Spiritual, Religious, Atheist, or Agnostic? All Good!

Hello, good folks. When I’ve written before about stuff that might be perceived as “spiritual,” I know that some might have thought that I hate religion or judge people that follow a religion. So I’m writing this to make it clear that I definitely, absolutely, positively don’t! I’ll admit that I totally used to, though. I’m sure I’ll talk more about where that comes from, which is actually innocent, sometime down the road. But I want to explain this to make sure we all know that we can choose any path that our heart feels is best. Emphasis on “heart” and “feels.” And that’s your path and nobody else’s. Religion, or at least the versions that I’ve experienced, were just not for me. I grew up Christian, going to Episcopal churches with a touch of Presbyterian in high school. I mean, they had a pretty sweet ski trip to Colorado. My buddy and I would show up to the youth group a couple weeks before the trip, saying, “Hey, we’re back. Let’s go skiing!” The churches I went to are all pretty chill and not very fire-breathing or literal Bible. I mean, they call Episcopalians Whiskey-palians, because when two or more are gathered there’s always a fifth. Bam! And that’s a fifth of liquor for those that didn’t get it… It’s all good, I’m pretty slow with jokes myself.

When I was in 12th grade, I asked my mom and step-dad, who was actually an Episcopalian priest, if I could not go to church anymore. It just wasn’t doing it for me. I knew there was some divine in there, but I had trouble seeing through what I knew in my heart was man made stuff surrounding it. The Sunday service was just dead to me, and I really don’t think it was only the churches that I had been to. I was looking pretty deeply at the situation, so even a church with very lively services wouldn’t have cut the mustard. Whoa, maybe that’s why I’ve never liked mustard? And I wish I did because then I wouldn’t have to scrape it off sandwiches like it’s plutonium. Back to the story… Let’s remember that this is only my personal experience. And it’s neutral! Anyway, my request was granted and I went on my way. And I’m very thankful to Mom and Fred for that.

My take is that your path is your path. There’s only one you, so knock yourself out! Do what you feel is best for you at the time. If you like a religion, or many religions, or more “spiritual” stuff, it’s all good. Just be the best person you can be by following your heart. And this doesn’t mean pleasing everybody else, by the way. Quite the contrary, in fact! It also doesn’t mean being what your ego thinks you should be. Been there, done that. And very recently, too! If you’re atheist, that’s fine. And if you’re agnostic, that’s fine as well. My understanding of agnostic means “I don’t know.” And do you really KNOW?? If you’re honest, probably not. You probably believe, and that’s perfectly fine. These are all just a bunch of words, though, labels trying to describe the truth. I can’t think of much that I know, though, and life is always way better the more that I see that and stop pretending to know. Then I can be shown by something that is way smarter than I am.

A quick word on atheists… I don’t know much about it but my take is that what they really have a problem with is religion. It’s not God that they don’t believe in, but all of the false concepts of God that are out there. That’s why I’m soon going to write a post about my recent shifts with what I’ve come to believe the word “God” is attempting to point to. And for a little preview, I’ve learned that God can be substituted for “all that is.” And does anyone not believe in all that is??


You know what just happened? I remembered that I was pretty darn atheist when I was about 21 years old! I said very confidently that when you die, you turn to dust and that’s it. And then lots of freaky, synchronistic stuff happened that really got my attention. The message was loud and clear: “Hey math boy, you don’t really KNOW what’s up. So stop acting like you do. Chill out and pay attention. Move into “I don’t know” and you will constantly be shown what is true.” So I was agnostic after that. My attitude was, “When I die, I’ll tell you what’s up. And in the meantime, I’ll be a good person and have the best life that I can. End of story.”

And things have just accelerated from there. The last thirteen years or so have been especially ridiculous, and the last couple of months have been even more so. And the last couple of weeks and days even more so! Pretty wild… With practice, I’ve done a better and better job of firing Ashley from being in charge of my peace, and I think the Self that we really are has said something like, “Thank you! Now I can take the reins and show you more and more the truth of what you already are. I know exactly how to get you there. Just stay in “I don’t know,” keep feeling your way from moment to moment, and you will have all that you need exactly when you need it. There is a plan. There is an intelligence in charge. And the real You actually IS that intelligence! Just keep getting out of the way and it will all come to you.” So that’s what I’ve been doing, getting out of the way more and more. And wow, it sure seems to be humming now. And it seems like only the beginning. Of course this is only my path. And your path is your path. And that’s perfect, right now in this moment, exactly as it is. All the best to you on this journey of remembrance of what you really are, always have been, and could never not be. And I’m finally starting to get – barely – that it’s way beyond what we could have ever even imagined. And that’s very, very good news.