The Flutter

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A client has been working with me since her husband of many years passed, and a cool thing happened recently. She was walking in her backyard, and she was talking to him. Like me, she does not believe he is gone. Rather, he has changed form. He’s in a different body now, and it’s not physical. But it’s still a body and he’s still here. As readers of this blog know***, to me there’s a mountain of evidence for this, and it’s growing all the time. It won’t be too long before the belief in death is a relic, seen to be what it is, simply ridiculous. And yes, I cry at funerals! Totally. I get sad and I miss loved ones, and I’ve experienced great pain over that. My dad would be the biggest one. Which reminds me that I had a good cry over that with a recent client, and it’s been over fifteen years. I’ll be writing about that as well, because it’s a pretty cool story. So I don’t say this to minimize anyone’s experience; I’ve had the same experience. It’s just that facts are facts, and The Future will know very clearly – and thankfully! – that death is of the body… and we are not a body. So after we take our final breath in the physical body, we then take our next one in a different body. Call it a soul or a light body or whatever, but that’s what we do.

So my client was talking to her husband about helping her get through a date of all things! That’s a close relationship right there, by the way. And where he is, there isn’t this possessive or competitive thing that we have here. It’s just different. And of course he wants her to be happy, because she most likely has many years left. So she is doing the very brave thing of dating. She knows it’ll be tough, but it’ll speed things up. And she refuses to let this destroy her, leaving her all alone and sad for the rest of her life. I really do admire her spirit, as I tell her often.

So she was walking in her backyard asking him to help her survive a date she had that night, and she heard “a distinct fluttering of wings,” like a hummingbird or a dragonfly. It was right in her ear, like right there. She turned her head to look, and there was nothing in sight. Wow. So she kept walking and talking to him, and a little while later, she heard the same thing. RIGHT THERE. Not subtle. Real. Again, she turned her head to look, and again there was nothing there. What?? But of course she knew. This was him communicating with her. I am here. I can hear you. And I am with you.

How did she know? Well, she had a pretty obvious intuitive sense, for starters. It was just too much of a strong sound, a strong sensation. It was not subtle. There was a time that I first felt my dad’s love about a year after he passed. I don’t think I’ve shared that here, so I guess I’ll do that sometime. That night changed my life forever, literally jaw dropping. But when I tell people about it, I always say that – “it was not subtle.” And I’ll slap my arm or something as I say it. Slap! And I’ll say it was as subtle as that. Not subtle. Real.

The other thing is that she’s had two “visitation dreams.” I don’t recall the details, but they happened before she came to see me. And she described the most beautiful feeling. Usually in these visitation dreams, the message is, “I’m fine, all is well, and you have nothing to mourn or worry about. It’s all good, and I am here.” I thought I’d written about these before, but I just searched and didn’t find anything. Basically it’s a dream in which the one that has crossed over appears and visits you. But it doesn’t feel like a regular dream. It has a more realistic quality to it. Usually the person looks great and feels great, despite their condition at the time of passing. They might have a glow. And they’re giving you a message for those that are still here on earth: “I’m fine. Go on with your lives and live fully and love fully. I am here and it’s all good.” Back to the story…

Just for fun we looked up “hummingbird meaning” and “dragonfly meaning.” After all, you never know when you might read something that resonates, so why not take a look-see? Here’s what it said for the hummingbird: “Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day. The prime message is the sweetest nectar is within!” And she’s trying to enjoy life again. She’s declaring that she didn’t ask for this; she didn’t ask for him to pass at this time. But she cannot and will not stop living. And of course our work is all about the fact that the sweetest nectar is within. Hummingbird meaning… check!

Here’s what it said for the dragonfly: “The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world, symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self-realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.” Wow… Change is pretty obvious. She has been undergoing some major change, and very rapidly at that. And self-realization, that’s what we do. Realizing we are the Self and not the self, you might say. Mental maturity? Check. We’ve been talking about listening to and dialoguing with the voice in the head, the part of us that’s loud in any moment. And tuning in to the quieter voice within, the one that’s so much nicer and smarter. Emotional maturity? Check. We’ve been kicking ass in this department, talking about emotions in a way that’s new for me, and that I haven’t shared yet here. Things have gotten a bit deeper than I intended this blog to be, so I’m not sure yet how I’ll portray it. It’d be a post meant for empaths and energetically sensitive beings, though – a different way of seeing things that drastically lightens our load. And the deeper meaning of life? We are bringing heaven to earth, so to speak, and that’s what this work is all about. Dragonfly meaning… check!

So there you go, good folks, the tale of The Flutter. I love having a front row seat for so much amazing stuff! And I could not feel more honored. And of course I love sharing it with you. I hope you are enjoying it, and as always, let me know if I can help.

The Hike, The Dog, & The Universe

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I had the coolest experience today. I went hiking for the first time at the trails out at the University of West Florida with my friend and her two huge chocolate labs. For many years, I’ve heard about these trails from lots of people that have mountain biked, run, and walked them, and I didn’t even know exactly where they were. Sure enough, right there at the edge of campus, there’s a ton of wooded land with a river on one side.

There are trails throughout, miles of them, so we picked one and started walking. We were talking, and then all of a sudden the younger dog was gone. He’s eighteen months old, and she’d expressed that he might do this. We called out for him and looked around, and he was nowhere to be found. Totally gone. We kept walking with the older dog for a while, then we turned around and headed back in hopes of finding him. And we learned in the meantime that the trails are not very well marked, so we actually got slightly lost at one point. It wasn’t to the level of the Blair Witch Project or anything, but it did make things a bit more interesting.

So we were walking back, and then we veered off onto a different trail that went over by the water. She said that the dog had bolted off that way the last time they’d been out there, and it’s also a really beautiful spot, so off we went. We got the the spot on the water, and there was no dog. Hmm… With no other options, and having walked several miles already, we started walking back towards the parking lot.

The dog had a tag on his collar, so we were hoping he’d either find his way back to the car, we’d find him, or someone would find him and call my friend. I had a feeling that it would turn out okay, and I’d even asked the universe when he first got lost to blow our minds if it wanted to. It just didn’t feel like losing a dog for good was going to happen on this day. Also my friend and I like to talk about the deep stuff when we hang out, and she’s involved in teaching and sharing it like I am. So it seemed like something cool was going to happen. I didn’t say any of this to her, though, because it might sound like I was minimizing it since it wasn’t my dog! And she would’ve been absolutely right. She later said she’d begun to have some waves of worry as the hike wore on, and how could she not. I’m sure I would have… And she barely said a word about it.

So here’s where it gets cool. After we started walking back, we crossed paths with two guys that were out running the trails. All of a sudden, there they were out of nowhere, face to face with us. We asked if they’d seen a chocolate lab and one of them said yes, with sort of an interesting look in his eye. But still, we’re thinking that there’s little chance that we’ll be able to find him. If the guy said, “He’s that way,” then off we’d go, and good luck finding this dog that’s running all over the place in miles and miles of forest. So the few seconds after he said “yes” felt like this really interesting space. And then he said, “He’s at my house.” Wham!

Isn’t that so cool? It felt really awesome. What’s more, his wife was home and they lived maybe two miles away. Really? They’d called the number on the tag, but my friend had left her phone in the car. So he must’ve called his wife and asked her if she’d come and get the dog until the owner had been found. They texted us her name and number, and in no time flat we had the dog. Wow. So it all worked out well, and super smooth, and yes, the universe blew our minds. Thanks, universe. So cool!

So that’s the story of the hike, the dog, and the universe. I hope you enjoyed it. I wrote about Michael Singer’s awesome and fun book The Surrender Experiment almost two years ago, but I was nowhere close to living that way. Not even remotely close! That’s when you know that whatever happens is for your highest good and highest potential, 100% of the time. Period. So when things happen that you don’t like, you realize it’s melting that little ego dude or dudette in there that’s saying, “No! This is wrong! This shouldn’t be happening! I’m right and the universe is wrong!!” Yes, folks, I’ve done that… a lot… All I can say is that for most of us, it takes a while to start to live in YES more and more. Listening to a ton of Matt Kahn recently, like the retreat I wrote about not too long ago, is what has really gotten my attention. And life gets smoother after a while because your “stuff” gets cleared out more and more, and you say “yes” to what’s happening and thus learn your lessons faster. You see the intelligence that’s orchestrating all things, and you see it more often in real time. And the ego melts faster.

And now let’s deepen it, and I’ll be writing more and more about this. But we’ve been doing all this self-love on steroids lately (first here and then more here), and that has a huge effect. Because since we’re loving ourselves more, the universe doesn’t have to give us reminders by constantly letting us down. Think about that for a moment… Yes it can be pretty brutal, but it really does seem like that’s the setup. For now, anyway, in these crazy shifting times. So if the universe is so intelligent that it can turn a tiny acorn into a massive freaking oak tree, then maybe everything that happens really is for my highest good. And maybe it’s all just reminders to love myself more deeply. And maybe when I do that, the universe seems to get nicer. I don’t know for sure, but it really does feel that way to me lately. And it’s certainly worth a shot, because what could go wrong? You might even get your dog back.

I’m also going to send this post to the awesome people that went out of their way to secure this tired, wet, hot, slobbering, furry dog. They might think I’m absolutely crazy! But it could also lead to changing someone’s life. You never know when something in these words, something else on the blog, or something that’s recommended like a book or a teacher affects someone. And it could be a friend of a friend of a friend – that’s the universal intelligence again, and it knows each of us intimately, and it knows who needs what and when, as well as knowing exactly how to deliver it to them. And if they think I’m crazy then that’s fine, too. At least it’ll make for a funny story. So peace out! And happy hiking 🙂

Psychic Client’s Vision Happens To Me… The Next Day

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So I have this psychic client that I’ve really enjoyed working with. We had a session recently, and just before she left, she said she had a message for me – it popped in her head just like that. She described some official papers, like a will. In fact, clarity came in that it was a will. And she saw me getting these papers from some file folders like the ones in my office, to which she pointed. And that was that, just a simple scene. And do you know why I smiled? Because a relative had just asked me – like an hour before – to do a favor for him. He was out of town and needed some papers to be gotten from his house and taken to his attorney. The attorney that was handling his father’s will.

The next day, I had some time to go to his house. So I called him and he walked me to where the papers were. I felt like I was in a movie, because he was describing exactly what my client had described the day before. I was just the actor playing the part out in real time, so cool. “Open the cabinet and look on the right side, about chest level. And you’ll see an accordion-looking thing. You know, the kind with those file folders in it.” Yes, I know. And in there were the papers. So I got them and took them to the attorney (who happens to be one of my college roommates and one of my all-time favorite people on earth). I had to tell him the story, and he thought it was pretty cool. Because it really happened!

So there you go, just sharing something fun that happened recently. If you think this is cool, then just breathe that amazing, spacious feeling into your body and let your cells take a bath. Ahh……. And if you feel a contraction, then breathe some love into that part of your body. And let go. Let go of things having to make sense or having to be a certain way. Let go of needing to know. Let go of needing to be in control of what is possible. Let go of your old worldview that might be opening up now to a much greater one (and a much more realistic one – just sayin’). Let those walls come crashing down with your breath, and how things really work will come right to your doorstep, in due time. Life is so much more fun and exciting this way, and it just feels better. Wow. And if you’d like to talk about this sometime, then just let me know, because that’s what I’m here for, among other things. Like going to the beach and hearing some awesome music, which is about to happen. I love Pensacola… Peace out!

Spiritual Folks – Buy This For Only $111!

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Hi good folks. I’ve mentioned the teacher Matt Kahn before, like when I wrote about his video about raising your vibration by… talking nicely to yourself. Yes, it is funny. Because that works way better than all the crazy woowoo stuff we do. That stuff is fine, though, and wonderful! But only after you start being nice to yourself and loving yourself. Otherwise it’s just not going to be very effective. I know because I’ve done it both ways! That stuff helps some, but nothing like the real thing of loving yourself. And in many cases, as with me, it can stir up old, icky stuff and you’re not very centered to handle it because you’re not nice to yourself. And life seems crazy. Anyway, this guy rules.

So I’m on his email list, and the last email had a “Featured Product of the Month” that looked awesome. It’s all of the audio from a 5-day Feel Good Now retreat he did in March of this year. And you click Buy and then enter a promo code and the price goes from $299 to $111. It’s like 17 hours of talks, with some stuff in between like chanting and chimes. Which is great, too. But it’s mostly him dropping hours and hours of ridiculous knowledge. And when I think of the price of $111, after having listened to it all, I can only laugh. Because this thing has totally peeled me open.

Now, maybe it’s just where I am, who knows. I feel like many of you would get some major gold nuggets from this, though, and that’s why I’m passing it on. It said it’s on sale for a month, and that was over a month ago. It still worked when I checked, so just click the link, add it to your cart, enter promo code FEELGOOD111, and see what the price does. And feel it out. If you have it, it’ll be there for you for anytime down the road. No pressure, no rush; just an option in case it ever helps. He’s really funny, so that’s good. And you can check out his YouTube channel, which makes for an amazing wormhole. And a healthy one, too! In case you’ve had enough of those YouTube wormholes that are serious time waster and leave you hating yourself to some degree… There are also some audio samples on the link above. So there you go, you have options.

Here’s why I’m so into this guy now: because I’m really getting it that there’s a new way that’s emerging. And we are part of that. So much shift is happening in the world, and that’s obvious. We’re upgrading, and there’s been some serious chaos for a while as the old way crumbles. It’s happening everywhere. What many people don’t get, though, is that it’s happening in spirituality as well. The old spiritual paradigm is now outdated, and it’s giving way to the new. As he says, the ceiling of the old way is the floor of the new way, and it just goes up from there. I don’t think there are many teachers that are talking about this, though, because I don’t think there are many that know about it. And he is one. So this is about breaking all the old spiritual rules, or having new versions of them that are appropriate for the current age. Bam!

So there you go, just a sharing, in case it resonates. Also note the flow of the five days, if you listen. Somewhere towards the middle he mentions that, and it’s really cool. He starts off by breaking down our defenses so there’s space for something new. Then our minds get pretty blown the second day. Then the third day is heart stuff, emotional stuff. And then it sky rockets from there. The teaching on the breath blew me wide open. I’d like to say specifically what it was, but I don’t want to spoil it. Wow. So enjoy! Or not, all good – just giving you some options. It’s pretty cool, though, so I thought I’d tell you about it. Peace out 🙂

The Amazing “Resources” Email That I Always Send Out

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It just occurred to me that I haven’t shared with you the “Resources” email that I send to clients, and of course to friends if they ask. I used to write down good books and such for clients in our first session, and then my hand started to hurt. So I got smarter (or lazier?) and started to email it. And though there were the “greatest hits” that were helpful for almost any of us, various other clients would resonate with various other things. And so the email grew. And it grew. And it grew some more. It’s been at the same place for a little while now, so I figured it’s a good time to share it here with you. And at some point, I should have it as its own page on this website. And yes, I’ve been meaning to redesign this site for like two years. I really should get on that… But in the meantime, here it is! And yes, this is lots of familiar stuff to those of you that have read my blog for a while. Still, it’s nice to have it all in one place. And by all means, share it with those in need! ALWAYS. It really has helped some folks. And it’s very cost-effective. Here we go, just pretend this is an email now. This is not a blog post. This is an email.

Hi [First Name],

Great stuff…

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
Chapter 11 (Pain, the Price of Freedom) teaches us how to feel. This is essential! Also see my blog 6-28-16 about this exact chapter. And the rest of the book is amazing, too. But this chapter is really helpful, so I often recommend that people read it first, especially if they’re carrying lots of “stuff.” Then start at the beginning with his hilarious description of the insane voice in the head and go from there.

Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani
If you’re interested, this is an amazing near death experience and miraculous cancer comeback. AMAZING! One of the best books I’ve ever read or listened to. Great Audible audio version, too. Use your Amazon login if you have that, or else create a free account on Audible. And here’s a pretty in-depth blog post I wrote about it.

Somebody Should Have Told Us by Jack Pransky
This is one of the main books to read, and you’ll probably have to order it from Amazon or something. It’s a very relaxed, conversational book about how we all have built-in wisdom and how our body “feels our thinking” rather than feeling the world directly. In other words, our experience of life is happening inside-out and not the other way around. And it sure seems like it’s the other way around! I highly recommend this book to anyone. A very relaxed read, too.

The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer
His memoir of saying YES to the universe for forty years. Amazing! Would be great for audio, too. Not so dense, just a memoir. And for a taste, here’s my blog post on it.

Judgment & Self-Judgment
Always an important topic! I wrote two posts about this around St. Patricks’s Day 2016 and then followed them up around St. Patrick’s Day 2017. The latter one links to the two prior ones, all good stuff. And SO important for your peace!! Big time. Here’s that most recent one.

Talking Nicely To Yourself
Matt Kahn is amazing! Here’s a post I wrote that links to a video that’s life changing. He has TONS of videos, too, as well as a book called Whatever Arises, Love That. And he’s working on another book as well.

The Space Within by Michael Neill
He’s a really good teacher. Same background as Jack Pransky. Definitely worth a read. And look for the deeper feelings that he talks about, starting right now in this moment! Also my blog post on that.

The Happy Train!
This is awesome when dealing with difficult people. An amazing attitude to cultivate! Blog post here.

The Relationship Handbook by George Pransky 
This might be good as well. Same orientation as Jack Pransky and Michael Neill, specifically for relationships.

Sign From My Dad
I’ve gotten lots of signs from my dad since he passed in 2002, and so have my brothers. This blog post describes the apex, from a trip to Israel.

Amazing, Fun Reincarnation BooksMany Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger.

Amazing, Fun Out of Body Experience (OBE) books: Robert Monroe’s three books, in order. They’re called Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and The Ultimate Journey. Each one gets deeper. Mind blowing! And real. I went to the Monroe Institute in 2006, too, and did their Gateway Voyage program. It’s like consciousness camp. So cool.

The Field by Lynne McTaggart
An amazing survey of “the new science.” Mind blowing things that are happening in science labs that totally expand how we see things. Astonishing and exciting and fun to read. Wow.

Thoughts On An Updated Christianity: Blog post here.

The Law of Attraction. Abraham Hicks is one of the main teachers of this, and Sarah Prout is a newer teacher one. The main Abraham Hicks book is Ask and It Is Given, and they have tons of videos. You can search the web for “Abraham Hicks [fill in the blank]” and there’s probably a video on it. And you might try Sarah Prout’s Ancient Manifesting Ritual for $9. Because it’s only $9, so why not? But be careful about what you truly want, because you’ll be tapping into some serious power! She’ll send emails for good blog posts, too, and if you get too many, just unsubscribe.

The Great Wall of Pensacola

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It happened again. This one client and I are just having a blast with these past life memories. It first happened here in Part 1, and then we followed it up the next week with Part 2. So this time, she came in feeling totally awesome and with literally nothing to discuss. No problems, no concerns, and feeling amazing. And excited! Why was she excited? Because she wanted to put the headphones on, grab the pulsers, turn the machine on, and drop in. Drop in to another past life memory, if one wanted to arise. Or to anything that wanted to come up and be released! Because we are truly opening up and getting out of the way. And this leads to more and more of our natural state, which is peace.

We did a brief meditation to open up the body up, quiet the mind, and relax, and to get to a super deep state really fast. When you practice this, like we do in the office all the time, you can “drop in” faster and faster to a deeper place. It took maybe two minutes, and then I turned the machine on. Left, right, left, right. She sat there with eyes closed and dropped in. It took another two minutes, maybe three, and there she was. In China. She thinks it was the 1500’s or 1600’s, and the terrain was barren and hilly. She was a man in his 50’s or 60’s, and he was very stooped over and his skin was yellowish. He was wearing leather shoes and very “yucky” clothes. He was building something with thousands of others. Wait, maybe there more than thousands! There were so many people, as far as the eye could see. There were also soldiers and prisoners. And they were building… a wall. And it had tunnels.

He had a wife there, and she was with her dad not far away. They chose to not have kids, because if they’d had a boy then he would’ve been sentenced to a lonely, dreary life working on the wall. The man feels very lonely because he works all the time. He’s carrying a very heavy stone, and he trips and falls. He gets back up, but he’s having chest pain and he’s short of breath. He falls again, and then he rises up out of his body. He had a heart attack…

Now the soul is looking down sat the body, and nobody even notices. Nobody seems to care, and the body is like an obstacle. Then he feels a warm, gentle hand on his shoulder, and they rise up to a place with lots of souls. It’s not the shelf from the other times, though, in Part 1 and Part 2 referenced above; it’s a different place, a better place. She said, “There are lots of souls here, and it’s all good. Wow, I see a very joyous being, and I’m starting to move toward it. And you’re just accepted; you don’t have to belong. It’s soft and white and it glows and it’s so pure. You feel so loved when you look at it! And now it’s started to go away. And I feel so good.” And with that, she opened her eyes with the most amazing feeling. Bam.

Of course we were both thinking the same thing, that this must’ve been the construction of the Great Wall of China. So we looked it up, and the majority of it was built between 1368-1644. Check. Who knows, but it’s pretty interesting. But here’s where it gets even cooler. Maybe a couple of months ago, she got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, half asleep, and she looked down at her feet and saw these ancient, funny looking leather shoes. But she was barefoot, and she doesn’t own any ancient, funny looking leather shoes. But she swore that this is what she saw, plain as day. So it seemed like some sort of vision. That was my first thought, actually – that it was a vision from a past life. She had already experienced a past life memory in the form of a dream, which is a really cool story that I wrote up here. And she’s been meditating with products from The Monroe Institute, which I’ve mentioned before, and they speed things up as far as meditation goes. A lot. Over time, they just open us up faster. So I was not surprised to hear about this vision of the shoes, right there where her bare feet were. But then, after she had opened her eyes with that awesome feeling, after we had looked up the Great Wall of China, and after we had chatted some… she remembered. Those shoes! The leather shoes! They were the same EXACT shoes from the vision a couple of months ago. So cool… And the key to this is that if you met this person, you’d instantly see that she’s as honest and legit as they come. Not a liar. So cool!

So there you go, folks. And as always, please remember that I’m just the messenger. I hope you enjoy these tales, and if not just skip them! There’s stuff on this blog that can help the most skeptical of skeptics, because we all experience more peace the more we understand thoughts and feelings, and the more we understand that feelings are energies that want to leave. And that’s all over the place in these posts. But if you like this deeper stuff, then I’m happy to share. And I’m just delighted that this has started to happen in my office. Because I love it! It’s interesting, it’s lots of fun, and of course it’s very healing – and that’s the whole point. So here’s to your peace and your journey, and as always, let me know if I can help. And pass this on if anyone else might find it interesting! Because we’re all in it together, and we really are opening up, faster and faster. Peace out 🙂

My First EMDR Past Life Regression! Part 2

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So we recently told the tale of my client that experienced two past life deaths while doing EMDR. This is Part 2, because the coolest thing happened after that session. As I explained in Part 1, she experienced two gruesome deaths from the past. But get this, she feels absolutely amazing now, since all of this super old gunk has been released from her system. Let that sink in for a moment… She feels amazing now. Because the old gunk has been released. Wow. 

So she left that day not feeling so great, but she was safe. I don’t want you to think that I’d be reckless in any way, because trust me, I know that this is major, major stuff. I’ve worked with this client for a while, though, and we have an excellent track record of growth and healing. She’s gotten very adept at holding a feeling when triggered and allowing it to move and be released, while staying in her wisdom and out of her head. So I was not worried about her, or else I would’ve stayed in close contact. She’s often left a session, in fact, with a certain issue in mind and then come back the next week with great insight, after having “pondered” it at home for a while. And sure enough, clarity eventually arises. She has no time frame on getting the answer, and yet this slower way of “pondering” always ends up being the faster way. And it feels so much better than the voice in the head trying to “figure it out” at warp speed. Awesome.

So after this session, she was determined to revisit these memories to get more information and more understanding. And to release any more pain. So on the Sunday in between our weekly sessions, she laid down on her couch and basically meditated for six hours, off and on. She used some products from The Monroe Institute, which are designed to speed up meditation, taking you to a deeper state much faster. And what happened? It worked. 

She was able to revisit each of the memories, getting even more information. In the first one, it was several hundred years ago, and she thinks it was in England. There was a definitive class system, and women had no rights. She lived with her parents and worked with crops and animals. One day, she was accused of being a witch and sentenced to death. She felt like she was not a witch, but a man could accuse a woman of this and there was no way to question it. So she was put on display in the town square, or whatever they had in that town, in front of the public. And the wooden vice was placed around her head. And somebody turned it tighter and tighter. At some point before there was too much pain, though, her soul drifted up out of the body, completely painless, and watched. And yes, her head exploded. And she felt great. Again, that’s because she was not “in the body” at this point. It would be like taking your jacket off and then watching it be destroyed. In fact, from the many descriptions that are out there, it sounds like that would be more painful! Because maybe it was your favorite jacket. They say that when the soul is out of the body, though, it has literally no attachment to it. Wow!

In the other memory, she was a teenage boy deep in the forest, maybe in South America. He had brown skin, curly brown hair, and he was wearing a loin cloth. He was barefoot, yet he could walk on the forest floor with no problem whatsoever. As he sensed the tiger stalking him, he ran. And it got closer and closer, and then the paw reached around to his mouth as its mouth lunged into the back of his neck. His head slammed down, and he could taste blood in his mouth. My client could taste this, in Pensacola, FL, in 2017. And again, the soul drifted up out of the body, totally pain free and feeling great, and watched.

Each time she rose out of the body, she felt a gentle and loving hand on her shoulder, and it gently guided her to a “shelf,” where lots of other souls were resting. And all was fine. She was able to watch these events with no pain, and now it seems that she’s let them go forever. So when she came in that next week, she said she felt just about the best she’s ever felt in her whole entire life. In fact, she said, “I feel like I’m twenty years old and invincible!” And she’s much older than twenty… She said, “I have a light heart and I’m happy, happy, happy.” So cool!

So there we go, folks, just another day in the office. And please remember that I’m just the messenger, passing this stuff along to you. You can believe it or not, all good to me. But let me say that if you met this person, you’d be astonished. Because this is not some woohoo hippy with a T-shirt that has a wizard and unicorn on it. Rather, this is someone that looks and acts – and is – as normal and trustworthy and intelligent and honest as they come. And this is her experience. And it matches what has been reported thousands of times since past life regression therapy has been around. As far as I know, the modern version started with the work of Brian Weiss. That’s why I mentioned his book Many Lives, Many Masters – because her experiences pretty much match what’s in that book. So cool. So enjoy, and happy pondering!

P.S. Woohoo hippies wearing T-shirts with wizards and unicorns on them rock! So please don’t be offended. I was making a joke to get a point across for those that would go to that stereotype. The truth is already true, of how things work. And it’s coming out more and more, and getting more and more mainstream. Just take a look around; pay attention. The world is opening up and shifting, and there are some truly amazing things going on. Whether you’re super into wizards and unicorns or not.

My First EMDR Past Life Regression! Part 1

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NOTE: If this disturbs you at any time, then see my NOTE at the bottom that addresses that. In the meantime, please know that this client is doing great and feels amazing. Some serious de-gunking has occurred, and that’s what we’re about to describe. And more peace is on the other side of that.

So we’ve been talking about this wild and crazy EMDR stuff lately, and last week it got even wilder and crazier. And by the way, I’ve added a category on this blog called EMDR: Mind Blowing Sessions! to have all of these unbelievable tales in one place. So it was towards the end of week two of doing EMDR, day eleven to be specific, session number fifteen. And what happened? We had our first spontaneous past life regression! Well, that didn’t take long… And it was really cool. It was eerily like what’s described in the ground breaking book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, if you’ve read that. And you haven’t, then read it! It’s awesome, and a very fun tale. And of course it’s deep as well. I love fun and deep, as opposed to dense, heavy, slow. This is a page turner, and it’s a true story…

There’s a client with whom I’ve been working for a while, and she’s been doing really well. I had a suspicion that this might happen with her, because there’s been some stuff in our work together that’s just plain mystical. She’s the one that had the past life memory release with sobbing tears along with the recurring dream from decades before (which she hasn’t had since). And she was blown away by the psychic medium George Lugo, too, because he knew so much stuff that’s very personal and that he simply could not have known or guessed. And of course he’s such a sweet, genuine guy, too. When you meet him you know that he’s honest and legit. He’s simply sharing his gift, because he feels very strongly guided to do so. I feel like he’s part of the family, since so many of my relatives have seen him. Back to the story…

So I had a feeling that some deep stuff might happen with this client. She’s also been meditating a lot lately using products from The Monroe Institute, which have really helped her to open up. So I had a feeling that EMDR would fit her like a glove. We first tried it a couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing. The vividness of her memories, from many decades ago, was just stunning! My jaw was dropped. Yep, it’s all there in the mind, every single detail. All of it, no matter how young or old we are. Every memory. They might be covered up, but they’re definitely still there. And EMDR helps them float right up if needed. And after many of these memories, seen but not felt (like watching a movie), we finally discovered a very old pain and loneliness that we never would’ve touched by just talking. Not with her, anyway. We truly needed a tool like this. And the difference between doing work and doing real, transformational work is feeling. We have to access the old gunk and feel it so that it can be released. That’s just how it works with these human bodies here on earth.

So the next week, we dove in again. She said she felt great overall, except for this one hazy, vague memory that kept popping in her head, accompanied by the most awful feeling of depression, like a hole in the heart. That doesn’t sound like fun! But she said she didn’t think it was a real memory, because there’s no way this could’ve happened. So it must be more like a daydream or something. My thought, though, and I told her this, was that if it had such a strong feeling to it, then it must’ve been something that had really happened. I don’t think a daydream can have a strong feeling component to it, definitely not to the level of a hole in the heart. But here’s the thing, even if it had been real, we were about to release the pain forever. That’s what “desensitization,” which is the ‘D’ in EMDR, means. So she put the headphones on, grabbed the pulsers with her hands, closed her eyes, and dropped right into it. And note that at this point, I didn’t even know what the memory was.

After very little time, she was there. And what she experienced was being raped as a nine-or ten-year-old girl. Then she experienced the immense pain of the rest of that day, having to go back home where her mom was and feeling too scared and confused to tell her. And then the next day, saying she felt sick and couldn’t go to school. It was quite painful, but those energies were finally leaving her body, after many decades. Leaving forever! And then the peace that’s our natural state – the peace that’s already there, inside of every human – can rise to the surface.

That’s a lot for one session, right? I certainly think so. But there was more, a lot more. The next thing we know, she’s in an old village, and a wooden vice is being put around her forehead. And she’s thinking, “What are you doing? This will hurt me!” And it’s like she’s in the town square, in front of the public. And they tighten the thing around her head, and it squeezes. And it hurts. And it gets tighter, and it’s so painful, and it’s as if she’s literally there, eyes closed, feeling those original feelings. And then she floats up out of her body and she feels peace. And I’m sitting five feet away thinking, “Wow. This is really happening.” I knew it would eventually, but not this quickly.

After this, she was a light on a shelf. “Not a bright light, but a warm light.” And there are many other lights there, resting. They’re all resting. There’s nothing they need to do but rest. And then the scene changes and she’s a teenage boy with brown skin. She – excuse me, he -is deep, deep in the forest. There are sticks and thorns on the ground, but they don’t hurt his feet. Then he senses that there’s something else in the forest with him, a large animal. He stays quiet and keeps walking, but he senses that the animal is getting closer. So he starts running, and the animal starts chasing him, and he can feel it, and it’s getting closer, and closer, and closer, and he’s so afraid, running as fast as he can, and then… WHAM! It was a large tiger, and it killed him. My client felt the fear in vivid detail, and she felt the pressure on the back one her neck as the tiger dug in. And then he – or she – floated up and watched the body get eaten. The tiger took what it wanted, while other animals came around and waited their turn. And one by one, they ate until there was nothing left.

That was enough for one day, by far. My client didn’t exactly feel great, but we’ve done lots of great work together, and she’s very grounded in being able to stay in her wisdom and hold a feeling when triggered, knowing the fact that it’s energy that’s going to move out of her system. Nothing to fear. She’s also shown a masterful ability to go home and process things on her own, coming back the nest week with great insight. And blowing me away each time she’s done so! So I was not worried about her. Had I been worried, I wouldn’t have let her leave! Or I would’ve reached out after the session and even invited her back for a session that weekend or something. Because this isn’t a game to me! I want everyone to be de-gunked, the whole world. And especially my clients, friends, and family. But I knew she’d be fine and would handle it on her own, and that she’d grow even more that way.

And that’s exactly what happened. In Part 2 of this post, I’ll tell you about our session the next week, which was equally cool. NOTE: if you are disturbed, please understand that this person feels amazing now. She’s released this old stuff that was in her system. And if you wonder why we might want to do this, that’s a great question. The reason is that if there’s gunk in our system, no matter how old it is, then it must be showing up now, in the present, in some way. It’s impossible that it just doesn’t show up. It might be the reason you feel afraid all the time, or anxious, or not good enough, or lonely. Or it might be the reason someone in your life triggers you so much. We don’t know until we release it, and then we can see how our life is different. So that’s the deal, and I want you to know that. There’s peace on the other side of the release. And it even rhymes! So peace out, and WBT. That means we be talkin’ in my language. It comes in pretty handy, especially in texts. You’re welcome, and I’ll see you soon for Part 2 🙂

Another Client Blown Away By Psychic Medium…

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Howdy folks! Nice to talk to you again. I’ve been a working man lately! But not really working on time management skills… I just signed up for a trial subscription to something called Simple Practice, so hopefully we can start to streamline things at work. “We” meaning “me”…  So it’s been busy, and the work is going really, really well. It’s so cool. And it’s still just the beginning. Anyway, I’ll try to do a better job of popping in here more often, because I really love it and also because there’s a backlog of good things to say. Starting with another client that saw my friend George Lugo, psychic medium, and had her mind pretty much blown. And remember that another client last year, a really skeptical guy, had the same thing happen with someone whom I haven’t been to yet, Ericka Boussarhane (written up here). He was so blown away that he followed it up with a reading from George shortly thereafter (written up here). Here we go…

So my client arrived, they sat down, and George tuned in. Her mother showed up first, and she said she was so grateful to her for taking care of her at the end of her life. And yes, my client lived far away and had two children, but she still managed to care for her mother for two weeks a month. Her mom said she died with dignity as a result. She also said thanks for giving her permission to die, which my client confirmed that she had indeed done. By the way, this often happens when someone seems to be lingering for a while, not taking that final step of laying the body down for good. Final Gifts is an awesome book about this type of thing, written by two hospice nurses that had to tell about all the amazing things they’d seen on the job. It’s really cool, and a must read for any human, if you ask me. Her mom also told her that every time she thinks of her, it’s because she’s there with her. So cool… Oh, and he knew she had been in real estate, too.

Then George saw a pilot. My client said it must be her dad, who was a pilot in the military. And he saw a picture of a very common object (which I won’t share for obvious reasons), and she told him that was her maiden name. Like he saw lots of teacups, and her maiden name decades ago had been Teacup. I didn’t even know her maiden name until I heard this, by the way. Then George said the man was shining shoes like crazy! And you know what? Her dad was always shining shoes. Nice.

Next, someone showed up that said she took naps with my client and also cooked with her. Well, that was her grandmother. Because you know what? They took naps together and cooked together. Do you see a pattern? And this kind of information is not on the internet, to the folks that think he’d be wasting his time trying to trick her… And of course there are fakes out there; there are fakes in pretty much anything. I only go to the best that I hear about. And when you meet them, you see that they’re very good, genuine people that were simply born with a gift. And what’s more, go see for yourself! That’s what I’ve always done. I’d rather check something out for myself and have an experience than just try to decide with a bunch of opinions and thinking. Money well spent, I think. Back to the story…

Her brother died in a troubled way, and he showed up and said he was fine, and that he no longer had the angst that he had on earth. He said he’ll explain it when he sees her. That’s so cool… Then a really animated, vocal woman showed up shouting a name that my client didn’t recognize as a deceased friend or family member. Finally my client realized it must be her long time co-worker. The woman lit up and said yes, that’s it! Then she said, “Tell her I’m proud of her.” And the description George had of this woman matched the co-worker’s description of her mother. Also, the co-worker had her doubts when she heard this, but my client simply looked at her said, “He said things that nobody would know.” There’s just too much of this stuff to explain in any other way! And I’m a super logical math major, but one that is also pretty open minded. It’s an interesting combination, and one that forces me to see how woowoo this whole universe really is. Something to think about. Back to the story…

So then something interesting happened. George said that a very strong military presence showed up, and he saw a word starting with the letter ‘V’. George tried, but he could not make out this word, and my client didn’t register anything, either. So she forgot about it, finished the session, went home, and went back to business as usual. Then something popped in her head the moment she awoke the next morning, something that she had not thought about for thirty years. It was a rather odd telegram that her uncle had sent home while fighting in World War II. He died in the war before she was born, but she’d seen the telegram, which said something like, “I’m doing fine and make sure the life insurance is good.” She had always thought this was so odd, and it literally just popped in her head right as the alarm clock went off. For the first time in thirty years. So she told her sister about it later that morning, without even thinking about the military man that George saw. She had no clue they might be related. And then out of nowhere, her sister informed her that his wife had been named Virginia. And my client never knew this. When she heard, though, of course she thought about her session the day before. Hmm…

Was it her uncle? Who knows. But the timing sure seems interesting, doesn’t it? She hadn’t thought about that odd telegram in thirty years, and then she thinks about it out of nowhere the morning after seeing George. And his wife’s name started with a ‘V’. As a math major, what are the odds? Not much. Like, zilch, zippy, almost zero. This doesn’t mean anything for certain at all, but all of these zilches start to add up, folks. In statistics, this is called meta-analysis. And it means that the odds of all these little things happening is a massive zilch! So if you’re logical, and open-minded, then you’ll probably believe there’s something to it. Hey, it’s just math.

So there we go! Another cool story. That sure sounds like $150 well spent to me, because not only did she seem – and feel – to connect with loved ones, but her worldview was also expanded. And it was expanded with an experience. What more could she have asked for? Okay, there is one more thing. She has another sister that has struggled with mental illness, and it sounds like she’s been quite a challenge to deal with. My client’s mom said she’s doing her best and to try to forgive her. That’s all. Hey, why not try to heal some living relationships, too? I love this stuff.

So take it or leave it, but it’s my joy to report the story as I hear it. And feel free to give it a shot yourself; he even does phone sessions (and there are lots of these folks out there, but do some homework first). My good friend, in fact, had a pretty profound experience over the phone with George some time after her husband had died (when she felt ready, of course). There’s was more to it, but one of the best parts was that George saw red roses, and then the next day a dozen red roses were on her door step from her husband’s old boss. It was the anniversary of his death; he wasn’t hitting on her… And this was halfway across the country from Pensacola (where George lives), in a random big city that George has no connection to. Pretty cool… And that meta-analysis stuff is real, too. In fact, I should write about it here sometime. So have a great day, it’s nice to be back, and I hope to talk to you again soon. Peace out!

If This Isn’t A Past Life Memory, I Don’t Know What Is…

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This is a really cool story… So I have a client that’s been absolutely kicking ass. In fact, and I’ve told her this, she’s really taught me a lot. And it’s just so cool to have a front row seat for a transformation, an opening, like this. So she was walking through her house recently, and she passed by the TV. There was a show on, and something caught her attention. “It was out of the blue, that TV show,” she said. “I was walking by the TV and I heard, ‘Thank you for your service.’ ‘It was my pleasure.’ And for some reason that stopped me.” Then she noticed that the setting was a general store representing “Small Town America” of the early- to mid-1800’s. And then she started to sob, right then and there, for no reason at all.

But you know what? This woman does not cry. Ever. And she’s a good bit older than me, too, so she’s been at it a while. She even said that nobody in her family cries! She stated, “We don’t have the crying gene.” So this reaction shocked her. After all, nothing like this had ever happened to her in all these years of living. So she went to bed, unsure of what had happened. And then what happened next surprised her even more.

She had a dream, and in the dream, she’s a young girl in a horse-drawn wagon. It’s the same time frame and setting as the TV show, so that must be what triggered the dream – or the memory, as you might see. The first thing she remembers is that she’s so, so dirty. With her hands, she’s feeling a layer of dirt in her hair and on her face. It’s so dusty and dirty, in fact, that it’s hard to breathe. And she hears the clanging of the horses and the wagon. She might’ve been the only child there, too. And all of a sudden, there’s an attack and everyone scatters. The next thing she knows, she’s hiding behind a big rock, trying to be safe. And then she sees a shadow of someone coming up behind her, so she turns around to look. It’s a Native American man coming at her, and he has an object in his hand, and he raises his arm, and… the dream ends. And she assumes that she dies.

That’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? But do you know why it’s extra interesting? Because she’s had this exact same dream literally hundreds of times in her life! It’s always the same dream, and it always ends in the same place. You see, this is a recurring dream that she used to have quite often. Starting as a young girl, she would have it almost weekly, or at least 2-3 times per month. This went well into her 20s or 30s, and then it would happen not as often. But she hadn’t had it in a good 10-15 years. Until that night. After walking by a “random” TV show that she wasn’t even watching and then truly sobbing out of nowhere. And she never cries. Isn’t that interesting?

Now, I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m really not. But I’ve studied the deep stuff for a pretty long time now, with no previous belief system or hidden agenda, and it seems pretty clear that we reincarnate. For one, there are a ton of children that have had “reincarnation memories,” and there’s a large volume of this work that you can check out. Many of them get documented because a five-year-old kid randomly tells his parents he was William McCorkle born in Country Clare, Ireland in 1802. And the parents are like, “What the???” So they take the kid to a doctor or psychiatrist. And hopefully that person knows what this is and assures the parents that the kid is fine. And in many cases, they even look up the information. So they check the birth records of County Clare, Ireland in 1802. And you know what? Yes, that’s right. Someone named William McCorkle is on the list. Seriously? Yes, seriously! And I know, that’s probably the worst made up Irish name ever. Or maybe it’s not. Hey, it just popped in my head. Maybe it was me back in the day? Who knows. But you get the point.

There are a ton of these cases out there; just look them up if you’re interested. The books Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot by Bruce and Andrea Leininger are a great place to start. Dr. Ian Stevenson made this his life’s work during his long tenure at the University of Virginia, and I believe there’s someone there now that has continued it. And in Soul Survivor, the Leiningers mention a woman that’s written many books on the subject with lots of case studies. All of this stuff appeals to me because I’m so logical. And since I’m so logical, I say that this is clearly what’s happening! At least by a 51-49 margin… Any other explanation is probably pretty convoluted. And note that the rest of the world believes in this as well. And if you really look, the Bible doesn’t contradict it. And also note that it’s all good news! It means we are not this body but rather something WAY better, and death doesn’t phase us. Doesn’t that sound nice? It sure does to me.

So as my client was telling me what happened, this explanation popped in my head immediately. My whole body was tingling, too! I love that. So let’s zoom out and put the pieces together. One thing of note is the immediate and seemingly inexplicable emotional release, the sobbing. As she said, “I don’t cry, ever.” So this could not be more out of the ordinary for her. Another thing of note is that the dream happened that night, for the first time in 10-15 years. Coincidence? Not to this math major. VERY low probability of that. Also the dream was a recurring one; that’s definitely of interest. She’s had it literally hundreds of times throughout her life, the same dream. And one more thing of note is that she’s been described by those that know her as the cleanest person in the world. She takes a shower every morning and night without fail, and has for many decades. And if she finds one grain of sand in her bed, she’ll take all the sheets off and start over.

So when we put all of these pieces together, there’s one very simple explanation that sure jumps to the top of my list, at least by a 51-49 margin: the TV show, which stopped her in her tracks “out of the blue” as she was simply walking by, triggered this memory that she’s been holding for a very long time. And the pain and tears from that time were released. So now we’ll see if the dream returns. We closed our eyes and sent love to the Native American man, by the way, so maybe this whole thing has been released. Either way, this is pretty cool, and I really love sharing this stuff.

P.S. If the holidays aren’t a good time for you, feel free to visit the Archives page of this blog. Scroll down to this time every year and maybe you’ll find some writings that help. One gold nugget can make all the difference. All the best, and I’ll see you very soon.