Answer Comes In A Dream, pt. 2

I wrote recently about a client who kept releasing on a major issue that he had been having with his dad. Finally, and quite unexpectedly, the answer came to him in the form of a very realistic dream. If you haven’t read it, it’s pretty fascinating, to say the least (read Answer Comes In A Dream). I thought you might be interested in the follow-up, so here it is.

My client ended up finally calling his dad, who lives far away, for the first time in maybe a year. Are you ready for what happened? It went just like it did in the dream. Cool. My client explained that he had gotten all of his dad’s messages and texts over that year, and he explained exactly why he hadn’t been ready to respond at the time. His dad was very apologetic for his past behaviors, and he was extremely happy to be in contact with his son again. The whole thing worked like a charm. My client said that he was totally calm, because he felt like he was reading from a script. Of course the script was the contents of a dream from about a month prior.

Here’s the cool thing… My client said, “My dad’s reaction, including the tone, was the weirdest part because it was so close to the dream.” Awesome! Magic really does happen, folks, when we let it. It happens on its schedule, though, and not ours. I’ve tried demanding that it happen according to how I thought it should happen, and that doesn’t work – take my word for it. It was a thorough effort on my part, though…

This reminds me of premonition dreams, which are pretty mind-blowing. That’s when you have a dream and then realize later when you’re awake that your life at that moment is exactly like what you dreamed earlier. Exactly. This will be a separate blog post, though. The main focus on this one isn’t dreams, per se, because the dream was just the vehicle for the magic, for the answer. The point here is that when we do our inner work first by releasing on our problems, the outer world can follow in ways we can’t even imagine. As I’ve mentioned before, though, here’s the trick – we can’t do the releasing in order to bring about the outer changes. If you catch yourself doing that, and I do all the time, then just laugh and release those slick efforts, too. Release anything and everything that might resemble an inner knot in any way. If it’s tight, then let it go. Let go, let go, let go. Then deal with the outer world in an appropriate way. When we do this, we never know what will happen. It might even come in the form of a dream.