My First Twelve Minute Session!

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I’ve been seeing clients for seven years now, and I’ve always done a longer first session. I just haven’t been able to meet for an hour the first time, because it feels unfinished. So we do up to an hour and a half. I want to literally change their life in that first session; it’s just how I’m wired. I’ve had to learn, of course, that it often doesn’t work that way, and that’s fine. But still, the longer first session feels natural. We’re just not usually at a stopping point after an hour. I’m really more of a teacher, anyway, and it takes time to teach, in addition to listening to and supporting the client in the way that they need. And I want them to have an experience of peace in my office, in that chair, in that first session. So that’s how we roll.

That’s why I was so surprised when I recently had a first session that lasted… twelve minutes! Yes, you read that correctly. Twelve minutes. We’re talking 720 seconds, and that included the paperwork. As you’ll see, I was very happy that he let me write about this. It shows how this self-love stuff is so different, and how it can help so much faster if it’s the right fit. In fact, I really can’t imagine how a more traditional counselor would’ve handled it. Maybe it would’ve been fantastic! But I know that our way was like a laser, and it was super awesome. And the bonus with our way is that it’ll handle the bulk of anything that he ever experiences for the rest of his life. So we have that going for us… Because we’re taking the most powerful stuff in the universe – love – and we’re using it as needed on a moment to moment basis to heal and clear. Pretty effective.

The client is actually someone I’ve known for several years, though not very well. He found me online and emailed me, saying he had a problem that he thought we’d only need one or two sessions to resolve. I had no idea what the problem was, but this sounded like a good plan to me. So when he told me what it was, I thought it was the coolest thing. And for him to come talk to a professional about this really touched me, because it shows he’s a very good person; otherwise he wouldn’t have cared. And please don’t think I’m minimizing his issue; it’s just that I instantly knew how innocent it was. That’s it – it was the innocence that touched me right away. I almost started laughing because it was so sweet! Laughing in a gentle, “awwww…” kind of way. Because again, it showed how good a person he is at the core (which I already knew) and that he was horrified at what was happening! And I knew right away that we’d be able to knock it out in no time. Here we go…

His mother is quite advanced in age, and it seems she’s coming to the end of her time here. She lives out of town, and his siblings are in the same city and are taking good care of her. He said she’s not extremely wealthy, but they’ll all receive an inheritance of some sort, and it’ll be an amount of money that anyone would be happy to have. So the issue is this – knowing that she might pass away at any time, and knowing that he’ll receive an inheritance from her, he instantly smiles and has a good feeling when he sees that he has a call or a text from one of his siblings. In a split second, there’s the thought that since it’s from them, it must be about mom. And any day it could be the news that she’s passed away. And that means some money will be on the way. And he has an excited feeling. Again, all of that happens instantaneously. And he’s absolutely horrified and wondering if there’s something wrong with him!

As I said above, I thought this was the sweetest thing that he was telling me this, because I know him. I don’t know him well, but it’s super clear that he’s a really good guy. He’s just a good person. And he was explaining that he loves his mom and doesn’t want her to just die so he can get some money. But this thought just pops in his head out of nowhere! So I was so happy to let him off the hook, explaining that yes, thoughts just pop in our heads. It’s not necessarily even your thought; it’s just a thought. So… what do you do with it? Because he doesn’t remember signing up for thoughts like this. So what can we do? Love the thinker. Bam! This “loving what arises” stuff is so universal and so powerful…

The thinker is the inner child, and it’s deserving of love. Wouldn’t a child smile and be happy at the thought of more toys? Yes, that’s called normal. If he really feels into what his soul wants, though, it’s that his mother is okay and feeling good and that she’s around for as long as she wants to be around. But this is a part of him that responds to his sibling’s name on the phone automatically, without consulting his whole being. In other words, he’s not a terrible person and it’s not a big deal. It’s a chance to love that part of himself, though, and that IS a big deal. Because that’s how we return to wholeness.

So I explained that most people would feel good at the thought of more money coming into their bank account out of nowhere. “Here you go, have this free gift.” Sign me up! Again, that’s normal. So the part of him that’s aware of the fact that he’s going to get this money, and pretty soon, is totally innocent. It’s the inner child, a little four-year-old that doesn’t know any better. Read that again and breathe it in, because that’s the most important part of this whole thing – it’s nothing more than a four-year-old acting exactly like you’d expect a four-year-old to act. When he sees one of his siblings on his phone, that part shows up right away and is excited, like it’s his birthday or something. So what we do now is love that little guy. Put your hand on your heart and breathe that breath of love into your heart, blanketing him. And then calmly and slowly explain to him that he loves mom and hopes she’s fine, and that the universe is in charge of the timing of her passing. And that it’s okay to want some money, but let’s relax and enjoy mom while she’s here. And the whole thing settles down. Yay.

Read that again about loving the little guy/gal and how to do it, that slow and gentle parent-child conversation, because it can change your life. Like, big time. So powerful! When you take the time to stop and do it, that is… But what we just did would take less than thirty seconds. And then contrast that with how most of the world, without this understanding of “loving what arises,” would respond. Sibling calls, you instantly feel giddy at the thought that maybe she died, and then you squash that down and feel horrible about yourself. And you’re stuffing these energies each time it happens, beating yourself up more and more and wondering what’s wrong with you. Maybe you even develop anxiety and/or depression, along with some marital strife and health problems for dessert. But what’s truly wrong with you? Nothing! When you love that innocent part of yourself as it arises, those energies can flow. Plus, you become grounded in your soul, the larger part of you that does not want mom to die one second before she’s ready.

Another cool thing is that many years ago, he learned about the great benefit of taking slow, deep breaths. He’s been doing that for years, like when work is stressful. So I explained that all we’re really doing is adding love to the mix. We’re turning that breath into a strong blast of love for the part of him that needs it in any moment, the part that could use an inner hug. So he got it right away. And we were basically done!

I pointed out that in addition to taking care of the problem at hand, he’s now prepared for whatever shows up in the future. He said that he’s at a stage of life where he really has no stress, and that he has a healthy, awesome family. So he’s really good. The only thing, though, might be the idea of death in general, since he’s getting older himself. So we addressed that before we parted ways, using what we had just learned and practiced. With hand on the heart and eyes closed, we loved the one that’s curious about death, the one that’s afraid of death, etc. Love all of them and then go on about your day.

So that’s the tale of the twelve-minute session, one of my favorite sessions of all time. I know, there are too many favorites to count after all these years. What a gift, participating in these massive and loving shifts. There’s also a really interesting additional component to this session, and it involves me and what was going on in my life that day. It also involves my friend Charlie, and he has no idea. I don’t know if he even knows what I do, so maybe I’ll share this with him. I think he’ll be cool with it, though, since I’m only saying how he’s super nice and awesome! So look out for that post, and I’ll link to it when it’s done. It’s about the intelligent, connected universe and surrender. We don’t always know why things happen the way they do, and we definitely don’t always like it, but there’s always a reason. And it’s always for the best in the long run. I love this stuff… Peace out! And as always, I’m here to help if I can.

Client Totally Kicks Ass With Suffocating Wave Of Doom!

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Yes, you read the title correctly, and it’s not an exaggeration. This is so cool, and I’m SO proud of my client! Remember how we’ve been talking about how the energetic vacuum cleaner plays such a huge role in the healing journey of a human. And one of the main things to understand is that the mind has nothing to do. You love the one in pain and pretty much go on about your day, whether that means doing stuff or staying in and resting. I mean, this is huge. It’s crucial to understand, because if you don’t, then the mind will go into freak-out mode and panic as it instinctively tries to fix the pain that’s arisen. But the pain has arisen so it can leave. So the pain IS the fix. Space is literally being cleared out to make room for more light. Yay.

So check this out, my client has really been kicking ass. I think I’ve written about her before, but it’s hard to keep track of now. And always with permission, of course! I have to say that from time to time to make sure you know that. There’s never any pressure, and they always say that if their story might help another, then please share it. And I’m very grateful for that. But if someone had even a hint of not wanting their story to be shared, then of course that’d be the end of it. No pressure, ever. Back to the story…

So she woke up one day not too long ago feeling great. Awesome. Amazing. She went to the gym and worked out, feeling good, woohoo yay life! Then she went to a coffee shop to do some homework (and she’s doing great in school, by the way). What a great day so far! So she was sitting there getting her work done, when all of a sudden… a solid wave of impending doom hit her out of nowhere. Impending what?? Let those words sink in, “impending doom.” That’s not subtle! I mean, nobody is going to describe a wimpy feeling using those particular words. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever even uttered those words in my entire life. Yikes. And in addition to that, she felt a strong feeling of being absolutely hideous, like everyone in the coffee shop was thinking really bad things about her. Like she was totally worthless and not good enough, not even good enough to be there. She felt so incredibly awful that she had to leave immediately, so she did.

She went home and these feelings continued for hours, along with a full-on existential crisis – thoughts of life and death, and even some suicidal thoughts. For some background, she has a history of suicidality, which we’ve dealt with a lot. She was also put on psych meds at a young age, and she decided to get off all of those almost a year ago. She’s working in a demanding field and going to school at the same time, and getting excellent grades. Her mom is amazed at how she’s doing, in fact, even saying recently she can’t believe she hasn’t called her once crying and freaking out! Like during exam week or something. Hey, it happens… But not anymore! Or it sure would take way more than it ever did in the past. Of course her mom will always love her and be there for her, but she’s very happy about this newly found inner strength.

So that’s the history, but the more recent history is this. She’s learning how to love herself. For the first time. And it’s amazing. It’s taken her a while to get on the same team with her heart, her mind, her inner child. Finally, the voice in her head isn’t being so mean. I think it’s that parent-child conversation we’ve been talking about (which I really need to write a separate post about), in which we slowly and calmly talk to the voice in the head that’s being mean. The parent comes in and talks to the inner child that’s mad and needs love. And after a while, it calms down because it’s gotten the loving attention that it’s really been needing the whole time. And yes, it can take a while! Sometimes the little chick or little dude up there is mad, scared, confused, or distrustful. But let it know that that’s okay and you’re not going anywhere; you’re there to love it now. Anyway, she’s turned a corner with this, and it’s really making a difference; her whole life will continue to change with time, from the inside out. Real, lasting change for the better. And of course the slow way is the fast way. Amazing.

NOTE: An example of that internal parent-child conversation is in the recent “I’m Sorry” post. Also see paragraph seven of My First Twelve Minute Session! Read those and you’ll get the idea. And again, I’ll probably write an entire post about this at some point, because it’s becoming a huge part of what we’re doing. Back to the story…

Speaking of real, lasting change, you know she’s shifting because this craziness happened in the first place! It wouldn’t have happened so hardcore like that had she not been ready. So here’s the rest of the story. This SUPER strong wave of the most awful gunk, plus suicidal thoughts and total unworthiness, slams into her. She can’t even stay at the coffee shop, so she leaves. And it lasted for hours. So what did she do? Nothing. Because she’s learned how to love the one in pain as best she can, and she’s learned about the EVC. So she took her medicine (the “medicine” being the act of feeling the pain). She’s not a huge drinker, but she even had the thought that maybe she’d have a beer to feel better. And she said nope, I’m going to face this head on and let it run its course. Take me. Have no mercy on me. Wow! Then she watched a movie, I think, and went to bed. Isn’t this amazing??

So she woke up the next day and she was fine. Goodbye, massive wave of old energetic emotional debris and suicidality! It sure is nice not carrying that around anymore. She really nailed this one, a true A+. What on earth can she be afraid of now?? Oh, and she was also super triggered around the same time when she learned of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. She said this really messed her up for three days, because she thought he was great. She followed him on Instagram and really enjoyed his posts. And she, like so many others, thought, “Him? Really?” So this flushed up more old stuff related to suicide for her, plus those same old thoughts. And she loved herself through it and stayed the course, and it lasted three long days. Which seems so far away now. And she didn’t even reach out to me, and she’s been off of all psychs meds for 9-10 months. After years of being on them. And that ain’t easy! Especially after being put on them so young. Amazing, y’all!

As you might be able to guess, I was totally freaking out. Because these shifts are real. What she did was the same as what my guy Matt Kahn did when he had a huge layer of old stuff come up sometime last year. This video, in which he talks about it for the first time, is super intense. Not for the faint of heart. And my client handled it the same way! Again, from suicidal and on lots of heavy meds to this, and in not that long a period of time. So of course there are some more waves for the EVC to suck out, but by now she’s really learning how to master it. Like a champ! And it’s all preparing her for a life that’s beyond what she can imagine. Because the version of herself that’ll be living that life is beyond what she can imagine. And I get to sit here and watch the whole thing. And the core of it all is loving what arises, plus understanding the raw energetic/emotional purging aspect to it, in which we just take our medicine. And the intelligent universe guides the whole journey. I am in awe… So peace out to you, and as always, let me know I can help.

Love & Suicide

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I thought I’d written about this before, but apparently not. I couldn’t find it in a search, anyway. It’s kind of cool that this blog has gone on long enough now, with so many posts, that I forget what’s been written about and what’s not. The “me” that wrote that first post way back in January 2012 could not have imagined where we’d be now! Which is so cool… But what’s not cool is all these people taking their own lives. Again, I meant to write about this years ago. Even if I had, though, it’d be time to talk about it again now, because enough is enough. For one, I’m working with clients that are suicide survivors. Then a couple of weeks ago, I ran into my cousin and he said an old friend of his had recently committed suicide out of the blue. Then Kate Spade hung herself, maybe the next day. And then Anthony Bourdain did the same a few days after that. Anthony Bourdain?? Wow… And of course the daily suicide rate of military personnel, whether active duty, reserve, or retired, is beyond comprehension (don’t even get me started on their mental health “treatment”). What’s going on here??

So I’m going to write some stuff that might help someone, might not. It’ll just be my own thoughts on the matter. I’m no expert, but I can say from my own experience that I can see how someone would want to do it. And I haven’t talked about this with many people, so if you are shocked then all good! I’m totally fine. Just keep reading, because it was an essential part of my path. As I’ll explain, I was never actually suicidal, but I’ve absolutely seen how someone would want to do it. Because the pain has been unbearable. And yet I’ve been able to bear it. That’s the thing, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to survive in the moment. But thankfully, it always is.

When I was younger, I never would’ve thought I’d be able to say I’d be able to empathize with someone that was suicidal. No way! I was always really happy and full of joy and on the go all over the place, having a really fun time. And I was usually hanging out with people that were similarly inclined. Then the spiritual journey began, and it eventually led to some pain that I didn’t know existed. I didn’t know how to love myself through it, and I also didn’t know that my energy field was being purged so that more light could enter. And when your pain is spiritual pain, it really sucks. That’s because your problem is with the Universe/God/Source. And if that’s who your problem is with, and you’re not getting any answers, then where else can you go?? You’ve already gone to the top! So you’re screwed, sitting there in massive pain and feeling all alone. Not cool.

I also didn’t know that I was experiencing hell so that I could identify with it and thereby help others through it. I didn’t know I was experiencing it so that I could be a living testimony that you can get through it and end up feeling better than you ever have before. And it sure has helped me do my job, because even some clients in just the last couple of weeks have started arriving on the shores of peace after experiencing their own hell, their own purge, their own dark night of the soul. And I’m so glad I’ve been able to help them through it. And let’s be clear – to see someone go through that and come out better and shinier than ever, even having gratitude for whatever caused them to feel so bad because of how much they transformed – that feels amazing!

So how do we get there? How does one go from the lowest of lows to feeling strong and vibrant? Because that potential does exist in everyone. I’m not saying it’s easy, not at all; but it’s there. And it involves everything that we’ve been talking about for the last year here. You see, how you feel comes from how you feel about yourself. How you feel comes from how you feel about yourself. And people that feel good don’t commit suicide. So by sharing what we’ve been calling “loving what arises,” we can really make a difference with the suicide rate. And understanding the energetic reality of even the lowest of low feelings is huge. It’s energy, and it wants to move; it has to move. And when we’re loving the one in pain and knowing about the raw energetic nature of pain, moving turns into leaving. So it’s always temporary, even when it seems like it’s been around for so long. And as we love the parts of ourselves that hurt, they heal, one by one. And after a while there are no more to heal. But well before that, you’re living an amazing life that’s miles and miles away from suicide. Hells yes.

My dream is that this stuff makes its way into our educational system at some point, because that would really make a dent in the suicide rate. And who knows, maybe I’ll play a role in that someday. Corporate America could use this information as well – big time – and that’s also something that I’m thinking about. Let’s spread the word. So share this with anyone that could use it! Suicide is said to be a permanent solution to a temporary problem. But it’s not even a permanent solution, because my understanding is that the unresolved pain goes with the soul to the next place they go. It’s all good, though, because they’ll either work it out there or they’ll come back here to work it out. It’ll get worked out either way, and there will eventually be a happy ending; I know that.

But we’re here now, so screw it, let’s do the work and get on with it. Let’s get on with it, right here and right now. And the things we talk about here at A Clean Mind really are powerful and they really are answers to suicide. How you feel comes from how you feel about yourself. How you feel comes from how you feel about yourself, and it’s my honor to help people see how innocent they truly are. To help people see that earth ain’t easy, and that they actually have been doing their best this whole time. Yes, my best has sucked before, too. It can take some time to get this and there can be some growing pains, but the truth is the truth. And the truth is good. And the truth is YOU. So hang in there, give this some time and practice, and as always, let me know if I can help.

A Super Powerful Doorway Into Self-Love: “I’m Sorry”

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Okay folks, I’m excited – because this can be really, really powerful. You see, sometimes “I love you” isn’t what our heart wants to hear for whatever reason. It could be that due to something from the past, those words are attached to a feeling that’s not very good. Sometimes people have said “I love you” before or after hurting us, for instance, leaving us confused. Or it could just be that you’re new to this whole self-love thing, this whole “be super nice to yourself” thing, and your innocence, your inner child, doesn’t believe you yet when you say “I love you.” And no worries, by the way, because it will eventually believe you and will relish those words! Keep showing up and it’ll absolutely shift, and it doesn’t take forever. But in these cases, we might need something that’s better equipped to get our foot in the door. And that’s where “I’m sorry” comes into play.

NOTE: If the words “I’m sorry” are attached to something that’s not good, then of course disregard. There’s always something that your heart yearns to hear, though. Just ask it. I’d also read (or listen to) Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn and see the “personal love statement.” It’s tailor-made just for your heart in any moment. Because you’re the one that comes up with it! Back to the story…

“I’m sorry” is what we can tell our heart for anything that was difficult to survive. It could be big or small. It could be old or new. It could be something for which you are responsible, or it could be something with which you had nothing to do at all. “I’m sorry” is just an amazing way to give our heart the loving attention it needs, for anything that was tough to deal with, tough to survive. And it feels amazing! It feels honest. It feels powerful. It feels simple. It feels good.

I had a tough experience at boarding school when I was sixteen years old, for instance, an experience of rejection and loneliness for which I was not at all prepared. It was part of my path, of course, to experience this. And at times it really, really sucked! It was also my first “spiritual awakening,” by the way – pain and awakening often go hand in hand in this day and age, and beings like us are actually here to help humanity evolve to a point where pain is no longer necessary for growth. Anyway, this was the first thing that popped in my mind when I heard about “I’m sorry.” So I just told that sixteen-year-old, “I’m sorry you had to experience that, I’m so sorry. I know that was really painful. You did not deserve that. I’m sorry.” And my heart just opened up and melted.

gave a talk last night and we closed our eyes and did this. I guided the folks there through something like, “I’m sorry for anything you’ve had to experience that was difficult [breathing love into the heart]. Anything at all [breathe it in]. Whether I was responsible or not, I’m sorry [breathe it in]. I’m so sorry [breathe it in]. You didn’t deserve that [breathe it in]. I’m here for you now, and I’ll always be here for you [breathe it in].” Very powerful!

So there you go, folks, the practice of “I’m sorry.” Give it a shot anytime, anyplace, and maybe you’ll feel a melting, a warmth, a comfort, a strength, an opening, a feeling of safety and security. If not, no worries – your heart might be a bit angry or suspicious if you’ve never really done this. That’s how it was for me the first time I told my heart “I love you,” that’s for sure! I started crying because it was super obvious that I had NEVER done anything remotely close to that. So I was honest with my heart, telling it, “I”m sorry, but I had no idea. Nobody’s ever told me to do this and I’ve never thought to do it naturally. But I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere. And I’m going to love you in whatever way you need me to. So please teach me, and I understand if you’re mad. Be as mad as you need to be, and I’m not going anywhere.” So cool! So give it a shot if you feel too. And know that your heart knows exactly what it needs to hear. And know that this practice can CHANGE YOU FAST. For real… Happy practicing, and as always, let me know if I can help.

Talk This Friday!

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Hi folks, I’ll be giving this new talk for the fourth time this Friday at Breathe Yoga in Pensacola, Scenic location, from 7-8:30. And so far they’ve rocked! And it’s never occurred to me that I should obviously advertise them here at the very place where I write about this stuff. Because some people aren’t on Facebook, and they don’t have to be!

It’s a talk about exactly what we write about here, so it’s nothing new. Wait, actually there is new stuff. If you’re empathic or energetically sensitive then there’s some life changing stuff. And I haven’t figured out how to talk about it here yet, as I’ve been expanding the woo-woo factor on this blog. Because hey, it’s totally a woo-woo universe; just check out quantum physics. So there’s that.

So come on, I’d love to see you there. And it’s a small, intimate space, so get your tickets here if you’re interested. Peace out 🙂

Seriously, Folks, The Emotional/Energetic Piece Is Huge!

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You know by now that our one-two punch is loving what arises and understanding that the intelligent universe is orchestrating everything on purpose to constantly move us into our best version of divinity in form. Over time, this process chips away at our rough edges, smooths them out, and polishes us up to be brighter than we thought was even possible. So when we’re triggered, it’s generally an intentional set-up to heal and clear the past. And knowing this is a freaking game changer! We heal and clear the past by asking right away (when we’re triggered), “How is this here to help me?” And of course we give love to any past version of ourself that needs it. Because that’s exactly who is showing up now. And when it finally gets the loving attention it’s been needing for all these years, it melts back into our heart, all healed. And in this way we become more whole and complete than ever.

That leaves the feeling that’s still lingering in your body, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Because the raw emotional/energetic component of the healing journey is huge! And it’s crucial to understand this, because your mind has no role to play; it gets to rest. As someone that’s naturally super mental, I’m getting this more and more. Just love the one in pain and let the Energetic Vacuum Cleaner (EVC) do its job. Done. By loving what arises, we heal. And by letting the EVC do its thing as we just go on about our day, our energy field gets cleared. And again, your mind has nothing to do, nothing to fix! The feeling of pain or anger or sadness or whatever IS the fix, because it’s leaving. It just takes time. So cool. When we don’t get this, though, the mind constantly goes into overdrive to figure out how to make the pain go away. But it IS going away! Just love your heart, CTFO, and let the EVC do its job. And you’ll start feel better and better. In fact, you can even say, “Yay me!” because you’re getting cleared out. And you’re clearing some emotional debris off the planet as well, because it’s always about “we” and not just “me.” So it’s a big deal. Yay.

So let’s talk about a really amazing example of this. I recently caught up with a friend that I’ve worked with a bunch to help clear out her past. We did great work together, doing EMDR in her case, and it was effective week after week. When she’d come in, it would be like, “What’s next?” And whatever it was, we’d “go there” and clear it. And next? And next after that? And next after that? Wash, rinse, repeat. It was really cool to be a part of, going through her whole life, one thing at a time that she felt she was ready to face and release.

When we came to the end of our work, she was feeling stronger, better, and more clear than ever. Anxiety and depression seemed to be relics from the past, and it was a joy for me to witness this transformation. Then a some time later, she felt it was time to move back to her hometown. This was also when I stopped taking her Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance (because those insane bastards drastically and recklessly slashed our rates in this age of constant suicide and school shootings), so the timing was perfect. I just love a good synchronicity… So she moved back, and this is the tale of what happened in the next four months after that. Because it’s pretty cool, and very educational. And in only four months! It probably seemed like forever to her, but that’s not long at all when you really think about it. And now that she’s on the other side and sees the big picture, feeling better than ever, she can have gratitude for everything that happened.

Again, let’s mention again the emotional, energetic component of the human adventure. Because it’s so important to understand. We all have old emotional debris in our energy fields that we’re carrying around, and the intelligent universe triggers us intentionally so we can release that stuff. It’s the EVC. So to really hammer it home, when we’re triggered, it’s generally not about the present at all. The present trigger is actually a gift! It’s literally a setup of the universe to help clear that old sludge from your field, making room for more light. So the one triggering you is assisting you on your healing journey. Read that again… And this is exactly what happened to my friend, with three major things getting triggered and thus cleared in fairly rapid succession. Major, major life things! Amazing.

Shortly after moving home, her uncle died. She was able to be there and reconnect with him, and this was very important. The reason is that he was her dad’s brother, and this experience helped her to emotionally resolve some stuff she was still carrying related to her dad’s passing years ago. As I’ve said before regarding triggers, it often goes like this: Something happens in the present and you’re having an extra big emotional reaction, maybe more than you’d expect. That’s because those emotions are literally from the past, and they’re coming to the surface to be released (in addition to whatever emotion is coming from the present situation – the double whammy!). So just breathe, love the one in pain, and let the emotional/energetic purge happen. Really powerful. Nothing to analyze or fix. In fact, this IS the fix! To clear space for more soul/light to inhabit your body. Yay.

Another thing that happened was that a good friend of hers died around the same time. This friend was older than her and was like a mother figure. I knew the friend just a little bit, and I could tell how beloved she was by those that knew her. When she died, my friend was literally there with her. She wasn’t able to be present with her own mother’s passing from years ago, so this served to help heal that. Remember, it’s the EVC in action.

The third huge thing involved a nightmare, psycho roommate. Now, I really do say this with respect. I don’t know this person’s story, but I do know that she has work to do. Because she ended up trying to manipulate my trusting friend into some shady stuff that would’ve made my friend take on debt that she had nothing to do with. I don’t think they even knew each other before they lived together, in fact. Not okay! Someone else had to point out to my friend that she was seriously being taken advantage of. So it got resolved and my friend got out of there. But what it triggered was her divorce and moving from her house under ugly, painful circumstances. Cue up the EVC, part three!

So in four short months, the emotional debris she was carrying in the cells of her body from three major life events – her dad’s death, her mom’s death, and her divorce – was all cleared out. In four months. Isn’t that cool, y’all?? Isn’t it useful to see through the soul’s eyes and understand what’s happening, in real time or at least shortly thereafter? To ask in the midst of things, “How is this here to help me?” Rather than thinking the universe hates you and you can’t handle life. Huge difference, people!! And that’s what this “work” is all about. I say “work” with the quotes because the more you’re rooted in the rules of the game, the more exciting and less sucky it gets. Because you know you’re healing and becoming your best self ever, and this process never ends. Thankfully, it gets less painful the more you’re cleared out. And sometime in the process, the pain isn’t even as much of a big deal (nothing like it used to be, anyway). Really cool.

So I’m thankful that my friend was more than happy to let me tell this tale, because she’s all about helping people with her story, like I am. And as I was listening, I was seeing from a zoomed out perspective and thinking, “This is amazing!” And I asked how long it took for these three huge things to be cleared out. And when she said four months, I was just floored. Thank you, universe, thank you very much. We did the work we had to do, and then the universe set things up perfectly to clear out the rest. But no “work” had to be done – just let the remaining energies be vacuumed out. And if there’s more then bring it on. No mercy on me. Trigger me all you want, universe, because I want to be the most clear and polished version of myself that I can be, which is an expression of divinity in form. So it’s kind of a big deal… And that’s true for you as well, and for anyone else that’s in a human body. And this whole “heaven to earth” thing that we’re doing, raising the vibration of a planet, ain’t easy. So we have great respect for the mission at hand. Anyway, great talk today, learning to love ourselves through the emotional purges that Life leads us on. And the mind just gets to rest. So happy resting, and as always, let me know if I can help!