A Belated Easter Message For All Humans

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I did not intend to write these recent posts with different takes on Christian themes, but such is life; it twists and turns like a river. Unless, of course, the Army Corps of Engineers tries to straighten the river, as they did to Central Florida’s Kissimmee River in the 1960’s. This predictably turned out to be an “ecological disaster,” and it lead to a recent billion-dollar restoration project to “re-curve” it. And then nature did it’s natural thing and the ecosystem is getting back to being healthier again. And since everything is connected (scientific fact), this is good. For you and me, now. So let life twist and turn! Remember the main lesson from Michael Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment: life knows what it’s doing. Back to the story…

So I assumed I had written about a deeper meaning of Easter before, but a quick review of the archives of this blog reveals otherwise. So here we go. And as always, we try to keep it simple as well as pertinent to us, now. Also, let me invite you to take a breath and put your beliefs aside for a moment, if your body feels even the slightest bit contracted. Because they will be there for picking up again later if you so choose. They aren’t going anywhere, and you are fully in charge. All is good. And for those who have been looking into deeper matters or “spiritual” matters before, or mystical Christianity, then this might be nothing new. For others, though, just relax and see if anything resonates; for it’s a pretty awesome message. Remember, you have an inner GPS built-in, a truth-meter. It’s a feeling. But stay in the breath and ask honestly and don’t be in a rush. What you really believe will reveal itself. Get out of the way, though, and don’t have a stake in the result. Just let your body tell you. Here we go…

To me, Easter is mostly about celebrating the resurrection of the real YOU… NOW! Call it the true Self, authentic Self, real Self, soul, or whatever. Even just ‘Self’ versus ‘self’ works; these are just words. The point is that there’s a You in there that’s better than what you could ever possibly imagine. And it came with the package. It’s what you’ve been all along, and you’re on a journey now of awakening to that reality (whether you know it or not; just sayin’). And so am I; I just happen to be writing about it as I do it. When we start to live like we talk about here at A Clean Mind and in many other places, feeling our way through life more and listening to that little voice of wisdom inside more than we listen to the chatterbox, the conditioned ego voice, that negative character that seems so real, then this whole journey goes much more smoothly and much faster, too.

There’s a “wise you” in there that knows what to say and when. It knows how to say it. It knows when to wait and not say anything. We simply and gently practice letting that One be in charge more and more. Trust me, I’m doing the same thing. And life shows me where I get stuck! It did very recently, in fact… It’s all good, though; I just try to see it more and more clearly and more and more in real-time, learn the lesson, and move on. And this is totally a work in progress! It takes practice, gentle and loving practice. When we ditch all of the judgment we have around everything and around ourselves, as my last two posts are about (here and here), it’s way better, too.

So how does Easter come in? Whether you are religious or not (and I am not), Easter is a great opportunity to declare that you are doing your best to get out of the way and let that wise version of you be in charge more. And you can celebrate the progress you’ve made as well. Look back to this time last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. Chances are you will like what you see, because you will see that you are very clearly headed in the right direction. I mean, seriously. If this is the case, then pause and take a breath of that awesome feeling for a few moments……….. It is very much worth celebrating!

And if you don’t like what you see, then stop and love yourself right now anyway! Do that first. And then declare that you’re going to do your best to get the ship turned around. But you will NOT withhold love from yourself as you do this. Life can be tough, and you’ve been doing your best. Even if your best seems like is has sucked, well, that’s what you’ve been able to muster. But we are looking forward and not backwards. And I’m certainly here to help if I can.

That’s all for now, just a brief take on Easter. We could talk more about how a study of near-death experiences reveals pretty good proof that we survive death and that “the other side” is really awesome. And that the real Self is, well, absolutely, totally real! It’s who you really are right now, without having to lift a finger. I’m sure we’ll go into more detail about that in the future. That’s what we are letting “come out of the closet” more and more. And yes, lots of quotation marks today. All good… So we are all coming out of the closet as wise, awesome beings! Not these small versions of ourselves that we’ve created and believed to be who we really are. Those days are numbered. So keep getting out of the way more and more and letting the real You emerge, and that is the resurrection. Right here, right now. It is your birthright. It is YOU, NOW. Bam!

The Gospel of Thomas & Our Innocent Judgments

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This post is a continuation of my previous post on the innocence of our judgments and how we don’t have to judge them. We judge so much, and then we judge ourselves for judging. And if you look, you’ll see that the secondary one is where the real pain is. And it is optional! The first one really isn’t that big a deal; it’s usually just old, conditioned thinking that nobody even hears. And you have a better source of thinking built in. This really is huge, so let’s look at it a bit more…

Now, I’m not into any particular religion, but I do like to study the religions. At least the more mystical versions of each religion. I like the stuff that’s not so tainted by man, the stuff that’s closer to the source. And you find this in any religion if you take a look. So when old, buried writings are found in the desert in Egypt in 1945, called the Nag Hammadi library, I say hells yeah! I think that’s very cool and potentially very valuable information. The Dead Sea Scrolls are the same. And I can’t believe most churches do not embrace this stuff… THAT IS FREAKING CRAZY. Wow, rant narrowly averted. No promises, though, as this post rolls on. Back to the story…

The Gospel of Thomas is one such text, part of the Nag Hammadi library. My understanding is that the disciple Thomas was a very devoted student of Jesus/Jeshua (what’s in a name?), and not a doubter at all. I mean, wouldn’t you want to touch a dead person that was suddenly alive again three days later?? I sure would; that’s called “normal!” And for some bonus info, Mary Magdalene wasn’t a hooker, either… Lots of BS stories have been painted over the years. And by whom? By men. Unenlightened men. Okay, that was a small rant that almost became a big one. Whew…

The Gospel of Thomas was a “sayings gospel.” In other words, Thomas simply wrote down what his guru (Jesus) said. And “guru” means “dispeller of darkness.” So it’s a teacher or way shower, one that helps us turn the light on so we can see. And Thomas wrote down what his teacher said. The other gospels are more like novels, and you can even see how they shift over time. So they’re not really the best source of truth. If truth is what you’re interested in, that is… And I’m sorry for these subtle digs, I really am! It’s so hard for me, though. Seeing what man has done to the teachings of a master is really tough. I am doing my best.

So Thomas simply wrote down what the master said. The first thing he wrote was, “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.” So that sort of sets it up, saying you’re about to hear some amazingly powerful stuff, and I invite you to pay attention. By the way, what is meant by “will not taste death?” This sounds to me like you realize that what you really are is a soul and not a body. That’s what “awakening” refers to, by the way. And you know what? There have been scores of near death experiences in hospitals. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but there’s even been a blind person that had this experience (see the Afterlife documentary on Netflix). They revived her, and she was still blind, and she described the whole hospital room and the scene as they revived her in striking detail. Visual detail. So bam, you are not a body! Right here, right now, without having to lift a finger. It is a fact. This means that death is not real. The body dies, but that is not what we really are. And by the way, they all say it’s awesome on the other side. For everyone. So take a breath of relief! And I will as well, for trust me, I forget all the time. Anyway, there’s just a quick bonus taste of “you shall not taste death.”

But that’s not really what this post is about. It’s about the next thing that Thomas wrote down, which was really the first of the sayings (since the one above sort of sets everything up). So this one is probably pretty important. And it is as follows: “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]” So what does this mean and how does it relate to not judging our judgments? Let’s take a look…

First of all, we can probably agree that for the most part, the mind runs the show. At some point in our journey (often when we’re miserable enough), we start to take a look at what’s going on in our heads. We have to see it first. And what we see is a bunch of conditioned trash, including a tremendous amount of judgments. About everything. And about ourselves. So we are quite disturbed at what we see! But there’s good news. We can simply marvel at it all, saying, “Wow, look at that. Wow, look at that.” That’s what is meant by not judging all of this trash. Just look at it, knowing that it’s just conditioning. Bless it and let it pass. And it will! As I said in that previous post, there’s no parking lot for our thoughts. They pop right in, including the nastiest of thoughts, but then they pop right out. Doing a bunch of thinking about them is what keeps them around and gives them power, and it is optional. When we start to watch them with innocent curiosity, then they start to flow. And like the example of the old spigot in that last post, there’s clean water pushing the rust and sediment through. The clean water is our built in wisdom/common sense that’s always there. It’s the source of intelligence that we’re all connected to. We start to see that the ego voice is actually nothing more than a little gnat that we’ve given a tremendous amount of power to. Nobody else hears it, and it’s really not a big deal. Unless we choose to make it a big deal, of course. The thing is, nobody told us this as we grew up, so it seemed like this was not a choice. But it is. Hallelujah!

So now we’re watching all the trash in our heads with wonder and curiosity rather than judgment, and the result is that the weight and power that this thinking has had starts to diminish. And one by one this trash is released from us and we start to notice there’s less and less of it. In other words, it’s all very innocent; our judgment of it is what gives it power. So the power is diminishing, and you know what? We feel better overall. This is huge. So as we simply marvel at the trash we see in our heads, it flows. And we feel better. For now, let’s just assume that “reigns supreme” refers to being at peace.

So there we go, another take on not judging our judgments. This really is foundational, transformational stuff on the journey to peace. So I invite you to spend some time with it, always in a relaxed way, of course. No rush. Be curious and take a look. And marvel at what you see! Our judgments are so ingrained that they seem to be released in layers. That’s what I’ve noticed in myself, anyway. They can get quite subtle, too. All good, though – just keep marveling. And loving yourself as you do it. And as always, let me know if I can help!

St. Patrick & Judging Our Judgments

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I wrote most of this on Thursday, March 17, which was St. Patrick’s Day, but did not finish. Then I was in a wedding this past weekend with lots of festivities along with friends and family in town until last night. So please pardon the delay. And please know that I still love myself. We can be so hard on ourselves, can’t we?? Well, not anymore! Not with gentle and loving practice, anyway. Here we go…

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Most people think of wearing green and drinking when they think of this holiday. Then there’s the legend that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland in the fifth century. Then you learn that there never were any snakes in Ireland. So maybe it refers to converting pagans to Christianity or something like that. But when I think about driving away snakes, I think about… our judgments! More specifically, I think about not judging our judgments. Okay, this might be a stretch to connect it to St. Patrick’s Day, but as I sat down to write something today, it all just flowed. So we will go with it. Plus, this topic alone can change your life 🙂

Let’s go ahead and get to the point. We all judge a tremendous amount. We judge everything. We judge people, places, things, events, etc. as being good, bad, pretty, ugly, nice, not nice, rich, poor, healthy, sick, and too much of this or that. You get the idea. This stuff is going on all the time in our heads, and then it comes out in our words and actions. And we judge ourselves as well… a TON. The result of all this is that we usually end up feeling less than stellar at some point. So where do we begin? By first seeing our judgments and then not judging them. Let’s repeat that so it’ll be super clear – we start to get out of this mess by first seeing our judgments and then not judging them. Wow.

You see, we’ve been judging everything for so long that it’s totally automatic by now. Which reminds me, I wrote a blog post several years ago entitled, Am I Qualified To Judge? I just checked the date and it was November 27, 2012. So I guess the world didn’t end after all… Let’s all have a hearty laugh. HAHAHAHAHA!!! By the way, there’s a post from October of that year called 2012. In it, I predicted that the world would indeed not end. I should’ve bought a lottery ticket that day because man, I was on a roll. Back to the story…

So we have been conditioned to be judgment machines. These judgy thoughts just pop right in. Then what happens is that we judge ourselves for having these thoughts. “I’m such a bad person!!” So we’re judging all day long and then crucifying ourselves for it, all day long. Consciously and unconsciously. Ouch! What recipe for not feeling good. Well, there’s good news: your judgments are actually innocent. Nobody hears the stuff in your hear and nobody cares about it. It’s really not a big deal. Unless you give it that power, of course. And that’s actually a choice. Hallelujah! Other people do hear your words and see your actions that come from these judgments, though, so let’s begin to break the cycle. And we will do this by first seeing the judgments and then blessing them. Releasing them. Noting right then and there that you are breaking the cycle. You aren’t guilty; what you are is simply conditioned. So we are going to do some unconditioning.

Think about a spigot on the side of a house that hasn’t been turned on for ten years. When you turn it on, do you think clean water will be coming through? Nope. There will be lots of rust and sediment. But what’s pushing it through? The same source of clean water that’s coming through all the other spigots and faucets that are working just fine. So just let the dirty stuff run through for a while and then eventually the clean water will appear. When we take this attitude of just watching our judgments and asking our wisdom/common sense about them, one by one, then we begin to see that the whole thing is not a big deal. And after a while, it’s like the chatterbox gives up. Or it at least chills out quite a bit.

An awesome teacher of mine, John Mark Stroud (www.onewhowakes.org), tells the story about how his teacher had him go to a shopping mall, sit down, and love everyone that walked by. A shopping mall? Really?? This is Judgment City! Every flavor of freak is there, and I say that with total love. Just sayin. Okay, maybe “every flavor of human” would be a better way to say that. Anyway, his teacher knew this, so the whole point was to flush up all of these ridiculous judgments. “He’s fat. She’s ugly. Look at that outfit! He or she looks like they have money, or don’t have money. You act like that in public??” You get the picture. And one by one, he would simply watch each judgment with innocence and send love to each person instead, noting that they are free to look or act however they want, just as you and I are. I’ve done this some, though not in a mall. And sometimes some real zingers pop in! I can’t tell you the relief when you see that it’s all okay, though. It’s all okay. You can even tell yourself, “Wow, that was a really mean one!” It’s not like I’m trying to be a jerk; they just pop right in. But when you just observe them rather than judge them, they pop right out. And you are still in a state of innocence. Wow – there’s real power there.

So give this a shot. Start to see all of these judgments and note that this is nothing more than innocent conditioning, and it’s on the way out. There’s a book that I always recommend called Somebody Should Have Told Us by Jack Pransky. In it, he says that it’s not our thoughts that get us into trouble but rather our thoughts about those thoughts. I love that. And this is exactly what I’m saying – the judgments pop right in, but they pop right out as well. There’s no parking lot for thoughts, unless we sit there and do a bunch more thinking about them. Otherwise there are gone, and we see that nothing really happened. And I’m not a bad person. And I can still love myself and send love to another if I feel the desire to. But we’re pulling the plug on this whole game of judging our judgments, and you’ll see in time how huge this really is. Huge! So happy practicing, and as always, let me know if I can help.