My First EMDR Past Life Regression! Part 2

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So we recently told the tale of my client that experienced two past life deaths while doing EMDR. This is Part 2, because the coolest thing happened after that session. As I explained in Part 1, she experienced two gruesome deaths from the past. But get this, she feels absolutely amazing now, since all of this super old gunk has been released from her system. Let that sink in for a moment… She feels amazing now. Because the old gunk has been released. Wow. 

So she left that day not feeling so great, but she was safe. I don’t want you to think that I’d be reckless in any way, because trust me, I know that this is major, major stuff. I’ve worked with this client for a while, though, and we have an excellent track record of growth and healing. She’s gotten very adept at holding a feeling when triggered and allowing it to move and be released, while staying in her wisdom and out of her head. So I was not worried about her, or else I would’ve stayed in close contact. She’s often left a session, in fact, with a certain issue in mind and then come back the next week with great insight, after having “pondered” it at home for a while. And sure enough, clarity eventually arises. She has no time frame on getting the answer, and yet this slower way of “pondering” always ends up being the faster way. And it feels so much better than the voice in the head trying to “figure it out” at warp speed. Awesome.

So after this session, she was determined to revisit these memories to get more information and more understanding. And to release any more pain. So on the Sunday in between our weekly sessions, she laid down on her couch and basically meditated for six hours, off and on. She used some products from The Monroe Institute, which are designed to speed up meditation, taking you to a deeper state much faster. And what happened? It worked. 

She was able to revisit each of the memories, getting even more information. In the first one, it was several hundred years ago, and she thinks it was in England. There was a definitive class system, and women had no rights. She lived with her parents and worked with crops and animals. One day, she was accused of being a witch and sentenced to death. She felt like she was not a witch, but a man could accuse a woman of this and there was no way to question it. So she was put on display in the town square, or whatever they had in that town, in front of the public. And the wooden vice was placed around her head. And somebody turned it tighter and tighter. At some point before there was too much pain, though, her soul drifted up out of the body, completely painless, and watched. And yes, her head exploded. And she felt great. Again, that’s because she was not “in the body” at this point. It would be like taking your jacket off and then watching it be destroyed. In fact, from the many descriptions that are out there, it sounds like that would be more painful! Because maybe it was your favorite jacket. They say that when the soul is out of the body, though, it has literally no attachment to it. Wow!

In the other memory, she was a teenage boy deep in the forest, maybe in South America. He had brown skin, curly brown hair, and he was wearing a loin cloth. He was barefoot, yet he could walk on the forest floor with no problem whatsoever. As he sensed the tiger stalking him, he ran. And it got closer and closer, and then the paw reached around to his mouth as its mouth lunged into the back of his neck. His head slammed down, and he could taste blood in his mouth. My client could taste this, in Pensacola, FL, in 2017. And again, the soul drifted up out of the body, totally pain free and feeling great, and watched.

Each time she rose out of the body, she felt a gentle and loving hand on her shoulder, and it gently guided her to a “shelf,” where lots of other souls were resting. And all was fine. She was able to watch these events with no pain, and now it seems that she’s let them go forever. So when she came in that next week, she said she felt just about the best she’s ever felt in her whole entire life. In fact, she said, “I feel like I’m twenty years old and invincible!” And she’s much older than twenty… She said, “I have a light heart and I’m happy, happy, happy.” So cool!

So there we go, folks, just another day in the office. And please remember that I’m just the messenger, passing this stuff along to you. You can believe it or not, all good to me. But let me say that if you met this person, you’d be astonished. Because this is not some woohoo hippy with a T-shirt that has a wizard and unicorn on it. Rather, this is someone that looks and acts – and is – as normal and trustworthy and intelligent and honest as they come. And this is her experience. And it matches what has been reported thousands of times since past life regression therapy has been around. As far as I know, the modern version started with the work of Brian Weiss. That’s why I mentioned his book Many Lives, Many Masters – because her experiences pretty much match what’s in that book. So cool. So enjoy, and happy pondering!

P.S. Woohoo hippies wearing T-shirts with wizards and unicorns on them rock! So please don’t be offended. I was making a joke to get a point across for those that would go to that stereotype. The truth is already true, of how things work. And it’s coming out more and more, and getting more and more mainstream. Just take a look around; pay attention. The world is opening up and shifting, and there are some truly amazing things going on. Whether you’re super into wizards and unicorns or not.

My First EMDR Past Life Regression! Part 1

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NOTE: If this disturbs you at any time, then see my NOTE at the bottom that addresses that. In the meantime, please know that this client is doing great and feels amazing. Some serious de-gunking has occurred, and that’s what we’re about to describe. And more peace is on the other side of that.

So we’ve been talking about this wild and crazy EMDR stuff lately, and last week it got even wilder and crazier. And by the way, I’ve added a category on this blog called EMDR: Mind Blowing Sessions! to have all of these unbelievable tales in one place. So it was towards the end of week two of doing EMDR, day eleven to be specific, session number fifteen. And what happened? We had our first spontaneous past life regression! Well, that didn’t take long… And it was really cool. It was eerily like what’s described in the ground breaking book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, if you’ve read that. And you haven’t, then read it! It’s awesome, and a very fun tale. And of course it’s deep as well. I love fun and deep, as opposed to dense, heavy, slow. This is a page turner, and it’s a true story…

There’s a client with whom I’ve been working for a while, and she’s been doing really well. I had a suspicion that this might happen with her, because there’s been some stuff in our work together that’s just plain mystical. She’s the one that had the past life memory release with sobbing tears along with the recurring dream from decades before (which she hasn’t had since). And she was blown away by the psychic medium George Lugo, too, because he knew so much stuff that’s very personal and that he simply could not have known or guessed. And of course he’s such a sweet, genuine guy, too. When you meet him you know that he’s honest and legit. He’s simply sharing his gift, because he feels very strongly guided to do so. I feel like he’s part of the family, since so many of my relatives have seen him. Back to the story…

So I had a feeling that some deep stuff might happen with this client. She’s also been meditating a lot lately using products from The Monroe Institute, which have really helped her to open up. So I had a feeling that EMDR would fit her like a glove. We first tried it a couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing. The vividness of her memories, from many decades ago, was just stunning! My jaw was dropped. Yep, it’s all there in the mind, every single detail. All of it, no matter how young or old we are. Every memory. They might be covered up, but they’re definitely still there. And EMDR helps them float right up if needed. And after many of these memories, seen but not felt (like watching a movie), we finally discovered a very old pain and loneliness that we never would’ve touched by just talking. Not with her, anyway. We truly needed a tool like this. And the difference between doing work and doing real, transformational work is feeling. We have to access the old gunk and feel it so that it can be released. That’s just how it works with these human bodies here on earth.

So the next week, we dove in again. She said she felt great overall, except for this one hazy, vague memory that kept popping in her head, accompanied by the most awful feeling of depression, like a hole in the heart. That doesn’t sound like fun! But she said she didn’t think it was a real memory, because there’s no way this could’ve happened. So it must be more like a daydream or something. My thought, though, and I told her this, was that if it had such a strong feeling to it, then it must’ve been something that had really happened. I don’t think a daydream can have a strong feeling component to it, definitely not to the level of a hole in the heart. But here’s the thing, even if it had been real, we were about to release the pain forever. That’s what “desensitization,” which is the ‘D’ in EMDR, means. So she put the headphones on, grabbed the pulsers with her hands, closed her eyes, and dropped right into it. And note that at this point, I didn’t even know what the memory was.

After very little time, she was there. And what she experienced was being raped as a nine-or ten-year-old girl. Then she experienced the immense pain of the rest of that day, having to go back home where her mom was and feeling too scared and confused to tell her. And then the next day, saying she felt sick and couldn’t go to school. It was quite painful, but those energies were finally leaving her body, after many decades. Leaving forever! And then the peace that’s our natural state – the peace that’s already there, inside of every human – can rise to the surface.

That’s a lot for one session, right? I certainly think so. But there was more, a lot more. The next thing we know, she’s in an old village, and a wooden vice is being put around her forehead. And she’s thinking, “What are you doing? This will hurt me!” And it’s like she’s in the town square, in front of the public. And they tighten the thing around her head, and it squeezes. And it hurts. And it gets tighter, and it’s so painful, and it’s as if she’s literally there, eyes closed, feeling those original feelings. And then she floats up out of her body and she feels peace. And I’m sitting five feet away thinking, “Wow. This is really happening.” I knew it would eventually, but not this quickly.

After this, she was a light on a shelf. “Not a bright light, but a warm light.” And there are many other lights there, resting. They’re all resting. There’s nothing they need to do but rest. And then the scene changes and she’s a teenage boy with brown skin. She – excuse me, he -is deep, deep in the forest. There are sticks and thorns on the ground, but they don’t hurt his feet. Then he senses that there’s something else in the forest with him, a large animal. He stays quiet and keeps walking, but he senses that the animal is getting closer. So he starts running, and the animal starts chasing him, and he can feel it, and it’s getting closer, and closer, and closer, and he’s so afraid, running as fast as he can, and then… WHAM! It was a large tiger, and it killed him. My client felt the fear in vivid detail, and she felt the pressure on the back one her neck as the tiger dug in. And then he – or she – floated up and watched the body get eaten. The tiger took what it wanted, while other animals came around and waited their turn. And one by one, they ate until there was nothing left.

That was enough for one day, by far. My client didn’t exactly feel great, but we’ve done lots of great work together, and she’s very grounded in being able to stay in her wisdom and hold a feeling when triggered, knowing the fact that it’s energy that’s going to move out of her system. Nothing to fear. She’s also shown a masterful ability to go home and process things on her own, coming back the nest week with great insight. And blowing me away each time she’s done so! So I was not worried about her. Had I been worried, I wouldn’t have let her leave! Or I would’ve reached out after the session and even invited her back for a session that weekend or something. Because this isn’t a game to me! I want everyone to be de-gunked, the whole world. And especially my clients, friends, and family. But I knew she’d be fine and would handle it on her own, and that she’d grow even more that way.

And that’s exactly what happened. In Part 2 of this post, I’ll tell you about our session the next week, which was equally cool. NOTE: if you are disturbed, please understand that this person feels amazing now. She’s released this old stuff that was in her system. And if you wonder why we might want to do this, that’s a great question. The reason is that if there’s gunk in our system, no matter how old it is, then it must be showing up now, in the present, in some way. It’s impossible that it just doesn’t show up. It might be the reason you feel afraid all the time, or anxious, or not good enough, or lonely. Or it might be the reason someone in your life triggers you so much. We don’t know until we release it, and then we can see how our life is different. So that’s the deal, and I want you to know that. There’s peace on the other side of the release. And it even rhymes! So peace out, and WBT. That means we be talkin’ in my language. It comes in pretty handy, especially in texts. You’re welcome, and I’ll see you soon for Part 2 🙂

Email Helps Dude I’ve Never Met!

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So my counselor friend and former officemate, Molly Kasper, contacted me about a client she had that had been experiencing anxiety and even panic attacks, because she thought he could benefit from my approach. She’s one of my go-to couples counselors, so maybe she was seeing him in marriage counseling or something. I don’t remember the details, but he was definitely having panic attacks, and I think they involved traveling. It might’ve been flying, or maybe just driving, too. He wanted to travel more but the anxiety was keeping him trapped.

So I wrote something to help him and emailed it to Molly, which she then forwarded to him. I had no contact with him, and I wouldn’t know him if he fell on me. I don’t even know his name, but I was so elated when I saw Molly later and she said he was fine, and that the travel anxiety was gone. Really?? Yes! And it wasn’t just the email, because I recommended some books as well. I think she said he read at least one of them, and it might’ve been Somebody Should Have Told Us by Jack Pransky, a really simple and powerful book. So that was very cool to hear.

And this was all before a post called You CAN Breathe: How To Have A Panic Attack, or else I would’ve sent that, too. Anyway, here’s that email. And know that it’ll be totally redundant for readers of this blog! That’s sort of the point, though. This is really simple stuff that I’m doing my best to share. Speaking of which, feel free to share it with anyone you know that might benefit; it worked for this guy, so maybe it will help them as well. So cool… Enjoy 🙂

Hi Molly,

Just copy and paste below if you wish… And that was fun writing it! I love this stuff. I might make it a blog post for other panic attackers. And I included some essential stuff to go ahead and help him on his path to enlightenment as well. Why not? Haha. Peace to you!

Hello Friend,

Rest assured that panic attacks can be overcome. What it takes is education and then practice. You will become a master of feeling. Not suppressing and resisting, but also not freaking out and/or wallowing in a story. There’s a fine line in between those two states, in which we’re present with an energy, knowing that it wants to move. In fact, a feeling is energy, so it has to move. So you’ll learn to literally relax into it without a single thought or label of good or bad. And anxiety is just one of these energies. So you’ll learn to say yes to it instead of the instinctive no. Because that hasn’t worked. Resisting it only makes it worse. And the good news is that the same rules apply to all energies in the body, including stress, anger, sadness, etc. We get out of the way and let them move when they want to.

You’ll also learn that these energies are an inside job. They do not come from outside of you. We are living in the feeling of our thinking, of our perception, meaning that whatever the mind is thinking produces a feeling in the body, 24/7/365. Like the law of gravity, it is the law. All the time. And we have two radio stations, so to speak. Only two. One is the voice in the head that’s often critical, negative, mean, and talks very fast. It also exaggerates and lies. The other, though, is the voice of built-in wisdom or plain old common sense. Or gut feeling, instinct, or intuition. Or the voice of the soul or the spirit if you’re so inclined. But “plain old common sense” works just fine, because they’re all just different words pointing to the same thing. This voice is softer, and it doesn’t try to compete with the chatterbox. And we sort of ask it something and then we let go, and we listen. And we practice and eventually this becomes the only way in which we think. High quality thinking that’s built-in instead of low quality thinking that we learned as a kid. And over time, that loud, annoying voice becomes a little gnat that we can’t even believe we empowered so much! Because it hits us more and more that nobody else even hears it. It is literally “invisible nothingness” to the rest of the world. I and I alone decide how much power to give the thoughts that are in my head. Wow, so cool…

The manual for feeling is chapter 11 of The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. It’s called Pain, the Price of Freedom. This is essential for all humans! Also see my blog post on 6-28-16 about this exact chapter: And the rest of the book is amazing, too. But this chapter is really helpful. And the book starts in chapter 1 with a sample dialogue of the voice in the head that’s spot on. And honestly, it’s hilarious! But start with chapter 11 and read it again if it helps, anytime you feel to. Even years down the road, it’ll always be there for you, and it’ll always be true. It is timeless.

A great book about our thinking is Somebody Should Have Told Us by Jack Pransky. This is also one of the main books that I recommend, and you’ll probably have to order it from Amazon or something. It’s a very relaxed, conversational book about how we all have wisdom built-in and how our body “feels our thinking” rather than feeling the world directly. In other words, our experience of life is happening inside-out and not the other way around, as I mentioned before. And it sure seems like it’s the other way around! I highly recommend this book to anyone. A very relaxed read, too.

The Space Within by Michael Neill is another book that might even take Somebody Should Have Told Us a bit deeper. I’d read Somebody first, though, to till the soil for this one should you feel to read it. And yes, feel. Not over-analyze in the head, like I’ve done a million times! And we’re free to over-analyze as much as we want, but it’s painful. These books explain it all very well, and then we finally have a choice of living a different way. Michael Neill has the same background as Jack Pransky. Definitely worth a read. And look for the deeper feelings that he talks about, starting right now in this moment! Also my blog post on that: This is the opposite of a panic attack, and it’s living inside of you right now, as the ground or foundation upon which all other feelings come and go. Amazing.

And finally, you might also benefit from something online called Panic Away. Part of it is a book in pdf format that’s a pretty quick read. Half is about general anxiety and half is about panic attacks. Start with the panic attack part. The “21 second countdown” works, too. Know that it might seem scary at first. You’ll get used to it, though, and then these attacks will roll right through you faster and faster and then they’ll start to whimper out. And then eventually they won’t come at all. You got this, and I’m always here to help if I can.

One more thing – if it’s old stuff that’s the problem, old gunk that’s stuck, including trauma, I’ve been trained in something pretty amazing called EMDR. It’s designed to get right to the source, clearing out those old energies of pain and enabling wisdom and insight to come through even more. So that’s always an option. The stories I’ve written about it are here: So that’s always an option if it resonates. You’ll feel it as you read the posts, if it’s a “yes” for you. And when we get cleared out, that natural source of peace comes through even more. Because it’s already there; it’s just been covered up. You got this, and I’m here to help if I can. All the best.

EMDR: Week 1 Complete, WOW!

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Okay folks, here’s my take after week one using EMDR. I had 23 total sessions, four were new clients, and I did EMDR in seven of the sessions, all existing clients. And since EMDR is an initialism, with all caps, let’s use these: OMG, WTF, LOL, LMAO! Yes, I was laughing. Laughing because of the insane, ridulous, major, foundational, life changing connections and insights that I witnessed, coming up from out of the blue. And in very little time! And by the way, because I had to look this up: An “acronym” is pronounced as a word, like NASA. An “initialism” is not a word; you just read each letter, like FBI, or EMDR. There you go.

Now, I’ve already written about some of the sessions in my last two posts, so I’ll tell you about one more today. But first let me share something from another client that wants to do it next time. I had told her that I’d just learned it, and that it might help clear out some old stuff. She said she’d actually heard about it just a few months ago. She started researching it back then, and she came across a video that looked like it might be worth watching. So she hit play, and then she proceeded to watch a ball go back and forth, left and right, for like three minutes. After that, she thought this is pretty boring, so she stopped. She didn’t have a target that she wanted to clear out, either; she was just following the ball with nothing else on her mind. Maybe she was expecting more of an explanation rather than actually engaging in the bilateral stimulation.

So she went to bed that night and all of a sudden this really nasty anxiety and panic came up. She felt like she was being pulled into a dark hole and couldn’t get out! Then after about thirty minutes of this, she started spontaneously talking herself up and out of it. She told herself that she doesn’t have to feel like this forever, and that there’s a way out. And she felt lighter. But here’s the thing – she had never talked to herself like that before. I had assumed we’d already started working together, so I was floored when she said it was before we’d met. Because she had literally no idea about her built-in wisdom. She didn’t know that loving herself or even being nice to herself was an option. She didn’t know that what she truly is – at the core, already, without having to lift a finger – is unlimited and magnificent. In fact, she’s described herself before as having been “sad, anxious, depressed, broken, worthless, and nothing” her whole life. Read that again! So this is not someone that has any experience in talking herself up when she’s low. And it sounds like that three minutes of bilateral stimulation really churned up some icky stuff! What is amazing is that after it moved some, her wisdom – which she had no idea even existed – came up from underneath it, out of the blue. WOW.

So the other session I mentioned, well, it was freaking amazing. And so fast! My client had had a recent experience that triggered past stuff, and she was surprised at how angry she had gotten. And as we know, that’s the body saying, “Go there, for that’s where healing is.” So she put on the headphones, grabbed the the pulsers, and I turned on the machine: left, right, left, right. And everybody so far has been thinking, “How could this possibly do anything??” She was no exception, because it just doesn’t seem like it could be powerful. Well, it took maybe one minute, and then she says, “Wow. Okay, I didn’t see that coming. Wow.” And she was back at her childhood home, decades ago, hiding behind a couch with her younger brother. Their parents were in a bad fight, screaming and yelling, dad drunk, and she and her brother were hiding. And she realized that she felt she had to protect her brother because he was so young. And she felt the dark, nasty, negative energy of the house. Not a place for a kid to thrive! I mean, she was there, right back in it. And that’s the point, so that it can be released. Forever.

After that, other memories came up, including one in which she was very young, maybe 3-5 years old. And the most major insights followed. She learned to associate being bad with getting attention from her mother, so that explains why she was always getting in trouble. And she saw how her dad wanted her mom’s attention and love, too. And so did her brother. And her dad was just like her brother. He had been through a lot as a kid himself, so it explained why he was the way he was. And by the way, it’s way easier to love someone and be compassionate towards them when how they are makes sense.

She realized how she had too much going on for a 12-year-old, with all the turmoil at home. She had been forced to switch schools, too, and that was a tough transition. So she did what she needed to do to survive: she put up a shield, a protective bubble. That’s when the wall went up. She said she’s always had trouble being vulnerable. Make sense now? She loved Star Wars, so she decided she had to become Princess Leia in order to survive. Princess Leia was strong and tough, and she could be a bitch if she needed to be. But here’s where it gets even cooler. Before we did the EMDR, she had told me about a vision she recently had in meditation in which she saw everything she wanted in life – everything! – just beyond arms reach. It was like there was a bubble extending out from her, pushing it away. Wait, did she say “bubble”? And then she does the bilateral stimulation and she sees exactly when she put a “bubble” around her. And all of this took only fifteen minutes!! It was super intense for her, but she knows that peace is underneath this crud. Deep cleaning, folks. Wow.

So there you go, week one using EMDR. Suffice it to say that this was a pretty amazing week, totally blowing my mind. Another major insight that last person had was how her mom ruled the whole house, and everyone else just wanted her love and affection. And it was a miserable situation. So she saw how messed up her mom was, and figured it was maybe from her childhood, because her own mom (my client’s grandmother) had some issues. So the conclusion was, “Take care of your stuff! Don’t spray it onto everyone else! Don’t ruin everyone else!” And I think she’s absolutely right. And now I have a laser-like technique for helping people to really clean up their stuff. And that makes me really, really, really happy. And really grateful, too. So cool. So if you or anyone else needs to be de-gunked, holler! And I will do my best to turn the machine on and get out of the way, supporting you as needed as we let it arise to be released.

EMDR: I’m Already Blown Away

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As I said last week, I recently got trained in this crazy cool therapy modality called EMDR. After the training, I ordered my “gadget,” which is a little machine that does what is called “bilateral stimulation.” It has a cord connected to two little “pulsers” that you hold in each hand that pulse left, right, left, right. And there are headphones with a tone that plays in each ear in exactly the same way: left, right, left, right. And my understanding is that this bilateral stimulation somehow lowers the brain’s walls and makes it easier for any associated memories to float up, connections you might not otherwise make. And memories that are associated with what? With whatever is troubling you, known as the “target.” So you start with what’s troubling you and you sink right into it, eyes closed if you wish, pulsers and headphones alternating: left, right, left, right…

While this is going on, I’m sitting there totally wondering what’s going on inside the client’s head. I’m seeing emotions, tears, furrowed brow, deep releasing breath, calming down, agitated again, you name it. And they’re instructed to check in anytime and let me know when any memories or insights float up. And wow, I’ve only done it with five clients since I started this week, and we’re already blown away! And “we” refers to both me and the clients. I’ve only done it when it seemed pretty obvious, and one of those times it really wasn’t that obvious and didn’t really do much. I can see where more practice will help, though. Everything is a science and an art, after all, and we become more skilled with practice. The other four, though, were huge successes. I mean, I was high-fiving them at the end of those sessions, because the connections and associations that naturally arose, seemingly out of the blue, were just amazing! Talk about lots of bang for your buck… We never would’ve connected those dots in one session, and maybe not ever. And I’ve already been doing a way faster version of therapy in most cases! So I’m super psyched.

So I wanted to share that with you. I’ll share more details with future cases, as I always do here, but suffice it to say that this stuff is legit, and it can greatly speed things up. I mean, the last one was ridiculous! I told my client that it was years of therapy in an hour. And that’s exactly what it was! No exaggeration. We accessed an old, deep pain that was not going to be accessed by talking. I know this because we’ve been working together for a while now. And we’ve been doing great since our first session, but we weren’t touching the feeling, the buried pain. It took a while, but when we got there that pain really opened up and released. And now it’s out. At least the process of releasing has started, and we know exactly how to release the rest. And the memories that floated up before that pain were just amazing. She was right back there, recalling the most minute details from many, many decades ago. Like, many decades ago. And my jaw was dropped.

This is just a different animal. The associations that come up, which are other memories, result in everything in the person’s life making more sense. And what’s more, the feelings are felt and are thus finally released. And insights float up as well, undoing super old beliefs like “I’m not okay as I am.” And these beliefs never were true, but they were learned long ago, and they’ve been running the show ever since. One client finally sees that she’s always felt guilty, and she now knows exactly where it came from. I don’t know that we ever would’ve discovered that doing what we were doing, and she was blown away. And it’s all because we both got out of the way and let her mind go where it wanted to go, using the bilateral stimulation. It just frees up these memories and insights. Wow. So that client now sees that it’s okay to feel good. Wait, it’s okay to feel good, that’s all we accomplished in an hour? Freaking wow. Not bad for an hour’s work. So happy Thursday to you, or whatever day it is now as you are reading this. And until the next time, peace out. And holler if you want to try some EMDR! I can’t make any promises, but it really is all about getting out of the way, sinking into the bilateral stimulation, and letting the mind go where it wants to go to release stuff and connect some dots. So cool…