My First EMDR Past Life Regression! Part 1

NOTE: If this disturbs you at any time, then see my NOTE at the bottom that addresses that. In the meantime, please know that this client is doing great and feels amazing. Some serious de-gunking has occurred, and that’s what we’re about to describe. And more peace is on the other side of that.

So we’ve been talking about this wild and crazy EMDR stuff lately, and last week it got even wilder and crazier. And by the way, I’ve added a category on this blog called EMDR: Mind Blowing Sessions! to have all of these unbelievable tales in one place. So it was towards the end of week two of doing EMDR, day eleven to be specific, session number fifteen. And what happened? We had our first spontaneous past life regression! Well, that didn’t take long… And it was really cool. It was eerily like what’s described in the ground breaking book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, if you’ve read that. And you haven’t, then read it! It’s awesome, and a very fun tale. And of course it’s deep as well. I love fun and deep, as opposed to dense, heavy, slow. This is a page turner, and it’s a true story…

There’s a client with whom I’ve been working for a while, and she’s been doing really well. I had a suspicion that this might happen with her, because there’s been some stuff in our work together that’s just plain mystical. She’s the one that had the past life memory release with sobbing tears along with the recurring dream from decades before (which she hasn’t had since). And she was blown away by the psychic medium George Lugo, too, because he knew so much stuff that’s very personal and that he simply could not have known or guessed. And of course he’s such a sweet, genuine guy, too. When you meet him you know that he’s honest and legit. He’s simply sharing his gift, because he feels very strongly guided to do so. I feel like he’s part of the family, since so many of my relatives have seen him. Back to the story…

So I had a feeling that some deep stuff might happen with this client. She’s also been meditating a lot lately using products from The Monroe Institute, which have really helped her to open up. So I had a feeling that EMDR would fit her like a glove. We first tried it a couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing. The vividness of her memories, from many decades ago, was just stunning! My jaw was dropped. Yep, it’s all there in the mind, every single detail. All of it, no matter how young or old we are. Every memory. They might be covered up, but they’re definitely still there. And EMDR helps them float right up if needed. And after many of these memories, seen but not felt (like watching a movie), we finally discovered a very old pain and loneliness that we never would’ve touched by just talking. Not with her, anyway. We truly needed a tool like this. And the difference between doing work and doing real, transformational work is feeling. We have to access the old gunk and feel it so that it can be released. That’s just how it works with these human bodies here on earth.

So the next week, we dove in again. She said she felt great overall, except for this one hazy, vague memory that kept popping in her head, accompanied by the most awful feeling of depression, like a hole in the heart. That doesn’t sound like fun! But she said she didn’t think it was a real memory, because there’s no way this could’ve happened. So it must be more like a daydream or something. My thought, though, and I told her this, was that if it had such a strong feeling to it, then it must’ve been something that had really happened. I don’t think a daydream can have a strong feeling component to it, definitely not to the level of a hole in the heart. But here’s the thing, even if it had been real, we were about to release the pain forever. That’s what “desensitization,” which is the ‘D’ in EMDR, means. So she put the headphones on, grabbed the pulsers with her hands, closed her eyes, and dropped right into it. And note that at this point, I didn’t even know what the memory was.

After very little time, she was there. And what she experienced was being raped as a nine-or ten-year-old girl. Then she experienced the immense pain of the rest of that day, having to go back home where her mom was and feeling too scared and confused to tell her. And then the next day, saying she felt sick and couldn’t go to school. It was quite painful, but those energies were finally leaving her body, after many decades. Leaving forever! And then the peace that’s our natural state – the peace that’s already there, inside of every human – can rise to the surface.

That’s a lot for one session, right? I certainly think so. But there was more, a lot more. The next thing we know, she’s in an old village, and a wooden vice is being put around her forehead. And she’s thinking, “What are you doing? This will hurt me!” And it’s like she’s in the town square, in front of the public. And they tighten the thing around her head, and it squeezes. And it hurts. And it gets tighter, and it’s so painful, and it’s as if she’s literally there, eyes closed, feeling those original feelings. And then she floats up out of her body and she feels peace. And I’m sitting five feet away thinking, “Wow. This is really happening.” I knew it would eventually, but not this quickly.

After this, she was a light on a shelf. “Not a bright light, but a warm light.” And there are many other lights there, resting. They’re all resting. There’s nothing they need to do but rest. And then the scene changes and she’s a teenage boy with brown skin. She – excuse me, he -is deep, deep in the forest. There are sticks and thorns on the ground, but they don’t hurt his feet. Then he senses that there’s something else in the forest with him, a large animal. He stays quiet and keeps walking, but he senses that the animal is getting closer. So he starts running, and the animal starts chasing him, and he can feel it, and it’s getting closer, and closer, and closer, and he’s so afraid, running as fast as he can, and then… WHAM! It was a large tiger, and it killed him. My client felt the fear in vivid detail, and she felt the pressure on the back one her neck as the tiger dug in. And then he – or she – floated up and watched the body get eaten. The tiger took what it wanted, while other animals came around and waited their turn. And one by one, they ate until there was nothing left.

That was enough for one day, by far. My client didn’t exactly feel great, but we’ve done lots of great work together, and she’s very grounded in being able to stay in her wisdom and hold a feeling when triggered, knowing the fact that it’s energy that’s going to move out of her system. Nothing to fear. She’s also shown a masterful ability to go home and process things on her own, coming back the nest week with great insight. And blowing me away each time she’s done so! So I was not worried about her. Had I been worried, I wouldn’t have let her leave! Or I would’ve reached out after the session and even invited her back for a session that weekend or something. Because this isn’t a game to me! I want everyone to be de-gunked, the whole world. And especially my clients, friends, and family. But I knew she’d be fine and would handle it on her own, and that she’d grow even more that way.

And that’s exactly what happened. In Part 2 of this post, I’ll tell you about our session the next week, which was equally cool. NOTE: if you are disturbed, please understand that this person feels amazing now. She’s released this old stuff that was in her system. And if you wonder why we might want to do this, that’s a great question. The reason is that if there’s gunk in our system, no matter how old it is, then it must be showing up now, in the present, in some way. It’s impossible that it just doesn’t show up. It might be the reason you feel afraid all the time, or anxious, or not good enough, or lonely. Or it might be the reason someone in your life triggers you so much. We don’t know until we release it, and then we can see how our life is different. So that’s the deal, and I want you to know that. There’s peace on the other side of the release. And it even rhymes! So peace out, and WBT. That means we be talkin’ in my language. It comes in pretty handy, especially in texts. You’re welcome, and I’ll see you soon for Part 2 🙂