Stress is something you feel, so it works just like other feelings. You feel it (read Feelings 101, The Sedona Method). When you get even a little stressed out, at that moment close your eyes, take a breath, and just feel the stress in your body. Don’t think, though, which means that you don’t want to think about why you are stressed or any of that. Don’t even label it beyond acknowledging that it is stress. Just close your eyes, take a breath, and thoroughly feel it.

When you get good at this, it can take only a few seconds to really make a difference. It keeps you on “reset” – it keeps you centered. When you don’t check in with your body when little stresses happen, the stress builds up until you are totally stressed out. This is when you might snap at someone or do something else that you don’t really want to do.

So when you see that phone call or email that you don’t want to see or the bill in the mail or the light turns red when you’re running late, catch it right away. Close your eyes, take a breath, and just let go. Remember where you are and what you are doing. Check in with what you are thinking. Is it true? (We always ask this about our thoughts.) And remind yourself that it’s okay and normal to feel stress in your body under these circumstances – no big deal – and you can proceed and handle the situation in a quality way. Stay centered – from my experience, it’s is much better than letting it build up.