Happy Easter 2018, Part 2

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Am I the only one that loves smashing avocados with a fork? I’m at one of my many regular coffee shops, because I’m fairly extroverted and often like being around people, at least to start the day. I like the vibrancy of these places (plus the coffee). So I’m here having breakfast and writing this. Anyway, there’s something about smashing the avocado, so smooth and satisfying. Unless it’s not quite ripe and is a bit hard, and they’re selling it to you anyway (a delicious egg scramble in this case with jack cheese, tomato, and avocado – yum).

So why would we start an Easter post by talking about the pleasure and enjoyment of smashing avocados with a fork? To keep things light and smooth. When we’re relaxed, we can absorb things better. We can discern better. We can think more clearly. We can feel things out more. And it’s important to feel out whether or not things resonate, because the body knows. Sometimes we have beliefs that we think are true, because we’ve been taught to believe them. But if we’re more relaxed, we might detect that that might not actually be the case, and that something else might actually ring truer. And that’s all okay.

I’m writing this to clarify and simply my original Easter post from a week ago and to make something really clear. So this is a zoom out, simplify, big picture sort of thing. In pointing out that you’re an amazing, infinite, eternal, and innocent soul that’s temporarily making its home in a body on a planet – and not just some imperfect thing that’s going to die someday – all we’re really doing is owning the biblical phrase, “made in God’s image.” For real. Here and now. No more playing small. Bam!

You see, “made in God’s image” is either true or it’s false. True. Or. False. The vast and extensive near death research says it’s clearly true. The Bible says it’s true. I’m sure the other religious texts say it’s true. Those that have had direct spiritual awakenings say it’s true. Those that have had out of body experiences say it’s true. And science says that the entire universe is this vast, connected see of energy with no walls or borders. So you are literally the entire universe (what???), which kind of feels like the same thing… So it sounds like any reasonable person would take it to be true, at least by a 51-49 margin. So let’s go with that and then own it! And see how life turns out. Try it for a month and see, and I’ll even give you a money-back guarantee. I mean, what do you have to lose?

So if this is true, and it should be for Christians since it’s in the Bible, then why on earth does so much of Chritianity have this lowly sinner stuff?? That’s insane! So all I’m doing with this work, and a post like the Easter post, is pointing this out. If “made in God’s image” is true, then you are amazing. And your primary issue has been identity confusion. And the stuff we learn and practice here at A Clean Mind is the best way I know to steer us back to what we already are (and could never not be). And as this work shifts, which it has a ton since last summer – and since January! – it gets more direct, more powerful. And actually more simple. The sign of the super intelligent Divine? It sure feels like it…

The other thing that carries the same message, and that we’re finally owning, is “greater works than these you shall do.” Jesus said that. Big words, coming from such a spiritual badass (which is true regardless of your orientation). Did he really say that? Have you really thought about that and let it sink in?? Greater works than these YOU shall do!” Me?? Wow. I mean, wow. Folks, that just does not resonate with lowly, guilty sinner. There are no damn sinners. The Pope even recently said there’s no Hell, so some of these beliefs are shifting. Thank God for this guy. I just hope he stays alive long enough to continue to shift some more of this outdated smallness stuff, seriously. So far, so good. Thank you, brother, thank you.

“Greater works than these you shall do.” As with “made in God’s image,” this is either true or it’s false. True. Or. False. Let’s say you believe it’s true. Then why on earth is it taking so long? Two thousand years tells me that something is way, way off. And feel free to laugh! Because it’s true. Maybe it’s because we’re stuck in this small identity confusion stuff. Maybe it’s because we’re not owning what we are. If you’re destined to do greater works, then that means you are a Christ, period. Remember from the first Easter post that Christ means “anointed one.” And an amazing creator doesn’t create crappy stuff; it’s all anointed. It has to be. So that’s you. Here. Now. Yay.

So there we go, folks, I just wanted to bring in this point to simplify the message: that all we’re really doing is owning “made in God’s image.” And the stuff that I share here is the best way I know to get you there. It’s the gentlest, too. I’ve done some harsher methods, and they didn’t resonate with me. They do for some, though, so if that’s you then do it. What we’re doing here is loving what arises and then understanding that the universe puts us in the situations we need to grow; that’s our one-two punch. And over time, life gets less scary and confusing, and more miraculous.

It’s not always fun, and please know that I have absolutely no idea why super awful stuff happens. I’ll let you know when I know. But you CAN heal from it, that’s my promise, and that’s a fact. Because what you are is the soul, the breath, the Christ, the anointed one, the chosen one; all of us are. So as you’ve healed from that stuff that you didn’t deserve and clear it out of your field, you’re really ready to take off with this one-two punch. And as we learn to just burn when we’re not feeling good and we begin to understand that space is actually getting carved out to make room for more light and soul to enter, we see it all differently. And it rocks us way less, because of course we’re loving the one inside that’s not happy. We’re letting our heart know that we’re right here with it, so it’s not alone, it’s never alone. And this is the journey that we’re on. And I’m on it, too, right here with you. Gently practice this for the rest of this year and you’ll be amazed when 2019 starts. Amazed. And you’ll see the you that’s reading this now as someone you used to know. Someone that was doing the best s/he could do at the time. And you’ll be very, very pleased with where you’ve headed and where you’re heading. Very pleased. Wow.

So happy Easter, and I honor the Christ in you that is rising, and that cannot be stopped. And it doesn’t have to take 2000 more years! Things are quickening, so just find your breath and stay with it. And as always, I’m here to help if I can. Now go eat your Cadbury cream egg or huge chocolate Easter bunny or whatever it is that you like. Enjoy!

The Saviors Are Here!

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Everybody is pretty much tired of school shootings and massacres. And in the brief time since I first started writing this post, we’ve had the Austin bombings. And another school shooting in Maryland. In a matter of weeks! I mean, what is wrong with us??? I guess I’d better start cranking these things out faster. It seems pretty obvious that we’ve been in a major transition time on earth for a while now, and it’s been accelerating, a really big shakeout. There’s the old way and there’s the new way. There’s the past and there’s the future. It’s all about consciousness rising (see the recent Easter post), so the movement is from fear to love. And another really powerful way to look at it is as a movement from “me” to “we.” These are major, major changes – MAJOR! – and the old way is not happy about it. And I totally understand that, because who wants to feel threatened? Who wants to feel that their way is wrong? So there’s lots of anger and fear, and understandably so. Who wants their way of life, the only way they know and feel comfortable, to be taken from them?

So yes, we’re seeing lots of crazy things happening like terrorist attacks, mass shootings, bombings, etc. I don’t like them, and I don’t want them to happen anymore, not even once more. But since they’re happening, we might as well see the bigger picture, the bigger purpose (and please know that I’m just the messenger). A hurricane isn’t very fun, to say the least (I’m a native Floridian), but at the end of the day it clears out a ton of old stuff to make room for new growth. And that’s exactly what’s happening now. And whether you like it or not, it can’t be stopped; it’s just too big, like a tidal wave. It’s universal destiny, actually. This is a very long-term movement, of course, but it’s definitely happening and it’s definitely unstoppable. And if you ever question that, then just take a look at the younger generation. Because every election cycle, more and more of them vote (and replace those that die). And they’re not very impressed with the way the world has been operating. Not very impressed? Major understatement…

So let’s talk about the recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, FL, because things sure are getting interesting. Have you been paying attention to these students? They are amazing! I’m totally in awe. I mean, millennials (at least the guys) have the hardest time showing up to my appointments on time, but I’ve always felt like they’re just different and that they’re going to change the world. Sometimes I want to shake them and ask, “Do you use an alarm clock? Do you have a calendar? How do you function?? What’s wrong with you?!” But still, I’ve had a feeling they’re going to change the world somehow.

So when I recently read about the survivors in Parkland and the bold (and very true) things they’ve been saying, I knew that this change was more real and under way than I’d thought. I don’t expect it to be quick and I don’t expect it to be smooth – it’ll most likely be pretty slow and ugly, as it already has been, and it’s likely to get much worse before it gets better – but the change is real, it’s here, and it ain’t going anywhere. So let me share some of what they’ve been saying that’s gotten me so fired up. Because they’re saying out loud – very loud, in fact – what SO many of us have been thinking.

I saw a video of two of them on Bill Maher and then I read an article on the news app on my phone, and that’s where I saw this stuff. Also note that my focus is simply on what the survivors have been saying rather than on anything political (since this has been ridiculously politicized, as is everything these days). So I’m not interested in whether the sources (Maher or Vox, where the article came from – and which I’d never even heard of before) are left or right; it’s just what I clicked on the news app (I wanted to provide the links, though). Just pay attention to the attitudes of these younger folks, because it’s different, very different. And I can’t wait for them to destroy all the relics of our current world that aren’t cutting it, like all the greed and corruption. I’m tired of it! And I know so many of you are, too.

One thing that I really love is the lack of automatic respect for politicians. You have to earn it first. And I wouldn’t say that unless politics had gotten THAT bad. But it has. Extreme situations can call for extreme measures, folks, and the kids are right – these people have been doing a terrible, miserable job for many years now. In talking about a planned march in Washington, one of them said, “We want Americans to stop being afraid of demanding our politicians to take action. They work for us; we don’t work for them. The March for Our Lives is us coming out and saying to our employees, ‘You guys suck at your job.’ ” That was Cameron Kasky, age 17. “Our employees?” “You suck at your job?” Did he really say that?? Hahaha yes, brother!! 

Another thing that I loved was how Kasky closed the Maher piece: “I mean this sincerely, I really do, to all the generations before us: we sincerely accept your apology,” he said. “We appreciate that you are willing to let us rebuild the world that you f—ed up.” Thank you, young brother! Wow, this dude does not play. Because that attitude is what it’s going to take to change this Titanic of a system that has run its course and is now utterly failing in so many important ways. One more thing that he tweeted is this, and I love it: “They messed with the wrong school. Douglas is a school filled with thousands of leaders. Leaders who know that despite what happened, we’re lucky we go to Douglas. Leaders who take action the right way. Leaders who will rebuild the world that failed us.” Wow! This is amazing.

Another aspect to this that I love – because this one is big – is how they’re calling out our rigged system of buying politicians and getting favors in return, regardless of whether the politicians’ constituents are in alignment with the favor. You know the deal. It’s part of the old way and it surely won’t survive in the new way. So why wait? Let’s start to change it now… Sarah Chadwick, 16, is another one of the survivors that’s been pretty vicious about this on Twitter. And viral. Some of these survivors have a large number of followers now, meaning that they have a very large reach. Chadwick has been particularly direct with both President Trump and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, as well as with the head of the National Rifle Association (NRA). And, by the way, they don’t want to get rid of the Second Amendment; let’s just be more reasonable with gun laws (and polls show that the majority of Americans agree). One tweet that I loved was, “We should change the names of AR-15s to “Marco Rubio” because they are so easy to buy.” Wow, did she really say that?? She’s not mincing words, and it’s very funny, too… But the sad thing is that she’s totally right. And it’s not just Rubio at all; it’s almost all of them. This is getting to the heart of the problem with our political system, and these kids are looking at it, in all of its spectacular brokenness, and saying WTF?? We’re watching a modern day version of The Emperor’s New Clothes that’s happening right in front of our eyes. Go millennials, because you are right! Let’s just start changing this thing now, because it’s inevitable.

So a message to any individual or institution that wants to survive: get with the new program! We’re moving from “me” to “we,” and it doesn’t have to happen all at once; in fact, it can’t happen all at once. But it’s time to start moving in the right direction. We’re moving in the direction of the win-win, where companies and individuals can make money and have awesome lives, but it can no longer be at the expense of others, at least not nearly to the degree that it has been. Just dial it back a bit to start. If you make money by screwing other people over in some way, then the new world is not going to support that. Just saying. The time to shift is now. And I just wanted to share some of my excitement about these Parkland survivors and what they’re saying and doing. They’re brash and they’re bold, but unfortunately that’s what it takes since we’ve gotten to this super low level. So I love them for that, even if they can’t show up to an appointment on time (but that might just be the guys – get with it, guys!). Anyway, we’ll see how this all shakes out, and while it’ll probably get ugly, it’s still pretty exciting. So buckle up, and let’s see where this thing goes.

P.S. The March For Our Lives mentioned above was just this past weekend, and it was huge. It was in almost 900 cities, across the world. Some say it was the biggest planned march since the Vietnam era. This isn’t going anywhere. I’m telling you, though – love and consciousness are behind the whole thing, pushing it forward. That might make it less scary. So again, let’s buckle up and see where this thing goes. And vote! Because these kids sure seem like they’re going to.

Another Easter Post – About YOU!

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Hello 🙂 Before we get started, I wrote the Easter Post, Part 2 a week after this one to really simplify and clarify things, so definitely check that out if you feel to, maybe even first. They just came out in this order… Okay, enjoy!

I wrote about the current meaning of Easter two years ago, but this message bears repeating as often as possible. I guess I was slacking last year at this time… And yes, this post will basically be putting lots of what we talk about here at A Clean Mind, especially recently, into Christian language. If you’re not cool with that or if it triggers a past negative experience with religion (like many of my clients), then all good. You can either use this as an opportunity to look beyond the words to what they’re pointing to – which is beyond any particular path or way – or you can just move on. All good! It’s pretty cool stuff, though, so I’d definitely check it out. Fascinating. And why let mere words get in the way? After all, they’re just words, just symbols. Always go beyond the words, if you want peace. Here we go…

To most people, Easter is about something that happened a long time ago, the resurrection of Jesus. But we’ve been there and done that for long enough. For anyone that might be caught dead reading a blog like this, it’s actually about something that’s happening now – the resurrection of the soul in you! In every breath. You know the burning that we’ve been talking about recently? That’s the crucifixion of the ego. And as this process unfolds over time, what happens? The resurrection of the soul. Your soul, in you, right here, right now. So we have a deeper meaning for the crucifixion and the resurrection. Isn’t that cool?? I sure think so.

Many of my readers will feel a lovely spaciousness as they read this, a reminder of what they know deep down to be true. And if you’re triggered, then that’s fine! Just remember the perfection of the universe regarding timing, so it’s no accident that the universe has you in this situation now. Just take a deep breath, loving what arises. And be “gently curious” about what this feeling is communicating to you. I know that when I got into the deeper stuff many years ago, I quickly developed a massive spiritual ego (which is finally in the process of unraveling, thankfully). I would get triggered all the time, feeling the need to defend what I thought to be true. This is very common in religion, too, obviously (wars, anyone?). At some point it hit me, “Why does the truth need Ashley to defend it?” I mean seriously, that’s ridiculous. And then I realized, “How on earth do I really, really know what’s true and what’s not true??” That’s pretty ridiculous, too! Because at the end of the day, I have no clue. All I know is that I am, I exist, and that’s about it. I don’t even know exactly what the “I” is, but it keeps getting more awesome the less I try to know about it. It’s all so much simpler this way. And by the way, Jesus said to be like a child to enter the Kingdom. Does a child know anything? Nope. Very interesting… But here’s the deal, even if we feel the need to defend our beliefs, it’s all okay. It’s all innocent! Nobody is doing anything wrong. We’re all doing our best, and this is what it looks like. Good stuff…

So let’s get back to our reminder of what this Easter stuff is really all about. Honoring the past is fine, but there must be more to it by now. Don’t you think that an infinite creator would agree? Many Christians seem to focus a lot more on the crucifixion than the resurrection. What a downer. In fact, I’ve said for years let’s get rid of the image of the crucifix altogether. Burn that sucker down. Don’t you think that over two thousand years of a super depressing image is enough? I can assure you that Jesus would say, “Why do you all keep that horrid thing around so much?? Death isn’t real, and that was one of the main points of the demonstration that I did (the crucifixion). So let’s celebrate the Life, people! Get with the program!” And we’re talking about the Life that’s in you now, wanting to come out and play more and more.

P.S. My understanding is that the other main point of the crucifixion was to demonstrate that one (One?) can still be loving under even the worst of circumstances. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” While nailed to a freaking cross. I’m definitely not saying that I’m up for that, nor do any of us need to be, but his point was to show that it was possible. Just a thought, anyway, take it or leave it. Very interesting, though. That plus showing that death is NOT real. Kind of extreme, I know, but apparently Jesus was a pretty extreme dude. Maybe he was an adrenalin junkie. And I’m pretty sure he has a sense of humor, too! So our humor here is absolutely fine. And if I end up having to push a rock up a hill for eternity for saying all of this, I’m fine with that. But that ain’t happening. Back to the story…

Let’s take it a step further. How about the resurrection of the real you, the soul, in each breath? This happens when you just sort of go blank. We can quit thinking so much, just for a few seconds, more often. I always tell my clients to just breathe and be dumb for a few seconds. Breathe and be dumb and drool. As you get used to this, your body will relax, and if you need any insight or inspired thinking, then it can just pop right in. And in that moment, you’re being more like the soul. Wash, rinse, repeat. And of course the universe will trigger you and then you’ll gently practice loving what arises and you’ll just let it burn. We’re starting to figure out this crazy video game, folks! Slowly but surely…

Here’s something else that’s cool. The word “christ” comes from the Greek word “christos,” which means “anointed one” or “chosen one.” But if whatever created this whole thing is so smart and amazing and powerful (and the vast near death research definitely supports that), then isn’t that all it would create? I mean, would it make some things awesome and some things crappy, or would everything be super awesome? That makes much more sense to me, and it feels right. And the near death research says YES! I know many folks that have had that experience, and they sure haven’t found small or broken on the other side. Nope, just one kind: the best kind. Infinite, eternal… and innocent.

This means that YOU are the Christ! Meaning simply that you are a soul animating a body rather than just the body, an amazing meat suit that’s going to die. You are the breath, or the consciousness (I AM), that makes the physical body come to life. Remember that there is no death, just death of the physical body. When you take the last breath in that body, you’ll take your next breath in a soul or light body. So the breath never stops. So the message is that Easter is all about the awakening, or resurrection, of the Christ in you. Yay. (I’m really digging this “Yay” followed by a period, by the way – it’s my new favorite thing).

You see, we have this thing called evolution. Things grow and evolve and get better, and this process seems to be never-ending. So you can think of the first coming of Christ two thousand years ago as when the All (aka “God” or All That Is) awoke in one person (Jesus). But why repeat that? Let’s make it better! That’s what infinite creators do. So the second coming will be when the true Oneness of our reality – the truth that we are actually infinite, badass souls that are loved unconditionally, always – awakens in ALL people. Wow. So first, the All awakens in One. And then later, after lots of growth and change and evolution, the One awakens in All. Now we’re talking! That’s what the second coming is all about, and this process is happening right now (especially when you read stuff like this). So cool.

Finally, let’s remember that there’s no time frame, no pressure. This new spiritual paradigm that we’re in is all about first relaxing and understanding that you’re exactly who you’re supposed to be and exactly where you’re supposed to be. Because the universe is so smart that if you were supposed to be different, then you would be. No pressure. So we don’t have to do so much damn work anymore! That’s the moving finish line that I’ve mentioned a bunch, and which I had BAD. For years and years. Not fun. So I celebrate the awakening of the Christ in you! It’s happening, folks, and this is what it looks like. Exactly this. Whoever you are, wherever you are, however you are. It’s not an accident, it’s not a mistake. Because the universe is too smart. Happy Easter.

You Don’t Have To Like It To Love It

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We talk a lot here about loving what arises, which has become the cornerstone of my work and of my life. And it’s becoming the cornerstone of the lives of many of you and others across the world as well. I learned all this from Matt Kahn, for whom I am very grateful. A super cool dude. And I’m going to see him again in a month, woohoo! The massive man crush persists…

Today I’d like to emphasize a really important point, and it’s that we don’t have to like something to love it. When things arise in you that you don’t like, such as fear or shame or jealousy, you’re really just being an open space for it. “Oh, you’re here. Okay, you can be here (since you’re already here).”

To me it’s like I sort of open my heart and chest area and allow that feeling to be there, no big deal. Just be an open space for it and go on about your day. “Open space,” I like that. When you keep doing this, it’s like you’re letting those energies come up into the light where they can eventually dissolve, leaving you feeling more and more spacious. And the good stuff can fill you up more and more, which it will, automatically. It’s pretty cool. Of course it might feel like a burn for a little while (or a long while, depending on how major it is), so you just let it burn. Notice that we’re not engaging this stuff with our thinking mind too much, because that generally just makes things worse.

Something else I wanted to share is a great analogy for loving without necessarily liking. Think of a young child that’s having a meltdown. Like, a really bad meltdown. At the worst time. In the worst place. The grocery store, the library, church, the office, a relative’s house, you get the idea. As you leave your basket full of groceries that haven’t been paid for yet and rush to the car to go home – because it’s that bad – you might not really like the child a whole lot. But you don’t love her/him any less. And when the tantrum passes, as they always do, and you like the child’s behavior again, you don’t love her/him any more. Does that make sense?

A final thing that helps, and we’ve definitely mentioned this before, is to connect the feeling to a younger innocent version of you. The inner child. A little kid or a baby. I don’t love fear, but a scared little boy gets a damn hug! I don’t love jealousy, but an insecure little dude gets a damn hug! So that’s been helpful, too.

Anyway, just a few thoughts to help us deepen on this journey of loving what arises. We’re wielding the strongest stuff in the universe, love, on a moment to moment basis to heal all the holes in our heart. One at a time. And sure enough, they get healed. And the intelligent universe puts us in the perfect situations at the perfect times to give us the opportunities that we need. And after a while, we start to embrace it. So cool. And yay, a short blog post again!! I could get used to this… Peace out 🙂

The Burn

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I’ve talked about The Burn a good bit lately, but I wanted to have a separate post for other posts to link to, since it’s becoming so fundamental to our journey. So please accept my apologies if this is redundant. But it’s very important! And it can save you lots of time and pain. Plus, this is one of my shortest blogs posts ever…

The burn is basically just surrendering to the fire when you’re triggered and letting it have its way with you. But you’re not acting out or anything, like smashing windows and yelling and screaming. You’re just breathing. Something happens that you don’t like, and a part of you is shouting “NO” to the universe. “I don’t like this. This sucks. This isn’t okay. I’m not okay with this.” Sound familiar? It sure does to me. It could be something major or it could just be something minor, like you’re running late and there’s a slow driver in the left lane. And they don’t seem to understand the one rule of the road, that the left lane is for passing!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE DAMN PEOPLE, DON’T THEY KNOW?!?! Whoa, rant narrowly averted… I’m cool… I’m good… [deep breathing] Back to the story…

When things happen that you don’t like, or even if you’re experiencing major anxiety, see if it feels like a part of you is on fire. Or maybe it feels like a cringe, that’s the same thing. Now think of this as your ego unraveling (because that’s actually what it is). It’s something that you no longer need, and the universe triggered it so it’ll burn away. And when the stuff we no longer need is gone, there’s more space for the soul to inhabit the body. Yay. I know, that should have an exclamation point. Yay! I think “yay” with a period is pretty funny, though. And speaking of using different punctuation, try putting an exclamation point where a question mark should go sometime. Like in a serious text in which an exclamation point is just not appropriate at all. It’s pretty funny. Back to the story again…

The small stuff is really the place to start, so that you can master this and be less rocked when the big stuff goes down. Like wanting a traffic light to stay or turn green. Or a car to go faster. Or the urge to check your phone when you hear it beep to see who texted you. Just notice the feeling in your body, if there is one. And take a breath and open. And then check your phone. That’s all I’m talking about. That urge usually comes with a feeling, and it’s interesting to get to know it, and to get to know how quickly it can pass. I have people do this with just about anything. The smart phone, in fact, is the perfect place to practice. Most people these days habitually do things to pass the time, like playing a game or checking social media or sports or the news or whatever it might be. Just take that breath and open your body first, so that you’re doing the same thing but with an open, relaxed body. No big deal, only takes a second. You might be amazed at how these energies arise and then clear out; it’s kind of freaky! And the more you live this way, the less stuff will build up that you end up carrying around. Way less stress. Yay.

Notice that when we’re triggered or cringing or burning, we’re not trying too hard to figure out why we feel the way we do. The more you just align with the breath and don’t try, the more a reason will just pop in your head if you even need one. Else it’s just another layer of ego unraveling. Bye bye, good buddy! Bye bye good buddy? Bye bye good buddy. Just kidding… Put your hand on your heart if you feel to and take a deep breath. This sort of tells the burning one inside, “I know it hurts. It’s going to be okay, though. Just stay with it.” Then just go on about your day. You’re surrendering to the fire and letting it burn off anything that you no longer need, and the miracle is that when you do this, it often passes more quickly than you’d think. When you get in your head, though, or try to fix it and make it go away, it ends up being much worse. The burn actually is the fix! Read that again… The burn is the fix. Because stuff that no longer serves you is leaving. Think about that, because that’s the key to the whole thing. This will totally change your relationship with pain. Pain means that growth is happening. It’s so counter-intuitive, I know. But now we’re starting to view things from the soul’s eyes, finally! So there we go, happy burning to you. And as always, let me know if I can help.

The Essential Shift (To The Blame-Free Zone)

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In a recent post called Another Spilled Smoothie, we talked about an essential shift. And know up front that this shift is some of the most advanced stuff you can do as a human. Spiritually speaking, this is WAY more advanced than crazy health stuff yoga stuff, chakra stuff, energy stuff, or whatever else there is out there. And it’s so much more simple, too, so much less work. But it ain’t easy! So… what is this shift? It’s the shift from asking what is wrong (when you’re not happy with life) to asking what is right. It’s based on the fact that the universe is always moving us toward our highest growth, our highest evolution. And a great illustration of this is always the book The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer.

NOTE: As I said in the smoothie post, I do believe this to be a fact – that life is doing everything on purpose to facilitate our highest growth. But I definitely do not currently understand why super awful, traumatic things happen. That seems to be pretty extreme to me. I trust that this understanding will come in time, though. But the good news is that it’s possible to fully heal from the really bad stuff, and it’s my honor and privilege to be able to assist people in that healing. Once the healing has been done, they can turn their attention to what we’re talking about here and let life really unfold and thrive. Back to the story…

Say something happens that you don’t like. It could be that you’re mad at yourself, you’re mad at someone else, or you’re just unhappy with something that’s occurring in your life. You’re triggered. This shift moves us out of the old way, which asks, “What am I doing wrong?” or “What is someone (or something) else doing wrong?” And instead we ask, “How is life getting this right? What does the universe want me to get out of this?” Think about that for a moment. Can you see how different things might be if that’s how you approached life, all the time? And my understanding is that this is based on the fact – fact – about how life actually works. That things are always happening for you, not to you. And you don’t have to like it. After a while, though, you start to kind of like it; it’s wild how that works. And then it takes bigger and bigger stuff to really trigger you, until eventually anything in you that can be triggered has been burned away. Whoa.

Why is this shift so essential? Because it takes us from the ego’s point of view to the soul’s. Read that again. Breathe. Read again. Breathe. Let it sink in. This is big, folks!! Because the soul’s point of view is where you’ll start to find peace. FIND peace, not think about it or talk about it or want it. It’s actually your birthright! Amazing, but true…

This shift takes us out of blame, because thinking I did something wrong is blaming. Thinking someone else did something wrong is blaming. Thinking something else did something wrong is blaming. You’re not doing anything wrong if you’re in blame, but peace just isn’t going to be found there. It’s never about right or wrong, in fact; it’s just about what works for you, what leads you to more peace. So let’s try this on for size to see if it’s actually true. Instead of “get in the zone, AutoZone” from the AutoZone commercials, we’re getting in the zone, the blame-free zone. And we’re going to see how it feels over time. Try it for a month! I mean, do you really have anything to lose??

Another way to look at this is that it’s living in surrender. And that ain’t easy. Understanding surrender with the head is a snap, but owning it in the moment when your breakfast smoothie is dripping from your hair onto your favorite outfit, and you’re already in a rush with two kids in the car, is another matter entirely. It ain’t easy!

One thing that has helped me, and I think I’ve mentioned it before, is immediately saying the word “universe” and breathing deeply when something happens that I don’t like. The old way is to go right to the head when something bad happens, which only makes things worse. We bitch and blame, and it sure doesn’t make us feel any better. And it definitely doesn’t help us find a good solution. The voice in the head is basically trying to think and think until it figures out how to go back in time and not spill the smoothie. That’s. Not. Possible. By having a word to say right away, we can bypass that train wreck entirely. We give the voice in the head something to say: “universe.” And we breathe. And we might expound upon that one word if we feel to: “Apparently the universe thinks this is good for me.” Breathe. “And I don’t have to like it.” Breathe. “It’s okay to think this sucks.” Breathe. And now we’re in our wisdom and we can respond to the situation, if a response is appropriate at that time. Wow. Can you feel the difference, people??

Something to be aware of when you do this is “the burn.” I’ve talked about burning recently, like when Georgia lost to Alabama in the college football national championship game (A Football Game Helped Heal My Inner Child!). I wrote about how I surrendered to the fire, burning some old conditioning that I got as a very young child, before I even had a say in the matter. Conditioning that Alabama winning is the worst thing in the world. And I could feel it, so so so strong. That burn is nothing more than the unraveling of ego, the unraveling of what no longer serves you. And it makes room for more soul, more light, more love. So we’ve got that going for us…

The second you notice something happen that you don’t like and you stand strong and say “universe” (or “unraveling” or “burn” or whatever works for you), there’s a pretty good chance you’ll feel a burn. If so, let it burn. Breathe deeply and slowly say it again, and this new perspective will start to sink in. The burn will most likely last a fraction of the amount of time you think it will, and you’ll actually move through it and you’ll start to feel awesome. Why? Because it’s your body’s recognition that you’re onto something. You’re starting to see things through the soul’s eyes instead of through the ego’s, and the body is saying YES! Because it’s a big deal, a very big deal. This shift will totally change your relationship with the universe, as well as with yourself and with everyone and everything else. That’s why it’s so essential.

If living this way is hard or if it seems impossible, or if it feels like it’s taking forever, then just remember that’s fine and normal, because it ain’t easy. Living it ain’t easy. Seriously, this is the most advanced spiritual stuff on the planet; it’s not about doing lots of stuff that everybody thinks is super advanced. Those people usually have massive spiritual egos that need to burn. I know because I’ve been there and done that, and I’m mid-stream on the burning! So we have great respect for this shift. Also know that remembering is often the trickiest thing, so that’s why a tool like saying one simple word such as “universe” or “burn” can be a huge help. You can even write it down on a sticky note and have it in your car or somewhere at home. Or both. It’s amazing what a sticky note can do. After a while you won’t even need the help, because it’ll be second nature. And your life and your shifts will proceed at light speed from that point on. Life will be exciting rather than dangerous. And you’ll be living more and more in innocence, knowing that we’re all on this wild and crazy journey and nobody is really doing anything wrong. We’re all at some level developmentally (as a soul), and we’re doing our best here in this insane place. And life does certain things to us to help us grow. And as we learn the rules of the game, it starts to get smoother.

So there you go folks, the tale of The Essential Shift. This is cutting edge for me. Getting it in the head is nothing new, but living it more and more totally is. Because it ain’t easy! There’s a reason I keep saying it. So I invite you to get in the zone, the blame-free zone. See if more peace is found there. See if you feel that burn, but that you remind yourself that it’s ego unraveling, so it’s actually a very good thing. And your mind has nothing to do when it happens. It gets to relax! Which it’s absolutely terrible at doing… You just have to breathe deeply and love the one that’s afraid. Then ask, “How is life getting this right? What is life wanting me to shift?” And in an innocent way, too; we can go to guilt so quickly. But not anymore, that’s going the way of the dinosaur before long. So happy practicing, and as always, I’m here to help if I can.

Another Spilled Smoothie

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You might remember the tale of when I spilled my breakfast smoothie as I was rushing out the door to work (How To Spill A Smoothie). And despite some old, outdated thinking trying to creep in, it did not turn out to be “one of those days.” Unless “one of those days” means paddleboarding on your lunch break and having one of your closest dolphin encounters yet, including legit eye contact with one of them. Yes, prolonged eye contact, with a freaking dolphin. It was amazing.

So a client and friend came to see me, and she said she’d had her own spilled smoothie experience. She was still waiting for the dolphin eye contact, though, so I said that’ll come later… Anyway, it was a super cool experience, and she said it was okay to share it here if it might help others. I thought that it definitely could, because it illustrates how our energy and emotional fields can just be super full when we’ve had lots of stuff going on. And sometimes it’s like a big balloon that needs to be popped. Here we go…

So she was hustling to get in the car and off to work. Her “get to work” scene is much more involved than mine, though, because it involves… kids. Or kid? (I don’t remember the quantity). Either way, it’s more than the plant I have, which I water once a week. And it thrives. So I have the utmost respect for parents, in case you’ve ever wondered… So not only is she getting her kids ready, and herself, and the clock is ticking, and she has her favorite breakfast smoothie, but she was also super happy with how she looked that day. She was wearing one of her favorite outfits, and her hair looked especially great. She was glowing. And she set the smoothie on top of the car and forgot about it in the buzz of getting the kids settled in. And it spilled. All over her hair. And all over her favorite outfit. Have a great day!!

Amidst an eruption of tears, she got cleaned up, changed clothes, and got off. She got the kids to school and got herself to work, worried about a long day with no food. As she sat in her car in the parking lot at work, she started to feel funny. What on earth was happening? She realized she must be having a panic attack.

Note that panic attacks come in all flavors, shapes, and sizes. She was wise to see that’s what was happening, because many people think they’re having a heart attack or a stroke, so they go to the emergency room. And this is one of those times when I wish I’d written this up right after the session, because I checked my notes and I didn’t write down the details. But I do remember that her symptoms were pretty wild! Some panic attacks feel more like heart attacks, but this one sounded more like a stroke. Like maybe her vision got distorted, and there was tingling on one side of her body? Something that would make almost anyone freak out. I was proud of her, though, because she did her best to breathe and relax into it, enough so that she was able to get out of the car and walk into work. She saw a good friend that works with her and asked her to come to the break room. The friend saw that she was distraught and asked, “What happened, what’s going on?” “I spilled my smoothie!” she said, in between sobs. The friend was able to console her to some degree, and she was able to calm down and get to work. And the day turned out okay, although it was emotional. And maybe there will even be some dolphin eye contact another day. But do you know what? Even without the dolphins, I think this is a super cool story, and a rich one at that. Why?

The question is, why did the universe want that smoothie to spill? Because to give you a preview of where we’re going, we’re learning how to shift from what am I (or someone else) doing wrong to what is life doing right? We’re shifting from blaming ourselves or others for our predicament to asking how life is getting it right. Because it’s actually all happening for our highest growth, for our highest evolution. So what was the purpose of the spilled smoothie, and in spectacular fashion at that?

NOTE: I’ll be totally honest, I’m not sure how this applies to super awful, traumatic stuff. That seems unnecessary to me. You know that I do my best here to share exactly where I am with my understanding of how things work. After all, we’re all on this strange journey together. So I imagine that I’ll understand how the big traumatic stuff fits in when it’s time for me to understand that. Actually, I’m going to another Matt Kahn retreat in Portland in April, so maybe I’ll have the chance to ask him. Because that sure is a reasonable question. For now, though, it definitely makes sense with the more manageable stuff. Back to the story…

The purpose of the spilled smoothie was to release all that pent up emotion from the previous months. It was to trigger the living hell out of her, upsetting her with lots and lots of tears. It was a HUGE emotional release. Do you know what that weird stuff was in her body, the vision and tingling in one side? It was a massive amount of energy moving. And leaving! Because she’d been dealing with several major situations over the course of many months or more. These situations were finally unfolding and being resolved, but there was still a ton of feeling, a ton of raw energy, a ton of emotional debris, that she was carrying around related to these stressful situations. And this energy was ready to be released. When the energy is ready to move, it’s going to move; it’s not our choice. What we’re all about here at A Clean Mind is learning about the laws of nature and then flowing with them. And the spilled smoothie, while very unpleasant and inconvenient, was part of the laws of nature. It did a very good job, in fact, of allowing that energy to move and leave. Because that level of anxiety, with all of those symptoms, is A LOT of energy! And it moved through her system and left. And as we know here, when the sludge leaves, it leaves more space for light, soul, and all that is good. Bye bye!

As we talked, she said she was still carrying some of it in her field. I said don’t worry, it’s on the way out and you’ll be feeling lighter and lighter as time rolls on. Some of the situations are still playing out, and there are some upcoming external changes that will help speed things up. And then she’ll really start feeling lighter. And we can thank the spilled smoothie. Plus it makes for quite a story! I mean, mine was not dripping down from my hair onto my clothes; mine didn’t even touch me at all. And no kids in the car. So wow, major respect for her and her smoothie experience.

To close, I’ll share what I asked her after our talk was done. “So… what’s your smoothie recipe?” Breakfast smoothie people unite! My body has been telling me recently that mine is too sweet, so the intelligent universe hooked me up as well. Peace out, and be careful when you set the smoothie on top of the car. And if something goes down, maybe there will be peaceful, playful dolphins in your future. Oh, one more thing. I forgot to tell her that I got a big smoothie sippy cup after mine spilled, a very wise purchase. I mean, not to throw salt in a wound or anything. But I’d consider it… Peace out!