Where do we go from here?

Hello good folks 🙂 I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus this past month and am back to talk some about where we’re headed. And I have no clue! It’s been a super, super busy summer for me. This whole year has flown by like no other, in fact, and I’ve travelled more this year than in quite some time. And honestly, I’m uncertain about what’s next regarding this blog or where I take my work. I really want to reach a larger audience, that’s for sure. And when I look back at how far we’ve come since that first post on January 5, 2012, I’m just in awe. I did not see this coming! And “this,” of course, refers to our understanding of healing through self-love, and letting the universe guide everything. And of course that same force is still every bit as alive and intact right now as we speak, guiding my future and the future of this work.

One thing that’s interesting is that when I started this, it was all about the mind. It was all about listening to that quieter voice deep inside rather than the incessant “voice in the head.” As our work morphed into this radical form of self-love, though, the mind has no longer been an issue. In fact, the mind ceased to be an issue long before that, just because we were switching the radio station so much and listening to our wisdom. And by loving the thinker and even talking to it as a parent would lovingly talk to a child in need of love, it just speeds everything up. And I had absolutely no clue about any of that back when I started all of this…

So to summarize, I have a blog and business and brand called A Clean Mind, but it’s not even about the mind anymore! What? And I love my logo. Thank you, thank you, thank you always to Sarah Davidson… love it… But it feels pretty clear that it’s time for something new. And the brand or name or whatever it is might just be me, sharing whatever it is that I share as my journey twists and turns.

Another thing that’s interesting is that by the end of the year, it will have been seven years of sharing here with these blog posts. And I’ve loved it! Like, a lot. Wow. But things often happen in seven-year cycles. Hmmm… So I think what I’m going to do is keep blasting away for now, finishing up some unfinished posts and also seeing what new stuff wants to come up. And of course I’ll continue to practice relaxing into the universal power that’s in charge, and loving any part of me that’s impatient or frustrated or scared or worried or curious or whatever. And that’s how healing happens. I’ll also continue to ask what only the next step is, the next action – and not the whole damn path. Because as much as the little planner and fixer and problem-solver in my head innocently wants to know the whole thing, it just doesn’t work that way! And being a math major Virgo, I’m totally NOT wired to “relax into it” and trust. So trust me, everything I share here and everything I share with my clients is exactly what I’m practicing and living. We’re on the same journey, and I’m no different than you. I’m just super curious and have a very deep drive to share so that we can all be happier as a planet.

So there you go! We’ll see where things go from here, and I’m just as curious as anyone. I’m naturally a teacher and helper and sharer (I think that’s a word…), and this message is sorely needed in this wild and crazy world. There are many people that come into my office or hear a talk and bam, they’re changed right away from this practice of “loving what arises” that’s so simple, gentle, and yet so powerful. And I know that there are literally millions of these people out there that are so ready! That want this and need it! And if I can help, then I really want to reach them. When one of those people walks out of my office that first time, sometimes I literally get on my knees and beg the universe, “Bring me more!!!” It just feels so good. So we’ll see what goes down. And in the meantime, I’ll keep posting here. So… much love to you, much respect for your journey, and as always, I’m here to help if I can. Peace out!