See You In 2014…

Hello good folks, I’m writing to close it out for the year and say how much I look forward to 2014. I can’t even imagine what will happen here at A Clean Mind in 2014, as well as at my next blog, A Deep Mind. The focus of that one doesn’t seem appropriate here, even though this one keeps drifting towards the deeper end of the pool. We can’t help it… A Deep Mind will be much more specific with that. The specifics are probably what are not appropriate here.

I continue to change so much internally; it just keeps speeding up. It’s really blowing my mind, to be honest. This has been going on for years now. I look back on who I was even a month or a week ago – a week! – and I laugh. Seriously. It’s pretty wild. I’ve recently discovered some amazing teachings that I’ll be sharing at A Deep Mind. They might freak people out here. Wait – as soon as I typed that, I laughed and realized there’s no way they won’t creep in here. It’s all coming together.

There’s so much to cover and share here that it can feel overwhelming to me at times. I always try to get out of the way and let this stuff just flow out, so I have no doubt that the order of things will be just fine. It has so far, anyway. Recently it has come to me that one of the next core topics will be about our beliefs, because that will set the stage for what is to come. Because some pretty far out stuff is on the way. The world is changing pretty rapidly, in case you haven’t noticed. Those who are ready, which is you if you’re reading this, will be letting lots of ancient stuff go. We have to understand belief, though, first.

Here’s a preview… If we want real peace, then we have to open our minds and leave them that way. And it’s a process. Let’s make it very simple. My beliefs can be either true or not. If they are not true, then I’d like to know. As in now! I have to be open-minded for this to happen. And if my beliefs are true, then there’s no harm in being open, either. The truth is true no matter what, so if my beliefs are true, then what’s there to be worried about?? So either way, we are open-minded. I can see no case in which we benefit by having a closed mind. Can you?

So we’ll leave it at that. In the meantime, please consider accepting yourself wherever you are now and drop the judgment. It’s not helping, is it? This is the fast way. You are not qualified to judge (and neither am I), and there’s great relief in understanding that. Huge relief. Let it go. You are exactly where you need to be now. Why? Because that’s where you are now! When you accept this, then you’re ready to expand. And if you don’t feel like expanding, then don’t! That’s totally fine. It really is. There’s a a right time for everything.

Remember to relax and chill out some regarding the usual stresses this time of year, too. Wait – that’s where “chillax” comes from. Cool… If you need another dose, I’ve written about it a bunch. Just scroll down to the posts in November and December of the last two years. Other than that, you rock, keep doing your best, keep relaxing, keep breathing, I love you, you have support, and let’s do this thing! I’ll see you in 2014! Kick ass!!!