as I was seeing how this was true more and more. It’s basically saying that time will move on, period. So something will give at some point. That is a fact. And life will go on and the earth will keep spinning. So quit resisting the situation and just make a decision. And you are free to relax as best you can in the meantime. There’s no need to be bound up in it, even if it’s a big decision with a lot on the line. We tend to make better decisions, in fact, when we’re more open. We’re just more clear that way. So the irony is that the less I worry about something, the better choice I usually make. Win-win. And you just practice this, very gently and without judgment of yourself. Love yourself instead and support yourself. Because you can. And it only takes practice.

Speaking of practice, my friend’s dad has had lots of practice in this area. I don’t know if he came out of the womb this wise or if he had to learn some things the hard way. I’d guess it’s a mix of the two. But he worked his ass off in real estate for decades, so he’s seen it all. And he knows it’s just not worth stressing about. Because there will be a solution, and the house will be built.

So let’s try to remember those two things as challenges show up in life and we have tough decisions to make. And honestly, sometimes the house won’t be built. That’s the decision that has to be made or is made for us. And that’s okay when there’s no other choice. Let’s be honest, though. Most of the time, we tend to go into panic as if the house won’t be built when, in fact, we know that it totally will.

And I borrowed the title of this post, Remember Two Things, from an old Dave Matthews Band album. I think it was their first, in fact. I’ve never been hugely into their sound, but they seem to be great guys and very deserving of their success. So I’m definitely a fan in that way. And I was able to see them from backstage this summer, and they kicked ass. Let’s just say they have it down. I was in college in lovely Lexington, Virginia when they blew up, an hour away from where they were in Charlottesville. So they were playing gigs all over the area. He married a girl from a nearby college who was a good friend of some of my good friends. So I’ve met him a couple of times, and all I can say is that he’s super nice, super cool, and absolutely hilarious. There are lots of jerks in the music biz, and these guys are not like that at all. Very down to earth. And I remember the album cover was one of those 3-D images where you blur your eyes and then it jumps out. Nostalgia can be so nostalgic sometimes… Peace out until the next time, and it won’t be so long. It’s nice to take a break from anything, though. Except from breathing, I guess. Don’t try that. Unless you’re underwater.