Spiritual Folks – Buy This For Only $111!

Hi good folks. I’ve mentioned the teacher Matt Kahn before, like when I wrote about his video about raising your vibration by… talking nicely to yourself. Yes, it is funny. Because that works way better than all the crazy woowoo stuff we do. That stuff is fine, though, and wonderful! But only after you start being nice to yourself and loving yourself. Otherwise it’s just not going to be very effective. I know because I’ve done it both ways! That stuff helps some, but nothing like the real thing of loving yourself. And in many cases, as with me, it can stir up old, icky stuff and you’re not very centered to handle it because you’re not nice to yourself. And life seems crazy. Anyway, this guy rules.

So I’m on his email list, and the last email had a “Featured Product of the Month” that looked awesome. It’s all of the audio from a 5-day Feel Good Now retreat he did in March of this year. And you click Buy and then enter a promo code and the price goes from $299 to $111. It’s like 17 hours of talks, with some stuff in between like chanting and chimes. Which is great, too. But it’s mostly him dropping hours and hours of ridiculous knowledge. And when I think of the price of $111, after having listened to it all, I can only laugh. Because this thing has totally peeled me open.

Now, maybe it’s just where I am, who knows. I feel like many of you would get some major gold nuggets from this, though, and that’s why I’m passing it on. It said it’s on sale for a month, and that was over a month ago. It still worked when I checked, so just click the link, add it to your cart, enter promo code FEELGOOD111, and see what the price does. And feel it out. If you have it, it’ll be there for you for anytime down the road. No pressure, no rush; just an option in case it ever helps. He’s really funny, so that’s good. And you can check out his YouTube channel, which makes for an amazing wormhole. And a healthy one, too! In case you’ve had enough of those YouTube wormholes that are serious time waster and leave you hating yourself to some degree… There are also some audio samples on the link above. So there you go, you have options.

Here’s why I’m so into this guy now: because I’m really getting it that there’s a new way that’s emerging. And we are part of that. So much shift is happening in the world, and that’s obvious. We’re upgrading, and there’s been some serious chaos for a while as the old way crumbles. It’s happening everywhere. What many people don’t get, though, is that it’s happening in spirituality as well. The old spiritual paradigm is now outdated, and it’s giving way to the new. As he says, the ceiling of the old way is the floor of the new way, and it just goes up from there. I don’t think there are many teachers that are talking about this, though, because I don’t think there are many that know about it. And he is one. So this is about breaking all the old spiritual rules, or having new versions of them that are appropriate for the current age. Bam!

So there you go, just a sharing, in case it resonates. Also note the flow of the five days, if you listen. Somewhere towards the middle he mentions that, and it’s really cool. He starts off by breaking down our defenses so there’s space for something new. Then our minds get pretty blown the second day. Then the third day is heart stuff, emotional stuff. And then it sky rockets from there. The teaching on the breath blew me wide open. I’d like to say specifically what it was, but I don’t want to spoil it. Wow. So enjoy! Or not, all good – just giving you some options. It’s pretty cool, though, so I thought I’d tell you about it. Peace out 🙂