My New Car Got Scratched!!

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So I had a client that came in for the second time, and she’d really picked it up. So cool to see! It’s not like she’s floating around all the time with wizards and unicorns or anything like that, not yet anyway, but… she’s truly learning how to live in a human body on earth. She now understands how quickly anger and emotion can arise, and she’s learning that she doesn’t have to act on it. She’s also one of the ones to whom I got to say, “Umm, I don’t think you’re depressed…” Hahahaha. I LOVE it when we have a hearty laugh after that.

She totally had what you might call situational depression, in which you’re dealing with a tough situation and it’s not fun. But do we really need a fancy, official label for that?? Or is it just that… you’re dealing with a tough situation and it’s not fun. That sounds like normal earth existence to me. Her situation had to do with her body, and now that it’s healing, she’s not depressed anymore. Folks, that is not rocket science. So she can come down on the anti-depressant dose and then get off of it altogether. Because she doesn’t want it and doesn’t need it. So cool… And let me say that the anti-depressant worked, too! It did its job and helped her through a tough time. I’ll bet she wouldn’t have needed the assistance, though, had she already been taught the things we discussed, which are essentially the basics of living in a human body on earth.

So that second time she came in, she told me she’d gotten a new car in the week that had passed since our first meeting. And almost right away, the car got scratched in a parking lot while she was in the store. Oh no, the new car, already scratched!! This would definitely trigger most of us. But she did what she learned. Bam! I was so proud when I heard this. She felt that feeling of anger arise, knowing her body is the clean vessel with a certain temporary energy in it called anger. She knew that it was normal, and she knew that it was temporary. She knew that the scratch was already there and that she could not just make it disappear on the spot. She stayed in her wisdom/common sense and stuck to the facts, which is calm thinking, even when we’re mad. So her body felt much more calm than it would’ve had she gone right to the super pissed off chatterbox (like most people do, simply because nobody ever tells them there’s another way). I was so proud of her! And after hearing this information only once, too… And don’t get me wrong, she was totally mad about it! But it came and went, came and went, came and went. Do you see the flow? So it didn’t ruin her whole week like it might have before she learned this simple, transformational information.

Let’s examine this flow a bit more, because this is important. She said that in the days after it happened, the thought of the scratch would just pop in her head out of nowhere. In addition to that, she would think about it the scratch anytime she saw the car. When either of these things happened, she’d immediately feel a big burst of energy in her body, commonly known as anger. But she knew exactly what was going on, so she just practiced. She would open her body right where she felt that feeling when it happened, and she’d stay out of her head. And you know what? It would pass pretty quickly. This is exactly the kind of thing that grows like a snowball rolling down a hill when we don’t know what’s going on. We stew on it, and that kind of thinking acts like glue, keeping the feeling from leaving as well as making it grow and become stronger. But she was given some information one time and look at how different her experience was. Same situation, and way more peace than she would’ve had just a week before. Because she learned some simple truths about being human. This is so cool!

The other piece is that I don’t believe in coincidences. So my take, and it’s just my take, is that the intelligent, connected universe gave her some practice right away. And she nailed it! And it sounds like it’s not the worst thing that could’ve happened, and it’s probably not too hard or expensive to fix anytime she wants to fix it. But this served as such a cool tool to deepen her understanding of how the body-mind works. I mean, the thought of the scratch pops in and a big burst of anger is right there. She’s feeling her thinking. And she lets it flow through her body, and it eventually leaves. And it happens again, and it eventually leaves again. And here’s the best part: over time, the feeling gets weaker and weaker, and the thought pops in her head less often. Do you think there would be any feeling at all if she were to think about this scratch in thirty years? No chance. Folks, all we’re trying to do is speed up that process. And my new friend has absolutely accomplished that. In just one week. So here’s to her. And here’s to you and me and all the rest of us that are starting to figure out what’s up with this human body-mind thing that we’ve found ourselves temporarily in. So cool… So happy practicing to you, and peace out!

Me: “You Are Not Depressed”

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I’ve had the great pleasure recently of telling a few clients something like this: “I have something to tell you, so just relax and take it in. Are you ready? Okay, here we go… I don’t think you are depressed.” And then we laugh hysterically. These are people that have been labeled as having some sort of official sounding – and scary – depressive disorder. And I know that many people do have severe chemical imbalances, but that’s not who I’m talking about. Many of the ones I’m talking about have been living with this label for decades, though, so they’ve totally identified with it and believed it. And it was given to them by a doctor in the first place, so it came with lots of weight even before all those years helped to really seal it in. So for them to hear this from me is a big deal! And it is quite a joy to tell them.

Now, I wouldn’t say something like this recklessly. It only happens after we’ve been working together and they’ve really gotten what we’ve talked about. So they’ve learned that ups and downs are normal. And they’ve learned that feelings are temporary energies generally created by our thinking, and that these feelings actually want to move and leave our system. Energy moves; it is the law. And most importantly, they’ve learned that they have an incredibly smart, strong, wise, and compassionate source of thought that’s built in. We call this many names: new thought, fresh thought, inner wisdom, common sense, gut feeling, instinct, intuition, etc. So they stop paying attention to that old, conditioned thinking, that negative chatterbox that exaggerates and lies and talks fast, and they start listening to the wiser, quieter voice instead. And you know what? They start to feel better. It’s not rocket science; it’s just that the voice in the head has had lots of momentum and lots of power. Not anymore.

So after a while of living in this new way, I have to break the news to them: you don’t have a disorder! And you never did. It’s just that you’ve never been given this essential education about how the body-mind actually works. You’ve never been taught the rules of the game: that thought runs the show and that feelings generally come from that, and that you have a perfectly good source of thinking built in. Nobody ever pointed out that giving power to the frantic voice in your head (that nobody else even hears) is optional, totally optional. Wow!

So these people start to handle situations way better than before. And they know that when they have a lot going on, or they’re dealing with a tough situation, it’s normal to feel down. They don’t have a disorder; they’re just dealing with some bullish*t! If you really need a fancy clinical term for this, you can call it situational depression (wow, that post is from 2012, and we survived the end times, woohoo!). And the lows that used to last a week or more now last a couple of days, or a day, or an afternoon, or an hour or less. Big difference…

Some of these clients are taking an anti-depressant, so I let them know that they can absolutely stay on it if they want. After all, they’re the boss. And despite the impression that people can get of me, there’s never any pressure at all regarding meds; that’s not my call. But I must inform them that a person that’s not depressed probably doesn’t need to take an anti-depressant… Hahaha. So we laugh about that, and it’s really fun and empowering. It’s like a dark veil is being lifted off of them, and I get to watch from the front row.

Of course I explain that I’m absolutely not a medical doctor, so I can only give very general information about medications. And that information is that a person can taper as slowly as they want. If they’re feeling up to it, they can generally try the next lowest dose, because they can always go right back to the original dose. Also, we note that side effects from a decrease in dosage would be normal, so it’s nothing to overthink or overanalyze. And again, they can always increase it. This usually only lasts a few days or a week, anyway. Some of these folks start to feel over-medicated, though, the more they start to live in their wisdom. I’ve learned that that’s the body’s signal saying, “Hey dude, we got this!” So they can either cut the dose or get off of it completely. This is pretty cool, because these meds can have some nasty side effects that create other problems. Would you want to put on thirty pounds or more because you’re taking one of these pills? The clients I see can’t stand it, and that’s just one example, but a common one. My opinion is that less is best when possible. And why not try? Especially if they’re being supported by someone like me. But again, no pressure.

So I just wanted to share this today, the absolute honor and joy the comes from informing someone that they’re probably not depressed. Do you feel down sometimes? Yes. And so do I. And so does everybody else. And again, I’m not saying that some people don’t have a chemical imbalance that is greatly helped by an anti-depressant. I know that many do. But it is a fact that SO many others are prescribed these pills right away when they should’ve been prescribed education first! Education about how the body-mind works. Because they can always try a medication later if that doesn’t help. So there you go, that’s our story for today. And as always, please share this with someone if it made you think of them! Maybe it can give them a new perspective, and maybe it can give them some hope. And maybe it can change their life. And as always, I’m here to help if I can.

Another Client Blown Away By Psychic Medium…

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Howdy folks! Nice to talk to you again. I’ve been a working man lately! But not really working on time management skills… I just signed up for a trial subscription to something called Simple Practice, so hopefully we can start to streamline things at work. “We” meaning “me”…  So it’s been busy, and the work is going really, really well. It’s so cool. And it’s still just the beginning. Anyway, I’ll try to do a better job of popping in here more often, because I really love it and also because there’s a backlog of good things to say. Starting with another client that saw my friend George Lugo, psychic medium, and had her mind pretty much blown. And remember that another client last year, a really skeptical guy, had the same thing happen with someone whom I haven’t been to yet, Ericka Boussarhane (written up here). He was so blown away that he followed it up with a reading from George shortly thereafter (written up here). Here we go…

So my client arrived, they sat down, and George tuned in. Her mother showed up first, and she said she was so grateful to her for taking care of her at the end of her life. And yes, my client lived far away and had two children, but she still managed to care for her mother for two weeks a month. Her mom said she died with dignity as a result. She also said thanks for giving her permission to die, which my client confirmed that she had indeed done. By the way, this often happens when someone seems to be lingering for a while, not taking that final step of laying the body down for good. Final Gifts is an awesome book about this type of thing, written by two hospice nurses that had to tell about all the amazing things they’d seen on the job. It’s really cool, and a must read for any human, if you ask me. Her mom also told her that every time she thinks of her, it’s because she’s there with her. So cool… Oh, and he knew she had been in real estate, too.

Then George saw a pilot. My client said it must be her dad, who was a pilot in the military. And he saw a picture of a very common object (which I won’t share for obvious reasons), and she told him that was her maiden name. Like he saw lots of teacups, and her maiden name decades ago had been Teacup. I didn’t even know her maiden name until I heard this, by the way. Then George said the man was shining shoes like crazy! And you know what? Her dad was always shining shoes. Nice.

Next, someone showed up that said she took naps with my client and also cooked with her. Well, that was her grandmother. Because you know what? They took naps together and cooked together. Do you see a pattern? And this kind of information is not on the internet, to the folks that think he’d be wasting his time trying to trick her… And of course there are fakes out there; there are fakes in pretty much anything. I only go to the best that I hear about. And when you meet them, you see that they’re very good, genuine people that were simply born with a gift. And what’s more, go see for yourself! That’s what I’ve always done. I’d rather check something out for myself and have an experience than just try to decide with a bunch of opinions and thinking. Money well spent, I think. Back to the story…

Her brother died in a troubled way, and he showed up and said he was fine, and that he no longer had the angst that he had on earth. He said he’ll explain it when he sees her. That’s so cool… Then a really animated, vocal woman showed up shouting a name that my client didn’t recognize as a deceased friend or family member. Finally my client realized it must be her long time co-worker. The woman lit up and said yes, that’s it! Then she said, “Tell her I’m proud of her.” And the description George had of this woman matched the co-worker’s description of her mother. Also, the co-worker had her doubts when she heard this, but my client simply looked at her said, “He said things that nobody would know.” There’s just too much of this stuff to explain in any other way! And I’m a super logical math major, but one that is also pretty open minded. It’s an interesting combination, and one that forces me to see how woowoo this whole universe really is. Something to think about. Back to the story…

So then something interesting happened. George said that a very strong military presence showed up, and he saw a word starting with the letter ‘V’. George tried, but he could not make out this word, and my client didn’t register anything, either. So she forgot about it, finished the session, went home, and went back to business as usual. Then something popped in her head the moment she awoke the next morning, something that she had not thought about for thirty years. It was a rather odd telegram that her uncle had sent home while fighting in World War II. He died in the war before she was born, but she’d seen the telegram, which said something like, “I’m doing fine and make sure the life insurance is good.” She had always thought this was so odd, and it literally just popped in her head right as the alarm clock went off. For the first time in thirty years. So she told her sister about it later that morning, without even thinking about the military man that George saw. She had no clue they might be related. And then out of nowhere, her sister informed her that his wife had been named Virginia. And my client never knew this. When she heard, though, of course she thought about her session the day before. Hmm…

Was it her uncle? Who knows. But the timing sure seems interesting, doesn’t it? She hadn’t thought about that odd telegram in thirty years, and then she thinks about it out of nowhere the morning after seeing George. And his wife’s name started with a ‘V’. As a math major, what are the odds? Not much. Like, zilch, zippy, almost zero. This doesn’t mean anything for certain at all, but all of these zilches start to add up, folks. In statistics, this is called meta-analysis. And it means that the odds of all these little things happening is a massive zilch! So if you’re logical, and open-minded, then you’ll probably believe there’s something to it. Hey, it’s just math.

So there we go! Another cool story. That sure sounds like $150 well spent to me, because not only did she seem – and feel – to connect with loved ones, but her worldview was also expanded. And it was expanded with an experience. What more could she have asked for? Okay, there is one more thing. She has another sister that has struggled with mental illness, and it sounds like she’s been quite a challenge to deal with. My client’s mom said she’s doing her best and to try to forgive her. That’s all. Hey, why not try to heal some living relationships, too? I love this stuff.

So take it or leave it, but it’s my joy to report the story as I hear it. And feel free to give it a shot yourself; he even does phone sessions (and there are lots of these folks out there, but do some homework first). My good friend, in fact, had a pretty profound experience over the phone with George some time after her husband had died (when she felt ready, of course). There’s was more to it, but one of the best parts was that George saw red roses, and then the next day a dozen red roses were on her door step from her husband’s old boss. It was the anniversary of his death; he wasn’t hitting on her… And this was halfway across the country from Pensacola (where George lives), in a random big city that George has no connection to. Pretty cool… And that meta-analysis stuff is real, too. In fact, I should write about it here sometime. So have a great day, it’s nice to be back, and I hope to talk to you again soon. Peace out!