Matt Kahn & The Fast Path to Awesomeness

Hi folks. I’m here to write about a novel concept… being nice to yourself. We’ve talked about that before here and then a follow-up two week challenge here. And then a couple of weeks ago, I found myself watching a video that will blow you away. It’s by a guy named Math Kahn that I totally love right now. He might be enlightened, sure seems it. And he’s hilarious. And I totally have a crush on this dude. And I like chicks. So there we go.

So what I’m saying is, watch this video. It’s over an hour long, but I watched the first 23 minutes the first day and it totally blew me away. It’s a real hashtag gamechanger. Do it! And then I watched another few minutes later, so I’ve only seen about the first half hour in total. So if he endorses awful things later, please don’t blame me. I don’t think we have to worry about that, though…

So here we go. It’s called Raising Your Vibration. And if you’re thinking that that means eating better and exercising more and quitting smoking and stuff like that, then definitely watch it! Because that’s actually not what you focus on. He talks about how we focus on those actions and behaviors that we think will improve us as a person, but the changes either don’t happen or they’re a real struggle. He says this is because you’re trying to write checks from your emotional bank account, but the balance of the account can’t cover the checks. So you need to make some deposits. And how do you do that? You talk nicely to yourself. Actually, you feel love for yourself. You give yourself credit for what you do right, and you pause for a second and feel it. And man, it sure feels good.

He talks about how by contrast, most of us focus on what we’re doing wrong and what we want to change and improve. In other words, we’re always “working on ourselves.” He points out that nobody has actually ever finished working on themselves because the list just never runs out. There’s always something else to work on and improve. The people that finish working on themselves are the ones that decide to just give that up. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, they focus on what they’re doing right. They’re nice to the person at the gas station, for instance, and when they get in the car they just tell themselves for a few seconds, “That was awesome. Way to go, spreading a little love in the world.” And they feel that nice feeling of giving themselves credit. And the bank account just got a deposit. And it builds and builds. And this is the fast way to raising your vibration, if that’s how you want to look at it.

And as the balance of the bank account grows, the behaviors that we want to change fall away naturally. They’re no longer a fit. And it’s not just external things like diet and exercise and vices, but also qualities. Are we critical and judgmental? Are we nice? We start becoming who we want to be naturally, simply because we stop focusing on what’s wrong. You see, the universe is like a waiter. I heard a teacher named John Mark Stroud say it this way. A waiter knows only one word – yes! Whatever you order on the menu is yours. I want a hamburger. Yes! I want a cheeseburger. Yes! I want some french fries. Yes! And onion rings. Yes! And some apple pie. Yes! You get the point. So when I’m into working on myself, the universe says, “Sure, I’ll give you plenty to work on since you seem to be so into it!” And it never ends.

The other way is a 180. We get into harmony with how things are now, warts and all, and we give ourselves actual credit for what is good. Wash, rinse, repeat. And see what happens. At the very least, try it for two freaking weeks! Make yourself some reminders, though, because most of us have been too hard on ourselves for quite a long time now… Matt is also so funny, talking about how we will try all kinds of things in the name of peace and happiness and growth. But we rarely try being nice to ourselves. We don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. We don’t have to pay any money. There are no techniques that are needed, and no training. No coaches or teachers. And the easiest way to start is right now. Note: it’s more of a feeling thing than a thinking thing. Also note that if it’s hard to do, just keep doing it as best you can and totally without judgment and it’ll shift fast. Fast! Trust me on that one… Give me two weeks. Actually, give yourself two weeks. You are worth it. And watch the video, or at least the first 23 minutes. You can always watch a few minutes here and there and keep track of where you are. One client said, “Ok, I love, love, love Matt Kahn… two days of listening and I’m addicted.” Do it! And let me know if I can help. Nicely.