I’m Baa-aack, Again….. OMG………..

Howdy folks! I got back from the 5-day Matt Kahn retreat in Portland on Monday night. And, it was amazing. OMG… WTF… LOL… You get the idea. Lots of folks have asked me how it was, and it’s been the hardest thing to describe, because it was just that ridiculous. Comically ridiculous. Me and some of my friends there, in fact, were joking about exactly this. He was making the same joke, too, because what can you say? It was simply nuts. Bananas. Craziness. This dude is channeling some powerful stuff, and it’s so cool how the retreat unfolds over the five days into a complete whole. It all happens naturally and with precision, and none of it is planned. So cool.

There were three sessions a day except for two on the last day, so that’s fourteen total sessions. There were maybe 300 or 350 people there? But it felt small and intimate. And each session was just ridiculous. (Yes, I seem to be using that word a lot today. Hey, I’m doing my best!). This dude just opens his mouth and what comes out takes a subject and completely blows your mind in a way that you just couldn’t have seen. And that happens literally each and every session, so the whole experience just grows exponentially. He thought it was nuts, his staff thought it was nuts, and the “old-timers” that have been to lots of these retreats over the years thought it was nuts. It was just… nuts.

He’s growing and shifting a ton, and so are all of us, and it’s happening really fast! So it’s no surprise that each gathering would build on the previous one. This one seemed to blast off into a whole new dimension, though. The other thing about his events is that you leave changed. You might not know what the hell happened, but you know you are not the same. That change, in fact, begins right away in the first session, and it continues from there. It’s pretty wild. I’ve been to a fair amount of deep spiritual retreats and events over the last fifteen years, and they pretty much all have you feeling on top of the world when you leave, but then it tends to fade. This is permanent. That was my take, anyway, as well as that of some friends there that have also been around the spiritual block. So that’s a cool takeaway.

I’ll be posting my notes before long, so stay tuned. I went in thinking that I wouldn’t take as many notes as the last one I went to since this was being recorded, but then he started dropping bombs. And the audio won’t be available until July, and I didn’t want to wait! So I broke out the pen and paper. I took more notes the first three days and less the second two days. That’s because I got a front row center seat on day four, and I didn’t want to be “notes guy.” Plus, it was the universe’s way of shifting me into something different. So what I’d do is write down some thoughts after the session, or just here and there. It all worked out very well.

The story of getting the front and center seat was really cool. They say ahead of time to move to different seats in each session to circulate the energy. Makes sense to me. The only thing, though, is that nobody really did it (except for each day, since we couldn’t leave our stuff there overnight). Those that got good seats definitely marked their territory all day. They got there super early in the morning to get up front, so I totally get it. And there really wasn’t a bad seat in the house. It’s like a concert or a sporting event or anything, though – being up close just has a deeper feel. For what it’s worth, that type of posturing happens far less at his events than at many others I’ve been to, which shows the maturity of the audience. Which reflects the maturity of the teacher. But we’re all still human, so it’s still there.

Anyway, I had a great seat in the morning session of day two. So we broke for lunch and I took my stuff with me. I came back a bit early from lunch, and I was in prime position to get a good seat for the afternoon session when they opened the doors to let us in. So they opened the doors and I walked in with a big smile on my face. Until I saw that all the seats had jackets on them. Ha! All good, because we’re talking about some serious “first word problems” here (or “zero world problems” if that’s a thing). But I did want to ask one of the staff members just so I was clear on the rules. His name was Eric – he’s my bro now – and he was just the nicest guy in the world. He knew exactly what I was talking about, and he said they like people to move around, but they can’t really control them. The message I got was to just mark my seat if I liked it and all would be well.

So I had another amazing afternoon session and then a transcendent night session. Then the next day, he said they saved a seat for me – front and center! I was right next to another staff member, Aaron, who is my bro now as well. I love these guys! They’re so nice. And they said I was so nice and gracious that they wanted to do something really nice for me. Honestly, I was totally blown away. I mean, it’s just a seat at a talk, in a very small venue, so it’s not that big a deal. But it’s the thought that counts, right? I certainly think so. So that was really cool and totally unexpected.

One thing that was interesting is that each day was sort of like a retreat in itself. It’s all intuitive for Matt (here’s my description from the retreat I went to in January that describes how he works), so the universe is in charge of how everything unfolds. And at this retreat, each day sort of had a theme (not planned, it just unfolded that way). Day one was expansion, day two emotion, day three oneness, day four relationships, and day five self-responsibly. One aspect of self-responsibility or self-awareness involves acting with integrity, and that’s huge with him. Remember that this is all about integration and embodiment. Going up to the heavens with our big awakenings and insights, but then coming back down and bringing it all into the body to be a fully divine human. To be a DESCENDED master, that’s why we’re here. Most of the old paradigm is really about the first half of the journey. And honestly, I wanted to get the hell out of this place for years! It was Matt that helped me finally see and accept my mission to be here in full and anchor tons of light on earth. And we’re doing a pretty good job of that, I think! And we’re just getting started.

Something else happened during the morning session of day two that was really cool. It was an intense part of the session, and there was a long silence as he just looked around the room, letting things sink in. And I locked eyes with him for like a minute. And I’m telling you, it felt like the strongest ray gun blast as my whole body vibrated. It felt amazing! This dude is running some energy through him. And the periphery of my vision had a white light sort of glow around it. I see that in sessions sometimes at peak moments, but this was greatly magnified. This dude packs a serious punch! So I went up to him after the session and said how cool it was, and I also told him about what I’m doing in Pensacola (I’d done the same in California when I first met him). I want him to know that his stuff is reaching lots of people that are connected to me. And of course I got another picture with him since I still have a huge man crush…

Well, that’s probably a fitting place to end this tale of my second Matt Kahn retreat. Freaking wow, bring on the next one. I think it’s in October, and I can’t wait. I’ll be posting my notes before long, and the audio will be out in July. He also has his second book coming out in early June, Everything Is Here To Help You. Someone he hired to promote it found my blog and sent me an advance copy (which I also told him), so I’ll be writing about that in the coming weeks. It’s pretty incredible and very practical, your guide to seeing life through the soul’s eyes instead of the ego’s. WOW. And he’ll be doing a six-city book tour with talks being live streamed for a super low price, so I’ll share information on that as well. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean. And as crazy as all this sounds, his talks are equally relaxed and simple and easy to digest. That’s the new paradigm that we’re in, the best of both worlds. So check it out, and then I might not sound like such a crazy person about this guy. I’m not sure that’s possible at this point, though… Anyway peace out! It’s nice to be back, and as always, let me know if I can help.