Notes: Matt Kahn Retreat, Day 3

Hello, You. These are my notes from Matt Kahn’s 5-day Standing For Love retreat. It was at the World Forestry Center in lovely Portland, OR on April 25-29, 2018. You can read my general, mind-blown impressions here. Because it was freaking insane!!! Okay, I had to get that out of my system… But seriously, it was craaaazy!!! I guess there was a bit more…

His retreats (and everything he does) always unfold intuitively, based on what the universe deems necessary for that situation at that time. It’s so cool to watch because it just happens, it just comes through. He said that this retreat ended up having a theme for each day. Day three was Friday, and the theme was Oneness. Enough said…

Friday 4/27/18 am (Oneness Day)

Oneness is about bringing things into harmony. It’s about bringing twos into ones. 

When rooted in ego, the mind tells the heart how to feel. When rooted in soul, the heart tells the mind how to see, believe, and think. 

What we’re about to talk about is very empowering, how everything is an opportunity for growth. 

For the most part, our threats are behind us. This is because we’re more evolved now and can use everything for growth (using the forgiveness process from yesterday). So when we feel threatened (i.e. triggered), we ask if it’s a true threat. And of course it’s almost always not. If not, it’s a chance to turn to the past to reclaim a part of ourselves, send stuff back (others’ old feelings/energies), forgive, and clear all lineages and the collective. Bam! 

Fear, or the ego, asks what the trigger tells us about the present. The soul asks what in the past needs clearing. Turn away from nothing! It’s all here to help you. This is huge!!

Friday 4/27/18 afternoon (Oneness Day)

Enjoyment comes when we’re not waiting for other things to happen. So ask, “What am I waiting for?” Stop waiting! Including for your biggest dreams and goals. 

The steps for being happy: 

1. Admit you don’t know how. When you do this, you open up to the universal, your higher soul, and your angels and guides to help. They’re waiting! 

2. Stop doing the things you used to do that didn’t make you happy. This opens space for something fresh and new. 

Failure is an opportunity to step out of personal will and into the will of the universe to do it through you. 

Hand over your burdens. Your gifts are yours to embrace; your burdens are not yours to resolve. Life gave them to you (burdens) so you can give them back. Huge! In this way, we become the space through which burdens are handled better than we could ever handle them on our own. It’s like the nucleus of the atom (personal self) surrenders so that the power of the whole atom can be used. Also, trying to do everything by ourselves negates unity consciousness. This is major!! We’ve been trying to do everything by ourselves for so long and often times staying stuck. 

We also talked about light and dark. Our job is to be totally anchored and grounded in the light. 

Friday 4/27/18 pm (Oneness Day)

Tonight is about not knowing and getting cool with the unknown. When knowing drops in, that’s great. Otherwise just keep on rolling without needing to know anything. What’s it like to not need to know? Awesome! Amazing. Freeing. 

So what’s it like to not need to know anything about yourself? You’re the one you know the most about, and you’re also the one with whom you have the biggest problem. 

A problem is based on what we know. But what we know is all imagination! Because knowing is based on things that come and go in time; that’s how we draw our conclusions. And anything that’s come has already gone. So we’re basing all that we know on stuff that’s not even here! 

Just be ‘I’ (which is the Roman numeral for one). “Abide as I and the One awakens within.” Whoa… 

A therapist says to a new client, “Tell me about yourself so I can determine what your problem is.” Hahaha… 

Don’t refuse to know yourself, just let life handle what you need to know. Just live and don’t make conclusions. Flow with the river of life and its comings and goings. 

Nail this first and then you’ll have amazing relationships. Because we project the need for happiness onto others because we’re dealing with the problems we have with ourselves, which are based on all we know about ourselves. No more! 

Your partner says, “What do you need from me?” Say, “Just a moment to bask in the glow of your perfection.” Bam!

“No experience” blows away bigger and bigger experiences. It’s the PhD program! And clarity just drops in when it needs to. Why don’t people do this? Because they have too many problems, since they know too much about themselves. 

The easiest way to validate yourself (and not need it from others) is to just sit with yourself like we did last night and give attention to yourself.