Clients Can Read!

Several months ago, a client came in and said she could focus enough to actually read for the first time in years. Then more recently, another client said the exact same thing. These are both very intelligent people who absolutely know how to read, learning when they were young just like the other kids at their respective schools. So why couldn’t they read now? Because there was just too much noise in their heads to stay focused! I’ve tried to read before when my mind was going crazy, and I’d “read” a couple of paragraphs or even a page or two and then realize that I hadn’t absorbed a single word. So I understand what they were talking about.

So what had changed? They learned how to ditch the noise! And how did they do this? Two things. And they have to do with… drumroll… thoughts and feelings! I know – surprise, surprise. The feelings part, of course, refers to releasing, letting go, The Sedona Method – whatever you want to call it. And the thinking part refers to letting go of the voice in the head in favor of either real thinking or no thinking at all. That loud inner critic has to go, though, if you want real peace. And all you have to do is let go of it each time you notice it. No fighting or resistance is needed. Over time, the volume will be turned down. It will still talk to itself, but it will have a fraction of the power that it once had.

I’ve said before that the reason I’m doing what I’m doing is that peace can be learned – you don’t have to be born with a resting pulse in the 50’s. And these people have learned a lot. I call experiences like these “measuring sticks.” They couldn’t read and now they can, all as a direct result of learning and applying some simple principles. This is a very concrete experience that says they’re doing something right, so keep doing it.

One of them has had another measuring stick, and I swear the term “stick” is not being used intentionally, but it involves getting an erection. I promise this won’t be graphic… Basically, he’s had to take Cialis for a couple/few years now. He’s not some old man with a natural decline in sex drive, either. At some point he just became wound too tightly in this area of his life. And the voice in the head loves to yell about this type of malfunction, so there was way too much noise in his head. Then he came in to see me and get to work. After a few sessions, he noticed that he didn’t need Cialis for the first time in years. He attributed this change directly to The Sedona Method and the rest of the work that we’ve done, which is exactly what I write about here at A Clean Mind. No secrets. Needless to say, I was very happy to hear this. Who knows if he’ll need pills or not in the future, but he knows that something is working. And regardless of whether or not he’s “cured” or if he’ll still have issues, he’s released on that, too! Release on everything – life is so much smoother that way. And all it takes is practice.

Well, that’s the tale for today, beloved readers. I just love hearing stories like this, because it confirms even more that this stuff really does work. It’s a way of living that’s totally different than what the majority of the world practices, and the world’s a total mess. So don’t live that way! How much of a stress ball do we really need to be?? So happy releasing, gently let go of that voice in the head when you notice it, and let me know of any success stories, as well as any challenges. This is a skill that is learned, practiced, and developed. And when you get noticeable results, it gives you more and more confidence. I’m here to help if I can. Peace!