Happy 2020! We’re back…

Hello folks… I’m ba-ack! Almost a year and a half ago, I felt to take a break from blogging here. In my last post, I mentioned a strong desire to share this work with a much larger audience. And I said that I had absolutely no idea what that would look like or how or when it would begin. And while it’s been an amazing time since that last post, I still don’t know these answers! But it’s all good. The universe is very clearly having me surrender more and more and let IT handle the steps. One. At. A. Time. It’s been a mind-blowing ride since we last connected here, and I’m so excited for what’s to come. 2020 feels amazing so far. And I’ll bet I’ll fill you in later on what went down in 2019 and the lessons that were learned. But it’s all been part of a bigger plan, and I’ve been living the teachings as best I can this whole time. And I honestly feel like I’ve been nailing it, in the big picture. But I definitely didn’t always feel that way in real time, which is super common, part of the process. That means a healing and clearing is in progress. Yay.

One thing I do know, which I’ve said before because it’s been shown to me so clearly time and time again, is that this work has continued to get more powerful and more fast and immediate; that’s actually always been the case since we first began in 2011. That has never changed, and it’s the most humbling part of it all. This. Stuff. Works. And it feels like my mission to share it with the world. It’s such a game changer. And it simplifies things so much for people. And that feels so good. 

One way in which things could unfold is to shift to doing more virtual and phone sessions with clients all across the country. This would eventually take me out of the local counseling market in my lovely hometown of Pensacola, FL altogether. That’s where I’ve been doing this these last eight-plus years. I’ve never called it “counseling” or “therapy,” as I’ve said many times. Simply put, it’s super fast growth. It’s super fast and powerful healing. It’s the understanding of what the hell is going on here as a human on earth! It’s the User Guide we’ve been missing and wanting. We master emotions and thoughts, and we learn to use self-love to heal our heart’s wounds, one at a time as they arise. “Loving what arises” – that’s the essence of what this is. You don’t necessarily love what happens – I sure don’t! – but you absolutely DO love the YOU to whom it’s happening. Unconditionally. Because there’s a baby in there, in case you haven’t noticed (I was a grown ass man when I first noticed – like 40 years or more!). And it’s a process that takes time, but it gets better and better, more and more natural. And the light that grows within you already feels amazing. AMAZING.

We also learn more and more that the universe is in charge of literally each and every detail, including the exact timing of things, so that we can relax into our journey. Think of a moving sidewalk, I love that analogy – just relax and let it take you where it already knows to take you. So yeah, I was never meant to be a local counselor. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with local counselors! No way, they’re awesome and they’re absolutely necessary. But for me, the counseling practice has been a vehicle through which this work could twist and turn and grow and evolve. And now it’s at a really good place, a tried and true comprehensive system of living that’s 24/7. And it’s simple. It’s very powerful. And I don’t even know how this has all happened! I marvel just like the clients, readers, friends, and family members that benefit. The universe has been up to something, and it’s been working. And that feels so good.

Once we’ve gone totally virtual, assuming that’s what happens (and I have no idea), the next step would probably be to package this “work” into digital products like online courses and books. That feels like where this is really leading. I’m a teacher at heart, I have been since I was young, and I can see a sort of online school. How about an app? You have to have an app to be cool these days… I just want it to be SUPER easy and convenient for people to have the best resources available, right at their fingertips. I can see – and feel – an AMAZING online course or resource, something that’s so clear and also very easy to refer back to later, literally throughout a person’s lifetime. Because it’s the freaking User Guide. I don’t want any of this to be ridiculously expensive, either. Let’s get the word out on the rules of the game, with relatively easy access.

The target audience is huge. It’s anyone that has a deep need or desire to heal; anyone that wants to learn about emotions and thoughts; anyone that’s a deep and curious thinker; anyone that wants – and needs – peace and happiness. Anyone that wants to know what the hell is going on here on earth, in the big picture. It’s the education system, it’s the corporate world. It’s also counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Finally – and this group is huge – it’s people that have already been in the spiritual or self-help or personal growth worlds and still feel there’s something missing, or that it’s not working anymore. What worked before is not supposed to work anymore, because it’s time for the next level, the next step, the next class. Graduation. And this is exactly it! We’re in a new era now, and most of what’s out there has not yet been updated. This is the updated version. Call it Spirituality 5.0 or something like that. I just call it “the new way.” 

So there you go, that’s what’s up. And it’s nice to reconnect! It took me a minute to get the feel again, but I guess it’s just like riding a bike. Feeling super good now, like we’re already rolling. I might give a summary sometime soon, who knows. It’s definitely been a while, so that wouldn’t hurt. And I’ll search the ole memory banks to see if there are any extra cool stories to tell. There are – there always are! – it’s just a matter of what’s wanting to be said at this time. There’s a ton of amazing content in the Archives, you can scroll down and see what jumps out at you. July 2017 is when the main shift happened, so anything after that is great. And plenty before that is great as well, just see what pops out.

As always, I send you all the love there is, wherever you are and however you are, right now. This journey is not easy, it’s to be respected, and WE are to be respected. All of us. Even people that need strict or harsh boundaries. Even people that need mace in their face or a restraining order… what the hell… or a kick in the nuts (I couldn’t resist… sorry not sorry… ). Because we’re all souls in bodies, without a User Guide, and we’re doing our damn best. Even when our best seems unimaginably awful. In that case, they can do their best… over there. But as a soul in a body that’s pretty lost at that time, there are still blessings and respect, at a deeper level. And I’m here to help anytime that I can. Peace out, much love to you, and I am with you, always, until the next time 🙂