The Pendulum

Howdy, folks! Man, I’ve been SO busy, seeing more clients in the last month or so than I ever have. And busy resting and playing after work and on weekends, so not much writing. I think you’re supposed to write a stockpile of posts and then send them out weekly or something. That sounds great, but no promises… Still, I love writing about and sharing all of these amazing things that are happening, so I’m sure something will give. Because there’s still so much to say.

I think I had eight new clients in one week, just two weeks ago. The sessions have been totally rocking, and they’re getting more and more transformational all the time. And it feels AMAZING! This is what I’ve been wanting for almost six years now. I just can’t describe the feeling I have at the end of some of these sessions. It’s just amazing. So energizing. People always say they don’t know how I listen to people’s problems all day long. And I tell them very clearly that that’s not even close to what is happening! Maybe that happens elsewhere, and I’ve heard over and over that it is, but not with me. That sounds miserable. I don’t even let people bitch. Why? Because what they need is education about bitching. And it’s the same education that explains pretty much everything else in their lives. Take a breath, relax the body, and speak from the heart. It doesn’t do any good for that energy of anger or frustration to take control of the vocal chords. So they learn so much, and they shift way faster as a result. And I learn so much as well. We’re all on this weird earth journey. And I can’t wait to know the reason for this cray cray place that apparently we choose to come to, over and over again! I just know there’s a really good reason, though. Okay, let’s do this…

There’s a lot of shifting happening now in humans, maybe more than at any other time. When talking about shifts, the analogy of the pendulum can come in handy. This is because lots of times we’re way out to the left or way out to the right in a given area. One client, for instance, has been overly accommodating of others her whole life. This can seem like a great quality, but it’s too much. She often hasn’t spoken her mind or stood up for herself in the past. She learned to be this way decades ago, and she’s had enough! No more doormat. So she’s decided to be more real and honest with people. She’s decided to be more selfish, divinely selfish. She takes care of lots of people, so I told her that this is good! Because if she goes down, she can’t take care of them. So she comes first. It’s like that classic analogy of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first if the plane starts to have problems. Then help put it on the person next to you, if they need help.

So I let her know how pleased I was to hear of her shift, and that it sounded healthy. But I also told her about the pendulum. Because sometimes if it’s been way out to one side, when it finally swings it might swing way out to the other side. So she might find herself being a total bitch! But don’t worry, just keep making adjustments based on feeling things out with your heart, moment to moment. And love and support yourself the whole time, with no criticism! Keep doing that and your pendulum will eventually home in on its natural sweet spot. And you can always own it and apologize if you’ve gone too far. If you do, though, do it out of strength and not weakness. And again, no self judgment or criticism! Your true Self might note that you’re finally being real, and you’re learning; you’re practicing. You’re still a good person, and you’re figuring out your true way. You’re shifting, and that’s a big deal, and it certainly isn’t always easy. So be gentle, keep feeling out those adjustments as needed, and all will be good.

So that’s the story of the pendulum. If you’ve been way out one way then consider swinging some in the other direction. Or don’t! It’s all good. But if you do, be aware that you might swing way out the other way. If so, you’ve don’t nothing wrong. Just feel it out, allow yourself to shift, and all will be good. This can also be a useful analogy when examining the actions and behaviors of other people in your life. When you see things from a more zoomed out vantage point, it gives you more information. And more information is good because you might act more compassionately towards them. You might still be strong by setting boundaries and what not, but you don’t have to be judgy. Because their pendulum just swung too far in the other direction, that’s all; and they’re probably not even aware of it. And being judgy makes you feel bad, not them. So less of that is best. Okay folks, that’s all for now, and happy swinging. Wait, don’t take that the wrong way. Or the right way? That’s your call, and you’re innocent either way. Haha, peace out, good people!