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We might as well go ahead and get this post written, since the End of Times is drawing near. Just kidding! Maybe there will be some upheaval in the physical world, but I don’t think so. And if so, we’ll deal with it then. I’ve always seen this as the end of a huge cycle […]

Client Kicks Ass!

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I had a client totally kick ass after just one session, and I’m really excited (I tend to get more excited than they do). What he did is pretty subtle, but it’s a big part of what my work with people is really all about. It’s simple stuff that most people don’t do. He did, […]

Why On Earth Would I Become A Therapist?

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Some people have asked me why I would become a therapist. The answer actually might be relevant to you, so I thought I’d write about it. Basically, I became a therapist because I’m selfish. For one, I wanted to have a job that I liked (since I’ve had many that I didn’t like). I got […]

Inner vs. Outer

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The way I teach people to handle their problems is to always start with the inner. Get that cleared out first, because the outer tends to follow the inner. I know this might sound weird, but that’s fine. Remember that I’m a really logical person who first tries things out to see if they work. […]