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Client Feedback: Amazing Matt Kahn Video

Hello, lovelies. In late October, I wrote about a teacher I recently discovered named Matt Kahn and one particular video of his. The post is called Matt Kahn & the Fast Path to Awesomeness. The video is called Raising Your Vibration, and it’s so fundamental to inner peace that I’d like to talk about it again here. It really is that important. As I said in the original post, the video is about… get ready… being nice to ourselves! Hahaha, hilarious. That sure doesn’t sound like the topic of a video by that name, does it? He talks about how we might go to the ends of the earth in the name of growth, but most of us haven’t considered simply being nice to ourselves and talking nicely to ourselves. Which is actually more powerful, anyway. So cool…

Also, note that this post appears in the December newsletter for Breathe Yoga & Wellness. Well, there’s a reason for that. Yoga is awesome and incredible and amazing and the list goes on and on. Many people, however, have lots of negative self-talk around their yoga practice. I know because I used to be one of them! How many times have you heard the word “should” in some form or fashion? And this extends to all of the healthy things we think we should be doing. “I should go more often.” “I should take my practice more seriously.” “I should be able to do the poses as well as those people.” “I should be better than I am since I’ve been doing it so long.” What if all of that chatter were gone and replaced by something like, “I really love myself and give myself credit right now for showing up here and trying to do something healthy.” And then pausing for a moment to breathe in and feel that awesome feeling. You’ll feel so much better, especially after some practice, and your yoga practice will be better as well. You see, thinking is 24/7, so let’s get that down first. Our personal thinking is the water in which we swim, pretty much all the time. So it’s kind of important. Let’s get that down and then see if the rising tide really does lift all ships.

Let’s close today by sharing how this video has affected others in very short time. Several friends and clients have already told me how much it has changed their world. It’s really cool for me, because it feels so good to help others. And in this case, I don’t even have to do anything! I’m just sharing stuff that has helped me, which is all this work that I do is about anyway. So today I’d like to share an email that I got from a client I haven’t even seen in close to three years. Her words speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Hey Friend…been a little tough in my life lately, but I’m hanging 🙂 But i wanted to share that I had gone to your blog recently and was reading a few posts to see if you had anything on anger…lol…but as I was reading, I stumbled across one of your posts that mentioned Matt Kahn…and you know me, I was curious so I immediately pulled up that video and started watching…Well, I was amazed…I can’t tell you now how many of his videos I’ve watched (and still watching), but with every one seems to come a clearer understanding of the universe than from all the books, courses, etc. out there that I’ve seen. I try not to get too excited, but I just keep going back…and back… If you ever decide to go see him, let me know and you can pack me in your suitcase. I think I thought (how’s that for good grammar) I loved myself, but now I realize I hadn’t even scratched the surface, and if I’m lucky enough one day to be able to, I think my eyes will be open as never before, and he’s taught me so much, especially to keep reminding myself that when people are angry, mean, bossy or whatever towards me, it’s not about me attracting that…its more about them being on their own journey. I could go on forever as you know, but just wanted to thank you for having that in your blog for me to find…lol.

Love you…