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Let’s face it – sleep is pretty important. It’s a huge part of the equation for living in a body, along with other biggies like food and water. And beer. Just kidding… The subject of sleep has come up in sessions with clients recently, so I thought I’d write about it here and share what […]

The Tiny, Mad Idea

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We’re going to get pretty Jedi today. It’s very subtle, though. Here we go… I’d like to introduce the phrase “tiny, mad idea.” This refers to that first seemingly true thought that enters our mind and begins to hijack our peace. Everyday examples include, “This suck,” “I failed,” “It’s her fault,” “Just my luck,” etc. […]

Tool: Using Third Person

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A nice and effective tool for keeping the big picture in mind and seeing the forest and not just the trees is using the third person. And who would you describe with the third person? Yourself! For instance, let’s say I find myself getting angry about something that happens, like the internet isn’t working properly […]