If This Isn’t A Past Life Memory, I Don’t Know What Is…

This is a really cool story… So I have a client that’s been absolutely kicking ass. In fact, and I’ve told her this, she’s really taught me a lot. And it’s just so cool to have a front row seat for a transformation, an opening, like this. So she was walking through her house recently, and she passed by the TV. There was a show on, and something caught her attention. “It was out of the blue, that TV show,” she said. “I was walking by the TV and I heard, ‘Thank you for your service.’ ‘It was my pleasure.’ And for some reason that stopped me.” Then she noticed that the setting was a general store representing “Small Town America” of the early- to mid-1800’s. And then she started to sob, right then and there, for no reason at all.

But you know what? This woman does not cry. Ever. And she’s a good bit older than me, too, so she’s been at it a while. She even said that nobody in her family cries! She stated, “We don’t have the crying gene.” So this reaction shocked her. After all, nothing like this had ever happened to her in all these years of living. So she went to bed, unsure of what had happened. And then what happened next surprised her even more.

She had a dream, and in the dream, she’s a young girl in a horse-drawn wagon. It’s the same time frame and setting as the TV show, so that must be what triggered the dream – or the memory, as you might see. The first thing she remembers is that she’s so, so dirty. With her hands, she’s feeling a layer of dirt in her hair and on her face. It’s so dusty and dirty, in fact, that it’s hard to breathe. And she hears the clanging of the horses and the wagon. She might’ve been the only child there, too. And all of a sudden, there’s an attack and everyone scatters. The next thing she knows, she’s hiding behind a big rock, trying to be safe. And then she sees a shadow of someone coming up behind her, so she turns around to look. It’s a Native American man coming at her, and he has an object in his hand, and he raises his arm, and… the dream ends. And she assumes that she dies.

That’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? But do you know why it’s extra interesting? Because she’s had this exact same dream literally hundreds of times in her life! It’s always the same dream, and it always ends in the same place. You see, this is a recurring dream that she used to have quite often. Starting as a young girl, she would have it almost weekly, or at least 2-3 times per month. This went well into her 20s or 30s, and then it would happen not as often. But she hadn’t had it in a good 10-15 years. Until that night. After walking by a “random” TV show that she wasn’t even watching and then truly sobbing out of nowhere. And she never cries. Isn’t that interesting?

Now, I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m really not. But I’ve studied the deep stuff for a pretty long time now, with no previous belief system or hidden agenda, and it seems pretty clear that we reincarnate. For one, there are a ton of children that have had “reincarnation memories,” and there’s a large volume of this work that you can check out. Many of them get documented because a five-year-old kid randomly tells his parents he was William McCorkle born in Country Clare, Ireland in 1802. And the parents are like, “What the???” So they take the kid to a doctor or psychiatrist. And hopefully that person knows what this is and assures the parents that the kid is fine. And in many cases, they even look up the information. So they check the birth records of County Clare, Ireland in 1802. And you know what? Yes, that’s right. Someone named William McCorkle is on the list. Seriously? Yes, seriously! And I know, that’s probably the worst made up Irish name ever. Or maybe it’s not. Hey, it just popped in my head. Maybe it was me back in the day? Who knows. But you get the point.

There are a ton of these cases out there; just look them up if you’re interested. The books Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot by Bruce and Andrea Leininger are a great place to start. Dr. Ian Stevenson made this his life’s work during his long tenure at the University of Virginia, and I believe there’s someone there now that has continued it. And in Soul Survivor, the Leiningers mention a woman that’s written many books on the subject with lots of case studies. All of this stuff appeals to me because I’m so logical. And since I’m so logical, I say that this is clearly what’s happening! At least by a 51-49 margin… Any other explanation is probably pretty convoluted. And note that the rest of the world believes in this as well. And if you really look, the Bible doesn’t contradict it. And also note that it’s all good news! It means we are not this body but rather something WAY better, and death doesn’t phase us. Doesn’t that sound nice? It sure does to me.

So as my client was telling me what happened, this explanation popped in my head immediately. My whole body was tingling, too! I love that. So let’s zoom out and put the pieces together. One thing of note is the immediate and seemingly inexplicable emotional release, the sobbing. As she said, “I don’t cry, ever.” So this could not be more out of the ordinary for her. Another thing of note is that the dream happened that night, for the first time in 10-15 years. Coincidence? Not to this math major. VERY low probability of that. Also the dream was a recurring one; that’s definitely of interest. She’s had it literally hundreds of times throughout her life, the same dream. And one more thing of note is that she’s been described by those that know her as the cleanest person in the world. She takes a shower every morning and night without fail, and has for many decades. And if she finds one grain of sand in her bed, she’ll take all the sheets off and start over.

So when we put all of these pieces together, there’s one very simple explanation that sure jumps to the top of my list, at least by a 51-49 margin: the TV show, which stopped her in her tracks “out of the blue” as she was simply walking by, triggered this memory that she’s been holding for a very long time. And the pain and tears from that time were released. So now we’ll see if the dream returns. We closed our eyes and sent love to the Native American man, by the way, so maybe this whole thing has been released. Either way, this is pretty cool, and I really love sharing this stuff.

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