My Mom Heard From Girl She Helped 60 Years Ago!

Happy Mother’s Day, folks! This is a super cool story about an email my mom recently got out of the blue, like really out of the blue. It was from one of her classmates in eighth grade. Sixty years ago… The girl had been new to town and of course new to that school, and my mom was really nice to her and it eased her tensions. This young girl was profoundly impacted by my mom, and my mom had no idea! She was just being herself, because she’s just one of those people that makes others feel comfortable. Whoever they are, wherever they are. And you know what? My mom got an email from this woman, sixty years later, saying thanks and what a big deal that was for her. Wow! As you might imagine, it made my mom’s day, to say the least.

Before I share this woman’s words, let me first say that my mom is truly amazing. I’m pretty sure I’ve written that here before. But I want to say a few words to those that either had moms that were not amazing or were even abusive, or that didn’t have a mom at all. Because I’ve worked with many people that had moms that were awful. Abusive. Mean. Scathing. Evil. Unbelievably evil! Totally insecure, taking it on on their innocent kids that did not deserve that. Nobody deserves that. I can’t even believe some of the stuff I’ve heard. Except… unfortunately I can believe it. But the truth remains the same, that what you are at the core, whether you call it soul or whatever else, is still unchanged. It is still magnificent. It is still unlimited. And it is still innocent. And that is a fact. As I always say, you can go to the religious or spiritual traditions, or you can just be logical and study the vast near death research. I’m a super logical math major, and facts are facts! So I help these people remove the conditioning, the false beliefs they learned, so they can uncover what they truly are and experience massive amounts of peace. Regardless of what kind of a mother a person had or did not have, the truth of what they are remains the same, and it is still magnificent and perfect. Like the owner of my college beer store said (Jim at East Lex in Lexington, Virginia), amazing but true! And I know it doesn’t always seem that way, certainly not for me. But I’ll tell you what, it does more and more all the time.

So if hearing about an amazing mom triggers you, then I invite you to reread the paragraph above and ponder it; consider those words and let them sink in. Pause when you feel to pause and go into the body and receive the message. Breathe it in. Also do your homework if you feel to and take a look around. Put your beliefs aside, though, and be open. Feel your way through it. And if you need help, then by all means come see me. Because it’s true. No mother (or absence of a mother) has the power to change what you truly ARE, what you already ARE, what you can never not BE. It sure can be covered up, though. But we’re starting to get really good at this uncovering business. Hallelujah!

Okay, so it’s a “random” Wednesday night recently, and my mom gets an email that says this:

Marcia, you probably don’t remember me.  My family moved to Pensacola at the beginning of our eighth grade year at Clubs Junior High. I was [insert her name here].  You sat right in front of me in homeroom.  I’ve never forgotten how kind and welcoming you were.  You truly helped relieve a lot of stress in my life.  I’ve been to two reunions and hoped you’d be there, but you weren’t. Forgive my intrusion into your space, but I’ve always wanted to thank you for your kindness.

What?? Amazing! Needless to say, my mom was blown away, and it certainly was not an intrusion. Except maybe an amazing one. My mom told my brothers and I, “Wow, we never know what effect we have on others.” She responded to the classmate that of course she remembers her, and she’s sorry they’ve missed each other at their class reunions. And thanks so much for sending that and that it means so much. I have a feeling they’ll connect at some point, because how could they not? Not after this. So cool…

Well, there’s not much else to say. Okay, just a bit more. I just remembered that I reconnected with my high school girlfriend when I got out from under a rock and hesitantly joined Facebook not even two years ago. She lives far away and is married with kids, and we’d been out of touch for probably twenty years? Whoa… We had a really cool connection, though, and we are very grateful for each other. We were a good pair, especially at that formative time of being about seventeen years old. It was nice to learn that a relationship can be pretty awesome. Anyway, she asked about my mom and said, “I have such warm, wonderful memories of her. I remember asking her how she learned such gracious manners and she said the most important thing is to make people feel comfortable.” What a wise young lady for asking this question! That’s cool to me because she’d never told me this before, at least not that I can remember. And it’s even cooler because it clearly affected that classmate in eighth grade so much that she sent an email, sixty years later! Wow…

So there we go folks, I just wanted to share that. Not only as a tribute to my mom on this day, but also to those out there that don’t feel this way in the mom category. That there’s still a deep, deep peace inside of you, and that’s a fact. That what you truly are can only be covered up and not changed, not diminished. And that there absolutely IS hope for a thriving life anyway. There can be peace and joy anyway. And one thing I’ve noticed is that those lacking in the parent department tend to be amazing parents themselves. Because they vow to do it right. And they do! And for that I say thanks. And if they don’t have kids, they tend to be amazing people. Again, because they vow to not be that type of person. Again, well done and thanks. I know it hasn’t been easy. And by all means, if you feel you could use some help with this, I’m always here, as are many others. Much love to you and to all 🙂