The Past

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Is the past real? I was driving home from Gainesville, FL, to Pensacola once when I realized that the past isn’t really real. I was listening to a lot of Eckhart Tolle at the time, so I guess that had something to do with it (see Resources)… I laughed a deep, hearty laugh and it was awesome. Most people would […]

Intense Pain Exposed, pt. 1

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In the realm of feeling and emotion, this is one of the most powerful things you can read. In other words, if you are a human, this might be very helpful… I recently had a client who had been molested by his grandfather, whom he had idolized, when he was five or six years old. He was in his early […]

The Filter

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Understanding that you see and experience things through a filter is very important. It can prevent so many arguments and misunderstandings. It can make you much more peaceful. Where does this filter live? In the mind. What does it consist of? Mainly your past experiences and your beliefs. It all happens so fast and automatic that most people never think […]


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The concept of sin is pretty powerful to many people, especially certain varieties of Christians. Are you ready to consider something interesting, to say the least? My studies have shown me that the word “sin” is actually a mistranslation. It originally meant “to miss the mark,” as in when an archer misses the target with her arrow. When she does […]


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Shame is something that you feel – it’s a feeling. All you can do is feel it, with no story, no thinking, no words even. Just feeling. Where in the body is it? Just roast in it – this is the fastest way out. So that pretty much takes care of feelings. It doesn’t mean the shame goes right away, […]


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Stress is something you feel, so it works just like other feelings. You feel it (read Feelings 101, The Sedona Method). When you get even a little stressed out, at that moment close your eyes, take a breath, and just feel the stress in your body. Don’t think, though, which means that you don’t want to think about why you […]


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Guilt can be pretty nasty. It’s one of the nastier things in the feelings department, in fact. Here’s the thing about guilt – there’s legitimate guilt and illegitimate guilt. Legitimate guilt basically means that you screwed up and you have to accept it and deal with the consequences. You have to deal with the situation. The situation can be huge, […]

Are You Big Or Small?

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Do you think you are big or small? I’m not talking about you as a person, because I don’t believe that who you really has anything to do with a person. Your body and personal identity are temporary. Who you really are is not temporary! That’s my belief after a lot of looking around along with some interesting experiences, anyway. […]

My Spiritual Path

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Taken from the About section of this website: From nice, innocent kid to long-haired math major college student at an elite southern university to short-haired math teacher to computer programmer to math graduate student to crystal-wearing energy healer/yogi to gig-playing mandolin player. Along the way, I got interested in the deeper questions (you can probably see where in the progression […]

Holding Grudges

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When you hold a grudge, you hurt yourself. The other person is probably fine! It’s been said that it’s not the snakebite itself that hurts you, but rather the venom that travels through your body and wreaks havoc, maybe even killing you. Whoa. If you’re tired of living like this, then it’s time to own it and move on. What […]