The Baby Analogy

I’ve recently had several clients really “get” how to love their hearts by using the analogy of a newborn baby or infant, or a young child of any age. And yes, sometimes a teenager… Because the truth is that most of us have been either super mean to ourselves for a long time or super neglectful. So think about an infant, a beautiful, fragile baby that’s in its crib, cooing and smiling. Would you ever even consider being mean to one of those? And yes, since I’m not a kid person I thought it’d sound funny to refer to it as an object… “one of those” and “it.” But still, I’d never consider being mean to it! No way; it’s just so innocent.

So here’s the connection – so is your heart. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, there’s an innate innocence built in that’s always there, deep inside of you. Amazing, but true! And that’s what we’ve been talking about loving this whole time. So see if that deepens things or connects the dots more. I’ve had several clients recently have a major “aha moment” with this, though. And what a difference that can make, because it shifts you from being so hard on yourself to just being neglectful to finally being your own main supporter, cheerleader, and best friend. And your whole life transforms, big time. It’s truly amazing for me to watch in so many people. This is the shift… the sweet, innocent baby. Just be open to it and ponder it a bit, try it on for size and see what happens. And no rush! Take the rest of 2018, in fact, to play with this. Happy practicing! And as always, I’m here to help if I can.