How To Heal & Clear The Past

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“Heal and clear the past…” That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Doesn’t that just sound and feel amazing? I sure think so! Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing here, and I thought we could really spell it out using those two words. I just love how they sound, really showing us the big picture of what we’ve been doing for a while now. So this is how I see it…

We know that “loving what arises” is the cornerstone of everything. And we know that the intelligent universe puts us in the exact situations we need to be in (i.e. “triggers” us) to cue up whatever inside of us needs love. When we love that part of ourselves, we’re literally healing it, melting it, welcoming it home. One at a time. And yes, I know the line can seem endless, but thankfully it’s not. So this is what “healing the past” means. You give loving attention to the part of you that needs it in any moment. Because you can think of the part of you that’s showing up as a “you” from the past that didn’t get treated how it wanted to get treated. And when it gets the love that it needed back then, it’s healed. And in this manner we love ourselves to wholeness, retrieving all the fragmented parts of ourselves and melting them back into our heart. And we don’t have to dig, because the universe will do it for us. Just let the river of life take you. So cool. Also note that this works with big or small stuff. The big stuff will take more time and more loving attention, for sure, but this is still the answer.

As far as “clearing” the past, that’s nothing more than the energetic vacuum cleaner (EVC) in action. A purge of old emotional debris is happening, as the cells of your body are literally being scrubbed clean. So you love the one in pain and go on about your day, thinking “yay me!” Because a deep cleaning is taking place in your energy field, and that rocks. And the mind that wants to fix it has absolutely nothing to do. Remember there’s an entire post about exactly this. As I’ve written and said before, that crappy feeling IS the fix, because it’s clearing out old sludge you’ve been innocently carrying around to make room for more light to move into your body and take up residence. What’s more, it’s my understanding that what you’re clearing is also old energies and patterning from your entire family lineage. That’s right, from your entire family lineage. Why you? Because you can, because you’re evolved enough to take on that responsibility. Hang in there and love yourself through it, and just let it happen. You’re clearing the past, and that’s awesome. Yay, you!

So maybe this way of phrasing things, “healing and clearing the past,” sheds a little more light. Maybe it lets you know what a big job you’ve been doing. Maybe it helps you see that you’ve actually been kicking ass. Maybe it gives you a sense of accomplishment. And maybe the part about doing it not just for you but for so many others that couldn’t do this work – maybe that gives you a sense of nobility and self-respect. And it’s okay to wish it were over and done with! Just love the part of yourself that feels that way, and go on about your day. And as always, let me now if I can help.

The Baby Analogy

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I’ve recently had several clients really “get” how to love their hearts by using the analogy of a newborn baby or infant, or a young child of any age. And yes, sometimes a teenager… Because the truth is that most of us have been either super mean to ourselves for a long time or super neglectful. So think about an infant, a beautiful, fragile baby that’s in its crib, cooing and smiling. Would you ever even consider being mean to one of those? And yes, since I’m not a kid person I thought it’d sound funny to refer to it as an object… “one of those” and “it.” But still, I’d never consider being mean to it! No way; it’s just so innocent.

So here’s the connection – so is your heart. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, there’s an innate innocence built in that’s always there, deep inside of you. Amazing, but true! And that’s what we’ve been talking about loving this whole time. So see if that deepens things or connects the dots more. I’ve had several clients recently have a major “aha moment” with this, though. And what a difference that can make, because it shifts you from being so hard on yourself to just being neglectful to finally being your own main supporter, cheerleader, and best friend. And your whole life transforms, big time. It’s truly amazing for me to watch in so many people. This is the shift… the sweet, innocent baby. Just be open to it and ponder it a bit, try it on for size and see what happens. And no rush! Take the rest of 2018, in fact, to play with this. Happy practicing! And as always, I’m here to help if I can.

Mind-Blowing: Replace “Ego” With “Core Wound”

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Okay, folks, this is super cool and powerful and immediately helpful. And yes, I know I’ve been starting these posts out that way a lot lately… I don’t know what else to do, though, because the truth is that this new, fresh material IS super cool and powerful and immediately helpful! And trust me, it blows me away as much as it does you or anyone else. It occurred to me just yesterday, in fact, that the majority of my clients are on the same journey I am – this journey of endless acceptance and loving on ourselves instead of endless working on ourselves. And then they start to see how the universe has choreographed everything for their benefit in terms of soul growth. I mean, these sessions have been so amazing that it’s hard to put into words. And the client leaves and I feel so pumped up that I want to go tell someone how awesome it was… But there’s nobody to tell… So I just sit there and bask in that feeling for a bit and think about how amazing it would be if I could share this stuff with millions of people. Which is absolutely what I’m going to try to do. In due time…

In the meantime, the sessions and these posts will be enough. I guess I’m just excited now, because I’m really seeing the bigger picture of the human journey in my clients more and more, coming in not knowing what’s up and thinking they’re messed up and then becoming more loving with themselves. And seeing that the universe is doing it all on purpose to clear out their energy fields. And life becomes exciting, with a “bring it on” attitude instead of staying in fear and trying to control life (which can’t be controlled). I am humbled. Because at that point, the sessions are about “How good can life get?” rather than “This sucks, get me out of here!” So now we’re laughing and asking, “What’s that smart and sneaky universe going to do next?” And I have a front row seat with so many folks. And you have a front row with me, and many of them, through this blog! Anyway, back to the story. I guess that had to come out first, though.

In short, pay the $85 and get the livestream of Matt Kahn’s six-city book tour. Just do it. You can watch or listen anytime you want, and as far as I know there’s no expiration date. I sure hope not, anyway, because this material is rich, very rich. It’s a major event for the planet, in fact, the beginning of a huge movement that’s really starting to take off. It’s a Friday night and a full Saturday in six cities, once a month for six months. He’s done one so far, in Vancouver a month ago, and the second one started last night and continues today. But again, you don’t have to tune in live. Although that would be cool… I’m be out of town this weekend, so I’ll watch it later. I just finished the first weekend, in fact, not long ago. And that’s what this post is about.

I was laughing because as he does, he took a left turn that I didn’t know existed about a half hour into the first one, and the $85 had already paid for itself. The title of the weekend was “Healing Your Core Wound.” That sounds great to me, so let’s do it. And he revealed that he didn’t even know what the talk would be about until lunch that day. What? It just started downloading in. He channeled the titles of each weekend many months ago, but that’s all the universe told him. So the material for the talk itself started pouring in a few hours before the Friday night talk that began it all. And what poured in? This: replace the word “ego” with “core wound.” Bam.

Think about it for a minute… How do you feel when you hear or think about the word “ego?” For most people, it’s definitely not good, not a warm fuzzy. It sounds like an enemy, something we must kill. Definitely something to stay away from. Something that could contaminate you. Something to defeat. Something to be wary of. Something that you sure hope people don’t notice in you! So there’s instant judgment, whether conscious or not.

Now replace that with “core wound.” Because the truth is, the journey of a soul incarnating in a body almost always at some point includes a deep feeling of unwantedness on some level, big or small. Some flavor of insecurity or pain. That’s all “core wound” refers to. And if someone is acting out not because their “ego” is triggered but because their “core wound” is triggered or inflamed, don’t you view them differently? Of course they’re acting out – their woundedness is triggered! How could they not act out right now? And they probably don’t even know it. So what’s the response to someone that’s wounded? To give them love or to give them space, but not to judge them. And you definitely might need to give them space; in fact, don’t let anyone mistreat you. But whatever you decide to do, odds are you’ll view them much differently.

The same holds true for yourself. When you see that your “core wound” is triggered or inflamed, you’ll probably view yourself with more love, more compassion. You might ask what you truly need in that moment. When we’re looking at our ego instead, we can come from judgment and disdain and from being sick and tired of it, wishing it would just go away. But if we’re triggered, we need more love, not less. Enter “core wound.” You have sort of an “awww…” feeling, like there’s a wounded puppy or something. Let’s take care of the puppy, then.

Also look at it like this. We can have thoughts or statements like “He’s such a jerk” or “She’s such a bitch.” “He’s such a know it all” or “She’s such a back-stabber.” “They’re so crazy.” And we can replace them all with, “He’s so wounded,” “She’s so wounded,” or “They’re so wounded.” Doesn’t that feel different? And it’s more accurate, a deeper and truer way of seeing things. And again, this doesn’t mean you have to hang out with them! That’s not what it’s about; it’s about how you see them. And the less judgment you’re in, the better YOU will feel. Great stuff.

So there you go, folks, play with that for a while. I’m sure the universe will give you plenty of chances, in fact, with yourself and with others. It could even be someone that works at a store or a restaurant that seems to be in a bad mood. They’re wounded. Isn’t that powerful? And maybe you can say something nice out of nowhere to turn their day around. So cool.

Back to that first livestream, the Friday night session was utterly ridiculous. It was super powerful and super masculine. In fact, I was wondering if it was going to freak some people out! He did a very deep dive into the core of things, plus having them (us) tell the universe to bring it on, that we’re ready. I’ve noticed that he often starts by confusing the audience, too. He did this by putting the Law of Attraction to bed for good. The reason is that there’s so much outdated stuff out there that people are believing, and that has to be cleared first. Then there’s space to put the updated, truer stuff in. So that’s what happened in the Saturday morning session. It was more loving and more feminine for sure.

Then the rest was hilarious. The third and final session after lunch was supposed to be a Q&A, which he’s well known for because it’s all totally channeled and intuitive. But first he was guided to do a sort of “deconstruction,” in which he slows down and leads them directly into an experience of what’s called 5D consciousness, or unity consciousness. And in this space, the same questions pretty much don’t exist! So crazy. So let’s do a Q&A. But first, let me lead you to a place where there are no questions. I love this guy! Then he did take a few questions, and it’s just amazing to watch how they unfold. I had a big emotional reaction to the final one, in fact. It just rises up seemingly out of nowhere. “Oh, hello! Apparently I resonate with this one.”

There’s more to be written about from this first weekend, I’m sure, so stay tuned. In the meantime, make the modest investment if it resonates. I had to go ahead and share the replacement of “ego” with “core wound,” though, because it shifts us from judgment to love just like that. So play with that and have fun! And as always, I’m here to help if I can.

More Gumbo

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I wrote a post called The Gumbo back in February 2017 and another called Those Constant, Background Gumbo Ingredients shortly thereafter. Those are great, and they’re very useful to understand for any of us humans. But this one has nothing to do with them, this one actually has to do with real gumbo. And more importantly, it has to do with the intelligent, connected universe and surrender. You see, I wrote about The Twelve Minute Session! recently, and it was a great story about a client and what he was going through. There’s another side to it, though, which is about me and what was going on in my life at the time. Think about this as what they call lagniappe over in Louisiana and beyond, which basically means “a little something extra.” Because it’s nothing earth shattering, but it’s just sort of cool and worth sharing. Here we go…

So this was a Friday afternoon, and I was leaving straight from work and driving a couple of hours away to my friend’s annual birthday weekend on Bay St. Louis over in Mississippi with a bunch of old friends from New Orleans. They’d be arriving shortly after lunch, so I was itching to leave as soon as I could. And I could’ve done a better job of scheduling myself off that afternoon, since I’m my own boss and all. My boss is such a jerk… So this was my last session of the day, and I had a thirty-minute window before it, in between sessions. I’m always in charge of bringing the gumbo to this affair, and I get it from Captain Joey Patti’s Seafood Deli, which is run by my good friend Charlie. I love this guy! He’s so awesome. And this place is not to be confused with Joe Patti’s World Famous Seafood Market next door; they’re relatives, of course. Hey, I always have to plug lovely Pensacola…

So I’m picking up a gallon and a half of frozen gumbo, which means it should be put on ice right away. I had a tight window to pick up the gumbo, take it home and put it in the freezer, and then come back to the office to do the final session. Then I’d go home, grab the gumbo (and some shrimp that I already had on ice), and roll. And the final session was with a new client, so I thought it would be 90 minutes long (or close to it). So the gumbo really did have to be taken care of in that half hour window. But not according to the universe!

It was a bit busy at the restaurant when I got there, so I was delayed in getting the goods and paying for it all. They did nothing wrong, it’s just a popular place! And Charlie’s not always there, but he was, and as I was getting ready to leave they called him up to say hi. So we were catching up, and he’s super nice, and he always puts extra fish and shrimp in my gumbo. I get it for a family feast over the holidays every year, too, so there are usually two times a year when I’m getting at least a gallon. Anyway, I can’t just say I have to leave, because that would be rude. Plus he’s super nice and he’s my friend, and I like hearing what he’s been up to. He has some cool projects going on that I’m legitimately interested in. The moral of the story is that there’s no way I’m going to make it home and back to the office in time for that last session. And this was made crystal clear, too. No way, no how, no chance. The entire universe is saying that I’ll be driving back to my office with a bunch of frozen gumbo, it’s part of the plan, and I don’t have to know the plan. This was all so clear. And it was super interesting that I knew what was up while it was happening. I didn’t know why or even necessarily like it, but I knew what was up.

So I get back to my office, and I don’t have many options. A hot car in Florida in June isn’t the best place for gumbo, so the best I can do is put it inside the office, behind my chair where my client won’t even see it. So I put it there. It’s frozen so it should be fine, and even if it starts to thaw it’ll be put on ice right away and all good. But still, I have no idea why the gumbo had to be handled this way. I did know, however, that I had chosen the best option out of those available. What are your options and which feels best? That’s how we go through life. And the gumbo would be fine until I got to my friend’s house anyway, so all good. Still, though, I was curious. Then fast forward twelve minutes, and we’re done! Ahh, the universe was saying don’t worry about it, this session won’t even last very long. In no time flat, I’m driving home to get the rest of my stuff and roll, and more than an hour ahead of schedule at that. Hilarious. That sneaky universe…

NOTE: This bears repeating… that we’re learning to live our lives by staying as relaxed as possible. And when situations arise, we look at our options. And we choose the one that feels best. And then we keep on rolling. Wash, rinse, repeat. What are my options? Which feels best? Done. A+

I think I told my client this back story to illustrate the intelligent, connected universe (ICU) and how it works. And off we both went on our own adventures. And the weekend was awesome, nobody got sunburned, and we had a great time living “the bay life.” Or should I say #baylife. So there you go, you never know why the gumbo might have to sit on your office floor, but there’s always a reason. And the more we let that reason come to us, the better we feel and the smoother life becomes. Because we aren’t fighting it and questioning it so much. And as these experiences pile up in our lives, we begin to have more and more of a trust, a calmness that of course it’s working out how it’s supposed to. Always. And by gently practicing what we talk about here at A Clean Mind, we’re well on our way.