Client/Friend Stories

Answer Comes In A Dream

I talk a lot about how the fast way of handling our issues is to do inner work first (read Inner vs. Outer). Release those inner knots first and then do what needs to be done in the outer world after that. And always keep releasing as long as you need to. This is the downstream way, flowing with the current. I’ve talked about how we can’t expect amazing results, but we often get them anyway. And sometimes they come in ways we couldn’t have possibly scripted ourselves. Truth really can be stranger than fiction, as they say. One of my clients recently had one of those experiences. This is pretty cool…

So my client had had a falling out with his dad a while back, like maybe a year ago or close to it. He very much wants to reconcile with him, but he’s been unsure of how exactly to do this. I’ve always said to just keep releasing, keep letting go, and let the answer come when it’s time. Well, apparently it’s time. The answer has come, and the form in which it came was pretty astonishing – a dream.

My client had a very, very vivid dream in which he was back home with his family and he said to his dad, “We have to talk.” They went into a different room and talked, and it went very well. When he awoke, he realized, “I have the answer!” He said that he usually doesn’t remember his dreams very well, but this was like no other dream – he remembered it crystal clear. And he’s going to say to his dad exactly what he said in the dream. He was literally given the exact answer to this problem that had been weighing on him for a while. Hells yeah!

He also said that when he awoke, he felt “so great and peaceful and… free. It was so awesome.” He had had that feeling once before about five years ago, and that was when he had been meditating, I believe with a spiritual group. He had meditated more than once with them, but this one particular time he had gotten to a totally different place, a place of total peace and freedom. This is how he felt the morning after the dream. And he said that it ended up being  “a great day,” despite the fact that he works a very busy, stressful job and that day he worked with a particularly stressful co-worker. He releases on her a lot, by the way…

So that’s the story. Pretty darn cool. It’s an extreme example of the possibilities that are out there for you. I realize there are plenty of people out there who have vivid dream lives and remember their dreams quite well. Something different happened to my client, though, because he normally doesn’t remember his dreams so well. And the feeling he had when he awoke, that same feeling he had experienced once before in meditation… that signaled that there was something different going on. By consistently releasing when he felt he needed to, he was able to untie those inner knots surrounding the issue with his father and, as my friend Dr. Larry Burk says, Let Magic Happen. Is this really my job?? I love it!