Notes: Matt Kahn Retreat, Friday PM

Here’s the third installment of my notes from the Matt Kahn retreat in January. And my initial impressions are written up here in case you want some context.

NOTE: He uses certain words interchangeably: the Universe, Source, Life, God, Light, the Divine. If you have any baggage with a certain word or words, just pick one that works for you! The last thing we ever want to get hung up on is a word, as I’ve done a million times before. It’s just a symbol, so always look at what the speaker is pointing to rather than what your meaning is. Because they’re often not the same. And they’re the one that said it anyway. This is such an important thing to be aware of as humans that are always in communication with one another. Okay, here we go…

Awakening is not an experience but the space between the experiences and also the one witnessing all experiences. Shift your attention from what is seen to the seer. It feels nice!

Asleep consciousness is a dream of meaning (like always unconsciously superimposing your past onto the present). Awake consciousness is a reality of relationships (between the seer and the seen). A spiritual ego just goes from personal meaning to spiritual meaning.

The more we know about stuff we see, the less interested we are. And the less we know about stuff we see, the more interested we are. So let’s dare to know nothing about ourselves! “Here’s what I know about myself” turns me into a freaking epidemic. Because the ego always looks for the negative, the “imperfect.”

Just be the seer, or be in observer mode: All I know is that I’m seeing this. When we know (actually when we think we know…) stuff about what we see, we’re in perceiver mode (automatically defining everything we see). And as long as we know stuff about ourselves, we’re in perceiver mode. If we know nothing about the observer, we know nothing about the observed.

Observer mode is awakened consciousness. Also observer equals breath. So I am the breath, and we’re done! Also breathe equals light. And the one in any interaction that’s breathing with more conviction, (i.e. deep or shallow) will influence those around them. This is the energy game.

Your breath is where your power is. It’s all about breath and love. And the love of breath leads to the breath of love. So they are connected.

When we ask a question and don’t get an answer, the answer from the universe is, “Honey, return to your breath.”

For most people, their greatest life purpose or fantasy is to be something other than what they are. But the breath’s greatest fantasy is to be us! We’re the breath’s Halloween costume.

When we notice anything we don’t like, like a thought or a feeling, it’s a reminder to stop and breath. A change of breath pattern causes a change of brain pattern, it reconfigures the emotional body, and old DNA is replaced with new. Consciousness rises and we see things from a different perspective or dimension.

When we feel great after a retreat or healing session or whatever, and then later we feel we “lost it” and have returned to normal, it’s a preview of what life will be like when we re-pattern our breath. Just stop and breath deeply more often. Time will fall away, too.

Breath is love. Breathe in goodness and blessings for me and then breathe out goodness and blessings for the world.

Loss strips us of things, leaving only the breath. So loss is a signal for breath awareness. Breath is always there to be gained. When rooted enough in breath, we can experience loss without grief.

When conditioned and asleep, we need to be constantly stimulated. When we’re awake, we’re nourished by the breath.

We’re learning to be grounded more in peace. And peace is not a state like bliss or ecstasy, but rather the space in which all states come and go. The ego gets bored of this and finally dissolves. Then the more we’re rooted in peace, joy arises as confirmation.

Get to know the vibration that’s peace and spend more time there. Like every morning and evening.

Don’t aspire for the highest consciousness there is. Aspire for the highest consciousness that you can embody and ground, and then radiate it to all. Then they can integrate it smoothly. This is called the “purest” consciousness for you. It’s always about being able to fully embody and ground it.

“Pure thought” is not the thoughts themselves, but your loving response to your thoughts.

“Pure action” is your response to the actions of others.

Iloka or Aloka (don’t know the spelling) is the “heavenly haze of heaven” that Matt channels and brings to earth when he speaks. The 3D world we see sort of pixelates and dissolves and this fog emerges, along with true Reality. Note: that’s what many of us experienced in these sessions, literally seeing differently. It was pixelated for many people, and one person even asked about this to make sure she wasn’t going crazy. For me, it was sort of a blurry vision from time to time and definitely the energetic haze. Someone asked him why he kept looking at his phone the first night, and he said it was because he couldn’t see the clock on the wall to check the time – due to the smoky energy. He sees all kinds of crazy stuff. Anyway, that was funny.

Integration is permanent grounding. Grounding is bringing energy down. We can do grounding exercises over and over, but integration happens when we truly desire to be here in the body. Most of don’t want to because we don’t feel safe.

Cool Q&A from a guy had tightness around his navel area. Matt said a barrier to the sacral chakra can be disillusionment and betrayal. He has to be cool being himself and not trying to change to impress others or to be accepted. Then Matt tuned in and heard the word “failure,” so without assuming anything he asked if that resonated. It totally did. So why bother participating on earth if I’m just going to fail? But it’s actually the feeling of the ego unraveling! Matt said it’s the final chapter of this guy’s dark night of the soul. He said to stay in the breath and to be the battlefield, not the soldiers and the war. The key is consistency, routine, and being healthy. Don’t do anything to check out, even small. Then Matt gave him a repeat after me: “Ahhh.” Just let it happen, and the your new life will emerge. Needs a little more time, though. Awesome.

Cool Q&A from a woman with PTSD. He said to start to feel safer, start to take time to compliment herself for anything she does right. Over time, the subconscious mind will see she’s not the same as she was when the trauma happened; she’s a different person now. So she’ll start to come from a new vibrational reality. The he said to rewrite the subconscious mind, do this: say, think, or write down three things she’s grateful for, three things she’s done right, and three things she wants in her life. Just keep doing that. And it could be as many as you want, but he just picked three. And be consistent. It’ll change her relationship with herself over time and she’ll feel safer and safer. And then she’ll be able to process the cellular memories of the trauma. And an add-on that feels good is, “I’m doing this for myself and also for those that are too paralyzed to do it for themselves.”

The various aspects of shadow want respect and want to be seen for the spirit guides and teachers that they are, not something to get rid of. They must have gifts if they won’t go away. They’re the way they are because they’re trying to change us, but we’re trying to change them. And they’re going to win.

This new level of awakened consciousness is awesome (the whole group was at peace and stillness yet again, as happened so often), and our old problems don’t exist here. Everything is seen from a different vantage point. So just unpack your bags and move in and stay!

Awakened consciousness is perceiving life in an extraordinary way, as opposed to a series of extraordinary experience.