Puzzle Pieces

The stuff that I’ve been writing about here for almost five years now – wait, five years?! – is really the story of how I’ve been learning – and living – how to get out of the way. Get out of the way and let something smarter lead. There’s literally a Flow that we are all in, all the time; it’s just whether or not we are aware of it (and note that this woowoo-sounding stuff actually sounds not unlike quantum physics, which we do NOT yet understand after almost 100 years!). I’ve been telling clients for a while now that what we talk about in my office is quite literally the art and science of getting out of the way. And we always go to relaxing the body first, because the body is the barometer that lets us know when we are getting in the way, when we are not in the flow. So we relax, slow down, and let things unfold. And life ends up being WAY better.

Which brings us to the idea of puzzle pieces. And it’s been totally blowing me away the last several months or so, to pretty comical levels. Comical. What’s been happening the more I’ve gotten out of the way is that life has gotten so much more smooth, and things often happen without my doing anything. And seemingly separate things fit together like puzzle pieces, in ridiculous perfection. It could be big things or small, but it doesn’t matter. Because each time I notice this happening, I understand more deeply that we are truly living in an intelligent, connected universe. That it’s real. That what Michael Singer describes in The Surrender Experiment is REAL. It is real. It’s real, for you and me, right here and right now, without having to lift a finger. It is the law! But nobody tells us this, so we grow up believing otherwise. And our beliefs are very, very powerful, so it seems like this is not the case. But I’m here to say, it is true. We are living in an intelligent, connected universe. It is a fact, it is the law. And it is good.

It might be that a client has to reschedule because a conflict arose at work, or they are sick. And then an hour later, another client needs to move their session to that exact time. Or a different client needs an emergency session, and that time is now open. And I always say in those cases, “The universe has your back, because that time opened up just an hour ago.” And since I’m finally starting to figure out how things really work (hey, I’ve been on the slow train), I’m more and more in awe every time. And it’s finally sinking in more deeply that this is actually normal, this is actually reality. This can be life, 24/7/365. Wow…

One thing to mention is that we are not in charge of timing. The universe knows the timing, so our opportunity is to get out of the way and just relax as best we can and feel things out, let things unfold. And it becomes more natural with practice, I’m telling you! So regarding timing, let’s just say that it usually takes longer than our ego wants for things to work out. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t take very long at all. Because things work out so much better! So we always relax into things and feel them out as best we can. We slow down and let things unfold. And when we feel to act, we act. So this does not mean we are lazy, not at all; people often misinterpret this, in fact. This is not lazy, but rather smarter and more informed as to how the universe really works. Because we’re finally starting to learn and then trust that we are truly living in an intelligent, connected universe. Again, wow. But believing it to some level and living it are two different things. Living it can take some practice, because our old beliefs run deep. And this blog is all about learning to live it.

Another thing to point out is that it can take some time for things to shift and open up like this. I’ve been at it for a while now. But hey, I’m a math major Virgo! So I was born a thinker, way in my head my whole life, and I finally started to move away from this only about three and a half years ago. They call this the journey from the head to the heart, and some say it’s the longest journey one can take. But things are changing, they really are, and that’s exactly why I’m writing this. And of course this is only my experience, but I know there are many others that can relate.

So keep at it, people! This stuff works, period. The law is the law, period. Facts are facts, period. And the fact is, we are living in an intelligent, connected universe. Right here, right now. You were actually born worthy of receiving its gifts, whether it seems that way or not. Again, facts are facts. But like I said earlier, nobody tells us this stuff. So we grow up believing otherwise, and our beliefs run the show. They are so powerful. We’re starting to figure things out, though, and when we keep relaxing and letting things unfold, we start to see how synchronistic events fit together like puzzle pieces, often without us having to do anything. It is the law! And understanding this and then learning to live in this understanding makes life so much smoother. And the more it happens, the more we trust. And the more we trust, the more we rest. Like puzzle pieces.