Corona 2: The Big Picture Reason For This

Woowoo alert on this one, and on the next several of these corona posts. But what do we have to lose? Always remember that I’m not a nut job, I’m a math major. Well, maybe that makes me a nut job… That’s doesn’t make me right, but I am a reasonably grounded person at least. And with material like this, if one little thing resonates with you then it can be huge; it can change your life. And I’m sure there’s at least something here that can help. And it might be big. Just be relaxed and open, and feel for that one thing. Here we go…

So my understanding is that humanity is in the process of moving out of separation and into oneness. That’s what evolution does. We’re evolving to what many call A New Earth, where it’s a much nicer place. An amazing place! Where people work together. Where they don’t step on each other so much. Where there’s plenty of food and resources to go around. Where people are healthy. Where the natural environment is healthy. There’s clean air, clean water, and abundant wildlife. Where people are joyous. Where there’s very little disease, and definitely very little mental disease. The list goes on.

Now, if you’re thinking that I’m talking about switching to socialism or communism or something like that right away, that’s not it. Those things could never work where we are now, at our current level of consciousness. I don’t know if this will be in tens, hundreds, or thousands of years. I have no idea. But that’s where we’re headed. Because evolution is just a natural thing; it’s a force that cannot be stopped. You can’t stop a tidal wave. And the evolution of consciousness is a tidal wave.

To see this, just go back in time. There used to be overt segregation. Before that, there were hangings in the town square. Before that, there were beheadings in the town square. A woman could be accused by any man of being a witch, for example, and with no trial or chance to prove her innocence, they’d put the vice on her head for all to see – as entertainment – and they’d tighten it until her head exploded everywhere. This used to happen, a lot. And speaking of entertainment, there used to be arenas filled with people watching a lion tear a person to shreds. As entertainment! Can you see that we’re very clearly heading in the right direction?

Now that it’s 2020, most of these things could never happen. They’re simply unthinkable. Why? Because we’ve grown, we’ve evolved. There’s still a ton of injustice and awful things happening, but it’s moved more underground. But that’s just how it works. It moves from being out in the open to going underground. As humanity continues to grow and evolve, injustice will be eradicated more and more. This is the big picture of what’s happening. It’s the evolution of human consciousness.

So how does coronavirus come into play? I believe that it’s a big kick in the collective human ass to get humans even more on track. It’s a quickening. It’s an acceleration of the awakening process. We’re being called to simplify. We’re being called to slow down. And this will naturally lead to people connecting with themselves more – their true selves. Connecting with their heart, with their soul. Right now we’re all running around without stopping. And there’s a light that’s inside of us that’s begging for us to stop and get to know it. Like it or not, and please know that I’m not a fan of people struggling like they are right now, but coronavirus is a big jolt that’s going to shift us in this direction of a higher consciousness. This is a very zoomed out view of what’s happening.

Regarding this light inside of us, always remember that I’m a virgo with two math degrees. I’m super woowoo and open-minded because I’m SO logical. I’m ridiculously logical. Some of my friends called me “Slide Rule” in high school. I’m very curious and open, though, so I’ve studied the near death experiences (NDEs) and out of body experiences (OBEs) a ton. And with no prior beliefs or opinion on the matter, just curiosity. And let me say that there’s a freaking mountain of evidence that what we truly are is pure, eternal light. And this universal light or consciousness is animating all the different bodies you see, like earth is one big Halloween costume party. But what we truly are is the aliveness of these bodies, not the bodies, not the characters. And that aliveness is ready for us to get to know it. The Self that we are can’t be silenced any longer, because it’s time for us to get to know our true Self to continue our journey to A New Earth. And it’s not an option. Remember, it’s a tidal wave.

As for resources for expanding how you see things, there’s a ton out there. I love books like Dying to be Me, Proof of Heaven, Many Lives Many Masters, and Soul Survivor. Check out the works of Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Ian Stevenson, and Robert Monroe. Read this stuff like it’s fiction, very relaxed, and just see what lands. And remember that if something feels true by at least 51-49, go with it. And make the old belief get back to 51%. Don’t wait. This will greatly speed up your journey. Don’t have any loyalty to your beliefs, because that’s how people hold on to stuff that’s just not even close to being true.

Note: What happened in Many Lives Many Masters has actually happened in my office. It was incredible. I was totally high-fiving the air. And one of the past life traumas my client was experiencing (and thus clearing) was the “witch” with the vice on her from above. It was nuts! Read about it here. And read about more of hers here. I think she experienced four or five of them in total. So cool.

The more you study this stuff, the more you see that spiritual awakening is real. You see that what you are now – YOU, NOW?!? – is literally an infinite being made of pure, infinite love. It’s so crazy to comprehend (which is why I stopped trying!). Since I talk about this stuff a lot, people tell me their stories that they don’t tell many people. I guarantee that you, whoever you are that’s reading this now, has either had an NDE or OBE or you know someone that has. Your NDE/OBE Kevin Bacon number is 1. Guaranteed. It’s just incredible. This. Is. Real.

So we’re in a world that has no idea about this fact of what we all really are. Many people do, but humanity overall does not. And this fact has said times up, it’s time to grow. It’s time to know what we really are. And the world will change as a result. Can you think of things you did when you were younger that you couldn’t imagine doing now? Something you weren’t proud of. You mistreated someone, perhaps, in a way that you could not do now. Why? Because you’ve changed, you’ve grown. It’s a different you. And one that’s an “up-leveled” version. It might even be something you did as a child. Something very selfish or foolish. And now you’re no longer a child, so you simply could not do that same thing now. It’s not possible.

We’re growing up spiritually, from spiritual child to spiritual adult. From spiritually immature to spiritually more mature. That child is the “ego,” which is that baby inside of you, that inner child that I talk about all the time. And the adult is the soul. Every adult was once a child, and all children experience growing pains. It’s part of life. And humanity is experiencing a massive growing pain now. This is just what’s happening. And coronavirus is the catalyst.

Please note that I’m not a fan of something this extreme. I think it’s a bit brutal. A bit? Understatement! Apparently the universe did not consult me on this, though. I’ve said this a lot – I’m not suicidal, but I can’t wait to be on the other side, when this body is done, to ask the universe, “Why do we do this earth thing?? Does it really have to be THAT harsh and painful and brutal?” Seriously, I’m very curious about that. And a huge party of my growth until maybe a year ago was healing the part of me that got so pissed off about it all the time. Because then I’m super angry and I’m still here. And I’m still seeing and experiencing lots of pain. I’ve come a long, long way in this regard, and I’m very happy and proud of that! And of course I used the self-love method that I’ve talked about for a while now to heal it.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know where I’m coming from. I’m happy for the big picture shift that’s happening now, but I absolutely feel for the world right now at the same time. And when I have my moments, I love that part of me that needs it. And then I keep on living, as simply as possible. As a musician, espresso connoisseur, and mostly non-cook, I have SO many friends that are in the service industry or the music industry. So this is tough for me in many ways. And lots of my clients have had to cancel because they’ve lost their jobs and can’t afford it. This might even be the catalyst for a shift in how I do things, in fact. Online classes that are more affordable, in addition to individual sessions. The funny thing is, though, that this is what I’ve wanted to do for about two years now, and it just hasn’t happened. The universe is in charge of the timing. So we’ll see how that unfolds.

This has been enough for now, I think, and I hope you got something out of it. I have lots more to share coming up, but we needed the big picture first. Just read, breathe, and be open. Let you body tell you what lands. Just be open and curious, with no pressure to know anything. It just works better that way, and you learn and grow faster. But this zoomed out understanding sets the stage for what’s coming next, which is a very radical form of gratitude. Yes, gratitude. For the coronavirus. Really? Really. It sends light to the coronavirus, which is what we want, and that speeds up this shift or growth process. Fear slows it down. So that’s coming soon, maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, hang in there and simplify. Try to find ways to relax. My friend is a yoga teacher and she recommends lying down close to a wall and putting your legs up the wall for several minutes. And just breathe and relax and zone out. This relaxes your body and nervous system a lot. Blood flows the other way, which is healthy. It’s like an internal bath. There are plenty of things like that you can do. And of course love yourself through this as needed. And I look forward to connecting for more! I’m always here, and we ARE going to get through this. Done deal, I promise. And… I love you 🙂