Tool: Welcome the Assignment!

Here at A Clean Mind, we’re all about learning how to allow and accept what has happened. Why? Because it has already happened! Let me know when the time machine is around, because then we can just go back and fix or change things. Until then, though, let’s focus on allowing and accepting. Note: this doesn’t mean we have to act like a spineless doormat. Please let me know if you need clarification on this, because that’s important. Actually, I should write about that separately. (Pause…) Okay, I just put that on the list.

So we learn to allow and accept, and then we practice. It’s all about practicing. And life magically brings us exactly what we need to practice, precisely at the right moment and not a second too early or too late (read Timing or Am I Qualified To Judge?). This practice generally comes in the form of “things going south” or “bad things” happening. Life challenges. Relationship issues. You get the idea.

When these things happen, most people get upset and stressed out right away. And since they haven’t been reading and practicing A Clean Mind or doing something else helpful (there’s lots of stuff out there), this condition snowballs. My work is all about recognizing this condition as early as possible and then dealing with it on the spot, before it snowballs. First release the feelings (including the feeling of stress, whatever that looks like in your body), and then question the thoughts. Are they true? (Probably not). Can you know for a fact that they’re true? (Absolutely not!). And it’s so much easier to nip it in the bud early than late.

So here’s a tool that works wonders for me: as soon as my peace is disturbed, I tell myself, “Welcome the assignment.” Bam! That snaps me into right-minded thinking immediately. In three words, I’m reminded that this situation that I don’t like, whatever it is, is gift-wrapped from spirit and right on time. Will I pass the test? I hope so, because if not then I can be sure I’ll have to take it again! When you pay attention, you see that this is exactly how the world works.

Is this anything new? Absolutely not. This is just another way of saying what we’ve been saying here from the beginning. Different things work for different people, though. And different things work for the same people at different times in their lives. This is because we’re all changing and growing. For some reason, “Welcome the assignment” really works for me, so I’m sharing it with you. If it helps even just one person, then I’m pretty psyched.

I got this particular phrase from an amazing book called Spirit Junkie by a cool, hip younger chick named Gabby Bernstein. I cannot recommend this book enough. And having read it, I’m pretty sure she would not be offended at being described as a “cool, hip younger chick.” And by the way, the word “chick” to me is nothing more than the female version of “dude.” There’s nothing negative at all that’s intended. Literally nothing. Zero. Zilch. So please don’t assume that I’m some male A-hole when I use that word. I love that word – that’s how I talk. And if you read Gabby’s book, you’ll see that’s how she talks as well! Very refreshing. I’ll write an entire post about this book sometime. In short, though, it’s all about how you become one with spirit. Not too shabby a topic… And it’s very specific, too.

So when life brings you lemons, tell yourself right away, “Welcome the assignment.” See if this helps you to not get sucked in. When you get sucked in, you’re asleep and you allow the whole thing to snowball. And this is optional! When you have a tool like this to use, you’re forced to wake up. And when you’re awake, you have a choice where there was none before. You have the choice to deal with a small snowball of not fun feelings and thoughts rather than waiting and dealing with a huge avalanche later. Either way, you still have to deal with it at some point…

And if becoming one with spirit and turning everything over to spirit sounds appealing, then go read Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein. It’s pretty powerful. It’s also very simple – I like that a lot. It’s experiential, too. She has you doing the work right along with her. This is the direction that my work is going, too. I still have to masquerade as a counselor to pay the bills, though. And like all other life situations, I welcome that assignment…